Nate Burleson scoffs when Dez Bryant compares himself to Megatron


With Dallas set to face Detroit on Sunday, Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant is comparing himself to Lions receiver Calvin Johnson. And one of Johnson’s teammates is scoffing at that.

Asked about Johnson, Bryant said, “I believe I can do whatever he can do.” Lions receiver Nate Burleson heard that comment and chuckled.

“Listen, I like Dez. I think he’s one of the best receivers in the game right now,” Burleson said. “Very talented. Fast, big, strong. He possesses all the tools to possibly be as good as Calvin. But he’s not Calvin Johnson. No way, no how. Sorry, Dez. Keep it real.”

After Burleson said that, Bryant wrote on Twitter, “I see I have to be extra careful about what I say.”

Bryant can say whatever he wants, but Burleson is right: He’s not as good as Megatron.

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  1. Just look at the stats, bro. Dez has been better across the board. And the Boys have way more weapons than the lions, too…Come on Nate and Michael David Smith, “keep it real”.

  2. WOW! Dez Bryant can tell the media he has a paper cut and somebody will respond! He simply says he can do whatever CJ can do! Nothing wrong with alittle confidence in yourself! Especially respecting one of the greatest receivers to play the game in MEGATRON! Shut ur damn mouth Nate and let CJ speak! Your like that annoying little kid behind the big kid that always bickers! Dez is way better than ur srry ass! Compare him to you!……

  3. Burleson’s statement is self contradictory. “He possesses all the tools to possibly be as good as Calvin.” conflicts directly with the idea that Dez isn’t as good as Johnson. It actually agrees with Dez’s statement that he is physically capable of doing the same things that Johnson does.

    skinsfolife – I’d have to say that, if what you say is true, that would be another way that Dez is like Johnson. Johnson disappears at times as well.

  4. These two are 1 and 1a as the best wide receivers in the NFL. Only difference is the Cowboys have more than one receiver option so they don’t have to force as many passes to Dez, Megatron has never had a comparable #2 to take the double and triple teams off of him, but Stafford throws it anyway. ..Its not a matter of disappearing, its a matter of being schemed against. . its not smart for a qb to throw to a guy that’s 2x or 3x teamed, unless it’s a jump ball situation

  5. @dccowboy
    Burleson is saying that Bryant has the tools but isn’t using those physical tools to their potential. Therefore, he is no Calvin Johnson at this point.

    And as far as Calvin Johnson disappearing in games, you’re absolutely right. He DOES disappear in games all the time – when he’s double, and sometimes triple, teamed in coverage. It’s hard to see the poor fella out there, despite his enormous height!

  6. Does it matter who’s the best WR? Nope, its a QB league. Since joining the Lions, CJ’s teams are sub 500 & Bryant’s teams are 500.

    Jerry Rice wouldn’t be who he is w/o Montana & Young throwing to him.

  7. What big game has Calvin Johnson played in?These WR’s all have big marble mouth’s who say nothing.

  8. It’s amazing … The only thing cm has over dez is hight and a few pounds . Dez uselly out plays cj when the team’s face off

  9. Lets let the stats speak for themselves.

    Dez: 42 Rec for 569 and 6 TD’s. 81% avg 1st down

    CJ: 33 for 492 and 6 TD’s, 79% 1st downs

    The players seem strikingly similar on paper to me. So how can you refute what Dez said? Have you seen him play? The guy is a beast and while he may not have the weight of CJ, he has more speed and agility.

    Dez is a better all around WR than CJ because he’s more of a threat than just size. How many punt returns has CJ returned for TD’s? Boom

  10. Dccowboy : your right calvin does disappear to but when calvin disappears 2 to 3 cbs disappear with him on every play and as we seen sunday thats still not enough i like dez but i cant say the same for him

  11. The closest thing to the Megatron is Larry. I respect Dez, by comparing himself to Megatron, he knows the level he needs to play at to be one of the best WRs in today.

  12. As a Boys fan, I have to admit the best WRs in the game are 1 C Johnson, 2 AJ Green, and then Dez.
    Imagine if C Johnson had a HOF TE in Witten, and give him capable WRs around him like Dez had, and CJ will have the 2000 yard season DEZ dreams about!

