Greg Schiano: We’ll win plenty of games playing Buccaneer football


The Buccaneers are winless through six games this season, but coach Greg Schiano says this is no time to grow concerned about his ability to do the job.

Asked on NFL Network whether he’s concerned he could be fired if the Bucs don’t win their share of games, Schiano gave a succinct answer.

“We’ll win our share, don’t worry,” Schiano said.

The Buccaneers get the Panthers on Thursday, and Carolina is hot right now, having won back-to-back games by double-digit margins. Schiano, however, said he believes that the Bucs will win as long as they play the brand of football he’s been preaching.

“We just need to go out there and play Buccaneer football,” Schiano said. “Take care of the ball, play penalty-free football. When we do that we’re a good football team. We’ll win plenty of games. Hopefully that starts Thursday night.”

Schiano sounded confident, but it’s hard to see why anyone else would be confident in Schiano’s ability to turn things around. The Buccaneers’ schedule doesn’t get any easier, as only three of their remaining opponents (Atlanta, Buffalo and St. Louis) currently have losing records. The Bucs may stay winless for a while.

So whether Schiano thinks he’s going to win his share of games or not, his job security is going to remain in question.

100 responses to “Greg Schiano: We’ll win plenty of games playing Buccaneer football

  1. “We’ll win plenty of games.”

    I notice he didn’t specify in what league …..

    or sport.

  2. In order to say “we’ll” you need to be a member of the organization. Considering you’re not going to be a member of the organization after this year, and you’re not going to be winning “plenty of games” this season, I would have to disagree with you, Greg.

  3. This guy is an absolute joke and a tool. I feel bad for the bucs fans who have to listen to this nonsense, Schiano is gonna look so bad once he gets fired and the bucs hire a vet coach that will actually boost this playoff team into the playoffs. He is making Darrelle Revis look like a fool out there, hang in there bucs fans!

    – NY Jets fan

  4. peytonwantsaflag says:
    Oct 23, 2013 11:54 AM
    “We’ll win plenty of games.”

    I notice he didn’t specify in what league …..

    or sport.


    Or year.

  5. I actually agree….we will when plenty of games playing Buccaneer football. Now all we have to do is find a coach who knows what Buccaneer football is.

  6. I cant even look at this guy, he is so out of touch and clueless. I cant imagine how Tampa fans feel.

    A team with so much promise, made some good off season moves and had a lot of hype over the summer and this guy just laid an egg.

  7. He’s the coach so he has to take the blame for the massive amount of penalties that cost them at least 4 games-mostly by veterans and the OL.

  8. Let me translate for Schiano:

    “There are no Americans in Baghdad. Do not believe what the media says. They are running away from our great leader Sadaam. They are losing, losing I say!”

  9. AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Thank you, PFT…that article was just the laugh I needed to get me through the day…

  10. You’ll all be sorry and owe Schiano an apology when the Bucs attack the victory formation and cause a fumble.

  11. kingviking414 says:
    Oct 23, 2013 12:02 PM
    When Schiano gets on the unemployment line, he’ll be standing right behind Leslie Frazier.

    At least Frazier will get the mandatory Rooney Rule interviews. No one is gonna touch this clown, Schiano.

  12. “We’ll win our share, don’t worry,” Schiano said.

    Is that the 1st or 2nd stage of denial for a losing coach.

  13. I dont know what blackmail material Schiano has on the Bucs ownership to get him hired, but this is the biggest joke as a coach since Rich Kotite or Eric Mangini! I am surprised his players havent totally revolted yet. This guy will be the first coach gone this year. Good bye and good riddance you lame excuse for a coach!!

  14. Schiano went on to say he had just schedule several games against Division 3 college teams and a couple of high schools and he was confident the Bucs would win those games.

  15. bucrightoff says: Oct 23, 2013 12:01 PM

    Maybe at Rutgers you will, but not in the NFL.


    LOL!!! This scrub won ONE more game than he lost his entire career at Rutgers. ONE! He was BEYOND ABYSMAL against the conference.

    How this bum ever got an NFL job is more puzzling than how Mark Sanchez was allowed to play another football game after the butt fumble.

