Jermichael Finley could need surgery

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When it comes to doctors who have never examined or treated a patient, we typically steer clear of their opinions regarding said patient.

But the opinions of Dr. Wellington Hsu regarding Packers tight end Jermichael Finley are sufficiently noteworthy to justify a mention.  Especially since those opinions have been harvested and publicized by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

Dr. Hsu believes that the chances of Finley returning to the field without surgery are slim.

“If everything is normal there should be enough space in the spinal canal to absorb the force of that hit,” Dr. Hsu said. “If there isn’t enough space, then the spinal canal doesn’t take the jolt very well.”

Dr. Hsu saw the hit that reportedly has caused spinal cord bruising.  He explained that the situation can arise from four different conditions:  a herniated disk; a fractured joint; spinal stenosis or a genetic/arthritic narrowing of the spine; and/or a loose vertebrae due to ligament damage around the spine.

Regardless of the specific reason for Finley’s spinal cord bruising, it possibly doesn’t bode well for his future in football — absent surgical intervention.

“Something needs to change or you would be at risk for something bad happening,” Dr. Hsu said.

At a time when Finley has been lobbied by family members to stop playing football after suffering a concussion last month, issues with his spinal cord could give those close to Finley all the ammunition they need to persuade the 26-year-old to walk away.

23 responses to “Jermichael Finley could need surgery

  1. As a life long Packer fan, I kind of just want him to retire.
    I would love to see him back on the field but I can’t stop thinking about his five year old boy.

  2. Jermichael Finley has nine children. At least, by some accounts he has more. Anyone who states that he is going to retire does not understand that the man literally lives paycheck to paycheck to feed the expensive taste of his wife and to make child support payments for the full roster of illegitimate children that he has.

    Have you guys that want him to retire ever listened to him speak, or read his tweets? He’d struggle to find a minimum wage job.

  3. Janse071– Where are you getting your numbers? Everything I’ve seen claims that he has 5 kids. Still a large number but lets not play fast and loose with the truth.

  4. Fool ain’t gonna be providing for those kids if he keeps getting concussions and spine injuries.

    He needs to get out before he becomes unemployable.

  5. The Packers have always sided with player safety even when it is against the player’s wishes.

    Also despite the Patriot Act and Obamacare making medical records available to any government agency, the Packers have always maintained medical privacy for their players.

    The proper action is to wait until the bruising has healed before any decision is made.

    Finley’s contract expires at the end of the season and if there is some reasonable doubt about his safety on the field the Packers will not offer another contract and advise him to “retire” from football.

    He should not need surgery to lead a normal life outside of being an NFL player. The worst scenario is if he has the surgery and then is determined to be unfit for NFL football.

    Smart and successful franchises, like the Packers, put the safety of the player first, as they did with Nick Collins, Chad Clifton, Terrence Murphy and others.

  6. While he’s a good player and a force to be reckoned with on the field, the last time the Packers put him on IR was 2010.

    I don’t need to remind all the Viking trolls that 2010 is the last time the Packers took home the Lombardi trophy. To put in terms that even a MN state educated fan could understand, that means the Packers won the Superbowl.

  7. @janse071

    Why don’t you mind your own business. And “illegitimate children?” What? Is it 1934 again?

  8. assuredmutualdestruction says:
    Oct 23, 2013 9:58 AM
    Looks like Greenbay’s season is over…let the losses begin.

    First of all. Green Bay is not greenbay. Its Green Bay.
    As they are going to start getting people back, and healthy. Im not concerned.
    They play the horrible Vikings this week and a Bears team without Cutler, Briggs, and maybe without Tilman the following Monday.

    They will be just fine!!!

  9. University of Texas fan.. I hope Finley retires, but has there ever been a documented case of a professional player returning after such an injury (career and quality of life threatening) only to suffer catastrophic consequences? I cannot, although I don’t think that because examples of these cases do not readily come to mind Finley should test his luck.

  10. Am I confused here? One specialist who watched the game on TV thinks he needs surgery, and we all buy into it?

    Have we heard anything from the doctors that have actually seen him and/or diagnosed him? No.

    Pretty poor shock journalism by Tom Silverstein here. I saw other reports saying he’d just be out 4-6 weeks. Why don’t we stop speculating for the time being and let the doctors do their thing.

  11. He’s seeking medical opinion/diagnosis in Wisconsin? Shouldn’t he at least go to a real city or to a facility where there is legitimate medical personnel to get expert opinions? Chicago is only 90 minutes – 2 hrs away.

    Dr’s aren’t practicing medicine in Wisconsin because they **want** to be there, but because they **have** to be there.

    Not some place where anesthesia is biting down on a leather belt… He needs to get out of there.

  12. Per Wikpedia; Finley has 5 children (not 9 as previously commented by some racist).

    I don’t know that there was enough in the post to label the poster as a racist but there was enough to label him dumb. There were rumors in GB a couple of years back that Finley had additional children by several women. This was being discussed when the haters were gearing up to run him out of town. Probably just false gossip created by the haters. I don’t care either way. Unfortunately I think he’s played his last snap.

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