Meriweather hearing occurs today, with Ted Cottrell presiding


As of Tuesday, it was known that the appeal hearing regarding the two-game suspension imposed on Redskins safety Brandon Meriweather would happen on Wednesday. it wasn’t known whether it would be handled by Ted Cottrell or Matt Birk.

Per a league source, Cottrell is handling the hearing.

Ed Werder of ESPN reports that the hearing will happen Wednesday afternoon, which means that Meriweather will miss Wednesday’s practice.  (Last month, Birk overturned the one-game suspension imposed on Buccaneers safety Dashon Goldson in time for Goldson to make it to Wednesday’s practice.)

The appeal process is independent of the league, with Cottrell and Birk jointly hired and paid by the NFL and the NFLPA.  Either side can replace either or both hearing officers after any given season; after the 2012 season, the NFLPA opted to replace Art Shell.

Meriweather was suspended two games by the league office after drawing a pair of penalties for illegal hits in Sunday’s win over the Bears.  Meriweather was fined $42,000 in September for using the crown of his helmet when hitting Packers running back Eddie Lacy.

Last year, Cottrell overturned a one-game suspension imposed on former Ravens safety Ed Reed.  In 2011, Cottrell upheld a one-game suspension imposed on former Steelers linebacker James Harrison.  That same year, Shell upheld a two-game suspension imposed on Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh.

23 responses to “Meriweather hearing occurs today, with Ted Cottrell presiding

  1. if they were serious they would suspend the position coach one game on a second offence (along with the player), and then suspend at the coordinator level on a third offense. they do that and these blatant helmet to helmet hits go away.

  2. The NFL doesn’t want to change.

    1-2 games won’t change the cuture.

    The NFL wants to give the appearance of change.

    So… they have a stronger case in future court cases.

  3. If he’s even thinking of letting this guy slide, for the sake of justice at least roll the dice, double or nothing.

  4. Meriweather has shown that he is clearly not going to change his style of play. He refuses to change and continues to endanger the life of the other players. They need to upheld this decision, not like it will matter anyway because he will still continue to hit people in the helmet and give them concussions. Am I the only one who thinks he will end his own career with a concussion that he gave himself with one of his hits?

  5. suspend him the rest of the season…..they are taught contact points when tackling but this guy is too thick to understand that.

    I would suspend the coaching staff a game as well. worst org and team in the league. ranked 27 out of 32…..FAIL.

    where is illogical voice?

  6. The multiple slaps on the wrist with “fines”, the lack of suspensions, the overturning of suspensions on appeal tells you all you need to know……the NFL isn’t really serious about player safety. It should be 3 strikes you’re out. 2 fines and then automatic suspension with no appeal. When you have 2 ex players/coaches hearing the appeals, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out that a suspension will be overturned or at worst, dropped to one game. By letting ex-players determine the outcome of player safety (by reducing fines and suspensions) the NFL is protecting itself for the long haul. When players attempt to sue for career ending injuries etc. , the NFL can say we tried to stop it but the NFLPA and it’s appeals officers wouldn’t support us. Birk and Cottrel may think they are supporting the players but it’s called “winning the battle but losing the war.”

  7. Goodell always after the defense. Why don’t they fine offensive players for going into know hazardous situations trying to catch the ball? Just getting too wimpified for me. It will be pro bowl style football soon.

  8. Ban him for life. Time to take out the trash – him, Suh, half of the pittsburgh steelers and all of the Seattle Seahags’ defense (for fake drug testing results). The NFL needs to make a statement.

  9. If a player gets flagged for a hit to the head they should be automatically ejected from the game and fined that game check. You can use replay to verify they went to the head.


    this was the single over the top rough act that has been frowned upon in the NFL since inception.
    This wasn’t apart of our grandfathers’ game, it wasn’t a part of our fathers’ game, why then is it an issue in the 2013 NFL.

    Merriwether is a cheap shot artist that can’t cover.
    the only plays he can make are when he deliberately SPEARS offensive players..

    he’s lucky he’s only getting two games.

    he should have gotten 4 for his hit on Eddie Lacy.

  11. Brandon Meriweather should learn to take out knees every week, then just say,
    “Aw, sorry, but they told me to go lower”, every time he destroys someone’s career…What will they say then?

    Many of these hits cannot be helped, sorry to say. The Harrison hit on Colt McCoy was a classic example- go run into someone in your kitchen, at slow speed-you’ll notice when you “Brace for impact”, you’ll lower your head instinctively…Then go watch that replay- They both dropped their heads istinctively. Harrison was not trying to smash his head into McCoy’s. It’s just football.
    Take the helmets off like Rugby, they don’t have concussion problems because they protect their heads.

  12. rhamrhoddy says:

    How about no suspension but he has to play one game without a helmet.

    Lol love the idea but I’m afraid the league attorneys would crap themselves at the thought and we wouldn’t want the attorneys who run the league these days to be upset, would we ?

  13. Can we keep Merriweather (only bc we have no other safties around) and suspend Haslett?

    in all seriousness Haslet maybe the worst defensive coordinator in the NFL, year after year. Send his @ss back to the UFL

  14. if they were serious they would suspend the position coach one game on a second offence (along with the player), and then suspend at the coordinator level on a third offense.

    So basically you want the NFL to say it’s not the players responsibility, it’s the coaches responsibility. Should we suspend the NFLPA reps too? After all it’s the union that files grievances when a player is fined and/or suspended.

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