  16. ryann252013 says:
    Oct 23, 2013 11:57 AM
    This guy is an absolute joke and a tool. I feel bad for the bucs fans who have to listen to this nonsense, Schiano is gonna look so bad once he gets fired and the bucs hire a vet coach that will actually boost this playoff team into the playoffs. He is making Darrelle Revis look like a fool out there, hang in there bucs fans!

    – NY Jets fan


    WOW!!! Really a Jet’s fan calling another coach an absolute joke and a tool, SERIOUSLY!!! Your coach is the biggest tool in the league. All that talk and hasn’t backed up any of it. He should stick with his creepy foot fetish

  17. .

    Suddenly it seems I’m an army of one because I believe that over time Schiano will prove to be a good coach. He inherited the Freeman situation which was untenable for both parties. His team consists of many young players and free agents which can take some time to gel. Plus, they seem to be the NFL version of Murphys Law.

    Even if Belichick or one of the Harbaughs were coaching this team, I think their record would be subpar. The Bucs roster reminds me of the Chiefs in 2012, who had instability at QB and lacked depth to cover for several major injuries. Once they addressed those issues, their results have been outstanding.


  18. Sounds crazy but I really think the race for Teddy Bridgewater is going to come down to the Vikings and the Bucs. Jacksonville has played a brutal schedule thus far, and it gets much easier. Not to mention they have a good coach that’s fighting for his job. On top of the fact that JAX is just inept enough as a franchise to win a game and lose them the #1 pick.

    The Bucs have played a tough schedule so far, but like Florio said, it doesn’t ease up. On top of the fact that Schiano has lost his team, and they are starting a rookie QB that looks like a 3rd rounder.

    The Vikings have had an easy schedule to this point, but there’s is even harder than the Bucs on the forward. Pair that with a starting QB that wasn’t even there for the training camp or offseason. This team has also given up. Leslie has no chance of saving his job, Freeman has no chance to succeed when he hasn’t been with the team. Throw in a terrible defense.

    This should be a battle.

  19. bigbenh8tr says:
    Oct 23, 2013 12:30 PM

    Rex may be a tool but a hell of a defensive coach which is why they are a much much better team than the Bucs.


    and being better than the Bucs means a lot considering they are not even in the same conference. Guess what you are a tool as well…haha

  20. He is deflecting the blame if they lose by saying, “he believes that the Bucs will win as long as they play the brand of football he’s been preaching.” If they win, he makes it seem like it’s only because they bought into HIS system. If they lose, it’s because the players didn’t buy into his system. Who’s to say his system is good enough to win in the NFL? Clearly, it hasn’t so far.

  21. The level of confidence projected by Greg Schiano is bordering on hubris at this point. Each and every press conference or during his weekly radio show, the man is unwavering in his belief that he can turn it around.

    I just don’t see it. Look, he has his guys playing in every game, the team isn’t quitting, even though they are hurting their chances to win with mindless penalties. I don’t know of his level of involvement in the drafts since he’s been coaching the team, but the two rookie classes have been very strong and productive, and he was on the money regarding Josh Freeman.

    But outside of that, what positives can you point at? He was running Doug Martin into the ground this season and he allowed his OC to incorporate Martin into ridiculous deep routes that resulted in a likely season ending injury (blessing in disguise?). He has a defensive coordinator who when he’s not inviting the general public to One Buc Place to help with the game planning, seems intent on wasting the talents of Darrelle Revis by playing him in mostly zone coverage, so the opposing team’s offense just slides over their best receiver away from Revis to succeed in the passing game. Atlanta being the best example of the season; Revis was covering a player that was on the practice squad for most of the game, with Harry Douglas moved away to take advantage of Tampa’s younger corners. The result, Douglas torched the Bucs in an Atlanta win.

    Let’s not forget busting up the victory formation, which I’m fundamentally not opposed to, as Schiano has only employed the tactic when down by one score or less, but it seems like most of the players on defense are uncomfortable charging the line, and who can really blame them? The consecutive losing streak continues to build, having only beat an Atlanta team that locked up a playoff streak at the end of last season; we are looking at over eleven losses in the last twelve games with approximately eight Pro Bowl players all 30 or under.

