Finley out, Jones not practicing for Packers

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As the Packers prepare to travel to Minnesota on Sunday night for a border war with a team that couldn’t stay within 15 points of the previously winless Giants, Green Bay will be short-handed.


Tight end Jermichael Finley officially has been ruled out with a neck injury suffered on Sunday against the Browns.  Likewise, linebacker Clay Matthews remains out after thumb surgery.

Finley’s absence is no surprise.  The bigger question is whether he’ll need surgery, whether he’ll be back this season, and whether he’ll ever be back.

Missing practice on Wednesday were receiver James Jones (knee), linebacker Nick Perry (foot), and tight end Ryan Taylor (knee).

Jones, who initially was believed to have a shin injury following a Week Seven at Baltimore, missed Sunday’s game against the Browns.

18 responses to “Finley out, Jones not practicing for Packers

  1. Taking Jordy Nelson out of the mix, the remainder of the packers receivers have about 20 career receptions. As far as the remaining tight ends are concerned, 32 and 21 of those came in Quarless’ rookie year.

    Nelson is going to get a lot of attention Sunday.

  2. Jones is not playing. This is another MM, oh he was almost ready last week lets see about this week. Jones will miss three if not four weeks and Mathews will miss six not four weeks.

    MM thinks he is smart downplaying injuries and everyone like me has learned just add weeks to any player he says may play this next week.

  3. Guy above is right, nelson will get a lot of attention. Which is why jarrett boykin, after 8 grabs for 103 yards and a td sunday, will have similar numbers.

  4. Rodgers is one of the most accurate QBs in the NFL, and the Vikings secondary is one of the worst in the NFL. For this game, the Packers don’t need three starting-caliber WRs and a starting-caliber TE. They just need guys that can run routes and catch passes.

    Boykin proved that last week and I believe other guys will step up this week. If the Packers lose this week, it won’t be because of their offense.

  5. This is a bye week for the Pack. From what I hear they are just flying the practice squad up to minny to get in some good experience on how to mop the floor with a division 3 high school team. It will give them more time to get healthy.

  6. As a Vikes fan of 37 yrs. I admit its tough watching other teams find a gem as a QB. But as Packer fans you have to admit it has been pretty good for you fans, having Farve and then Rodgers waiting for four yrs behind Brett watching and learning, that being said walk in these shoes and see how strong a Viking fan is….
    Good luck to all teams I am a football fan

  7. Green Bay dropped 31 points on Cleveland’s 7th ranked Defense.

    Minnesota’s Defense is ranked 29th in the NFL in points.

    Minnesota’s Defense is ranked 27th in the NFL in yards

    I think it’s gonna be a blowout.

  8. Anytime it is a division game, even if it is the Jaguars….ok maybe not the Jaguars….the worse of a year the other team is having, the more the other division team better look out! They have nothing to lose and will be happy to through a wrench in your “we got this easy win” game plan. The Pack will be ready and the “replacements” seem to get over the learning curve quickly, sometimes more so then some of the vets that are currently not playing. Go Pack Go!

  9. Quite annoying, MM makes it impossible to know how a player is recovering… James Jones was a game day decision last week basically saying he is almost ready to be back… 3 days later he still does not practice… I have also read reports that say 2-3 weeks. I know it makes it harder for other teams to prepare because they do not know who will be active that day…. But come on, this drives me nuts… I am a stock holder ya know! I feel this is almost to the point of lying.

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