Eagles parking lot attendant accused of stealing $225,000 from Todd Herremans

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A man who worked as a parking lot attendant guarding the cars of Eagles players is accused of accessing the car of offensive lineman Todd Herremans, getting his bank account information, and stealing more than $225,000 over the course of four years.

Philly.com reports that a 37-year-old Philadelphia man named Robert Von Ryan has been charged with bank fraud. Federal prosecutors say Von Ryan entered the vehicle of an Eagles player, took documents that included the player’s checking account number, then began transferring money from the player’s checking account into his own checking account. Starting in 2009 and ending in 2012, Von Ryan transferred a total of $225,034.52, prosecutors say.

The Eagles have confirmed that Herremans is the victim in the case. The team says the attendant was a subcontractor and not an employee of the Eagles.

Von Ryan could be sentenced to up to 30 years in prison if convicted.

23 responses to “Eagles parking lot attendant accused of stealing $225,000 from Todd Herremans

  1. The eagles are calling him a subcontractor and shifting the blame, but if the org wasn’t cheap and hired its own parking staff and conducted its own background checks instead of outsourcing this may have never happened.

  2. Well, you’re an idiot if you keep personal information such as checks in your car when it’s being touched by other hands…you can’t trust anyone unfortunately.

  3. One could only hope to someday be so rich that it takes a full 4 years to realize that a quarter million dollars worth of money has been stolen out of your bank account.

  4. You mean to tell me this guy was stealing money out of Herremans’ bank account over a 3 year period and Herremans never noticed? Man, I wish I had that kind of money that it would take me 3 years to notice $225,000 missing from my bank account.

  5. Great scam… uh, all except for the fact that he wired the money directly into his own account… The paper trail is so easy to follow once the gig is up… DUMB!

  6. This guy was slipping less than $5000 a month from this Herreman’s account. If Todd’s paying a mortgage or two, a few car payments, payroll to any personal staff he might have plus fees for his agent, accountant, attorney it’s not unreasonable that he wouldn’t miss $5000 going out.

    Also, he could have noticed it a while ago, gone to the police and then they monitored the account for a few months to gather enough evidence to bust that dude.

  7. This is what happens when you out source such jobs. Stop out sourcing. This always happens when jobs like this, janitorial, etc. are out sourced. Happened recently in NJ, janitors at my high school when I was there were talking about what happened when one of the boards for a school in the area out sourced the janitors, had an outside crew came in and before they knew it one of them cleaned house.

    Anyways this man is a complete idiot. Stuff like this is hard to get away with, even harder when you link it to your own account. Eventually you’re going to get caught, would be better off taking single dollars and cents.

  8. Also nothing says Herremans never noticed. They could of been watching the account and the guy for the last couple of months.

  9. All you people saying how you wish you had that much money, here’s some advice: get off the internet chat rooms and actually do something with your life.

  10. I believe Andy Reid is behind this somehow and the $56,000.00 a year went to local restaurants take out

  11. I agree! How does this rum dum not notice a qtr mil large missing from his bank acct!! He must have had Arthur Andersen doing his accounting!!

  12. It’s only fair that Herremans had the money stolen from him, given that he stole it from the Eagles.

  13. He should have just developed a program that takes fractions of pennies everyday and deposits it into an off shore account. Over many years that would be a ton of money and nobody would ever notice it. Brilliant.

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