    I understand why the Glazers brought in Schiano; he did clean up a locker room that had turned into a nightclub, but everyone knew that if a losing streak where to occur, the media would be relentless. Barring a winning streak of more than three games, the team needs to move on next season, a full house clean (literally and figuratively as I haven’t brought up the MRSA). They have the talent to quickly turnaround a la Kansas City, and while Schiano may still one day be a productive head coach, I don’t see it happening in Tampa Bay.

  22. scrp2 says:
    Oct 23, 2013 12:50 PM
    Revis is reminiscing on the good ol’ days with the Jets.


    What good ol’ days is that??? watching his stinkpot qb but fumble or his loud mouth coaching making creepy vidoes of his wifes feet.

    Seriously why are Jet’s fans even commenting? Your franchise have stunk for decades and haven’t won a super bowl in 50 years

  23. Given that nobody saw this disastrous season coming, it would seem that the fault lies with the head coach and poor preparation of the players. The Schiano experiment has not been a success, and the fault for that is on either the GM or others in the FO who pressured for this hire.

  24. Tampa Bay Bucs all-time record:


    That’s a .391 winning percentage, or an average of a 6-10 season.

    In other words, we’re setting the bar pretty low shooting for “Buccaneers football”

  25. I might believe you Greg, but I still feel like it would make more sense if you didn’t get paid until after you won those games. Fortunately for you though your team is very generous.

  26. I don’t think he’ll be here next year, but he is absolutely correct. The Bucs have killed themselves with penalties. 1st and goal on the 5 to 4th and goal on the 30? Really? Bucs would probably be 4-2 or 5-1 if they didn’t kill themselves each week.

  27. Schiano is an overlooked genius who is suffering in the public eye due to the MDMA scandal. Just watch…this team DOES have the talent to get right back in it with a win tomorrow. The smallest journey begins with a singel step. Bank on it!

  28. What kind of football does he think they’ve been playing? Jaguar football? What exactly is Buccaneer football?

  29. I for one can’t wait until this guy gets the axe. He’s just not an NFL coach, but a college coach pretending. It is sad that no colleve coach has had a winning record overall as a coach since Jimmy Johnson (you can kind of say Barry Switzer, but an absolute moron could have coached the team witht he talent that Johnson left).

  30. ny-jets fan,

    Thanks , this season WAS high on expectations. Some damn fine players. Schiano is single handedly destroying this team. Getting rid of players who see through is schtick to taking a top tier RB and running him into the ground on top of purposely putting him in a position to get hurt. ( wr) This IS 100% more embarrassing than 1976 & 77.. At least our D can hit. Now if we only get rid of this The Schiano (3rd person as likes to address himself)before we lose any more talent.

  31. Yo Ho Ho It’s a Pirates life for Schiano! “Its a Bucs Life.” Yes it is. Brought to you and plagorized by Disney, except they don’t run things into the ground.

  32. im beginning to think this guy is certifiably completely insane and he nor his people or bosses have any clue… which bares to ask, whos more insane? his bosses or him?
    sorry bucs fans, this is worse than the jets circus ever was.

  33. Don’t worry season ticket holders, this team has a chance to be competitive in AT LEAST quarter of its games this year.

  34. It is going to get NASTY on Thursday night. With Glennon starting and Doug Martin out even if the Panthers offense gets stagnant (tends to happen) the Panthers defense will outscore Bucs offense.

  35. “wearewhowethoughtwewere says: Oct 23, 2013 2:12 PM

    What’s the over-under on Schiano being fired Friday morning?”

    If the Bucs’ division rivals the Panthers blow out the Bucs on national TV at home, I give Schiano 50/50 that he’s employed on Saturday.

    If it’s a tight close loss or a win, he survives until at least week 13 or 14.

  36. “We just need to go out there and play Buccaneer football,” Schiano said.

    Someplace in the afterworld General Custer is thinking finally the world has a leader with vision.

  37. @6ball

    As a Chiefs fan, I can tell you that the 2012 Chiefs were poop, and the problems were far worse than just a QB situation or a few pieces on the D. It was the GM, HC, and all the other coaches.

    Winning can begin when you clean the house of the crap. Schiano will never be a winning head coach.

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