  13. True story. Dez is no Megatron. There isn’t a receiver in the league that is in the same conversation.

  14. Let’s keep it real. Megatron beats triples and one of those was against Dallas so Dezzey does Dallas knows this.

  15. I hate the Cowboys and Dez Bryant but his statement wasn’t inflammatory or inaccurate. He did not say he was as good or better than Calvin Johnson he just said he could do whatever Calvin J could do. Now, Calvin is 10 x’s more physically imposing than any other receiver (which makes him unstoppable) but it’s not a reach to say that Bryant has a similar skill set.

  16. you can watch Bryant crying for a flag on every ball he doesn’t catch. that makes him a DIVA and a pimple on Calvin Johnsons butt.

  17. Michael David Smith wrote:

    “Bryant can say whatever he wants, but Burleson is right: He’s not as good as Megatron.”

    Dez didn’t say he was better. Dez said “I believe I can do whatever he can do.”. And there is a difference between those 2 statements and Dez may be right. I think Dez can run just as fast, may be a little stronger and jump almost as high. But the skill set is close. But from the neck up, Calvin has a huge edge and is definitely the better player.

  18. Ipeefreelyagain: calvin missed a game with a knee injury then ayed the following game as strictly a decoy witb just 3 catches while still recovering. So hes played in 4.5games. And when the lions made the playoffs calvin had 250yds and 3 touchdowns. I suppose thats a “big game” right??

  19. Dez isn’t as good as Calvin Johnson and I don’t really think he was trying to say he was. I think he was just saying that physically he’s similar in ability and style and could in theory do the things that Johnson does.

    And it is true to an extent. Dez is big/tall/fast like Calvin. Not as big, but a little more nimble. What sets them apart is skill more than physical potential. I mean, who the hell else can he compare himself too? And who better to aspire to be more like?

  20. But he may actually be right. Take a second to stop heaping praise on Calvin, and remember back to the game where he broke Rice’s receiving yards record last year. No one seemed to care that his team was down, and the offense was driving down the field…..on the catch where he broke Rice’s record, he ran down the field, then out of bounds while the DB closed in on him. Enough yards to secure the record, but not so many where he’d put himself in harm’s way.

    Let’s see where CJ is in 3 years before we really start sucking his balls.

  21. Im pretty sure cowboy fans are still bitter about that big blown lead to the lions in 2011 and calvin had a couple tds including one ib triple coverage thag made big headlines.

  22. I have never seen anyone cry more to the ref’s more than Dizzy Bryant. Every time I see him drop a ball and the DB is near he puts up his arms like he is being held. Idiot just play ball, the ref knows when it is PI. This guy has a long way to go to be near Big Meg….

  23. Bryant as good a Johnson? What a joke. Not only is Calvin probably the most skilled receiver ever to play in the NFL, he’s a total class act as well with a work ethic to be envied and emulated. Compare that to a punk like Bryant who regularly takes plays off, misses game because of imaginary injuries and finds time to slap his own mother around.

  24. for all u idiots that are talking bot not showing up in big games… CJ had 12 catches for 211 and 2 tds in his only playoff game. while dez can’t even get americas team to the playoffs!

  25. I like Dez probably my 4th favorite receiver in the NFL. Calvin, AJ, Julio Dez Marshall Fitz, Thomas, Gordon, Jordy, Steve Smith, Andre Johnson is my order right now…

    But until I see him out jump 3 defensive backs twice… He is NOT like Calvin…

  26. fact: dez bryant 6’2 (4.52 forty dash combine)… calvin johnson 6’5 (4.35 forty dash combine results)

    observation (im a biased cowboys fan)…. i believe dez is still more explosive with the ball in his hands…. ive seen him run punt returns and he looks like josh cribbs(like dez great football speed) in his prime… only reason we dont use him is the injury risk with his running style… megatron cant do that… but as far incredible catches i think theyre even but dez drops alot of freebies too….

    but 6’5 4.35 (if he can still run that… been off/on injured and it’d be insane … prbly unlikely that calvin johnson can still run that now)….. id still with megatron

  27. As a Cowboys fan I can say that I like that he feels he is as good as Megatron, but talk is cheap. Get out there and prove it. Too bad Larry Fitzgerald doesn’t have a good QB throwing him the ball anymore. He would be able to make a case for comparison though.

  28. cowboys1988 says:
    Oct 23, 2013 6:24 AM
    Just wait a couple seasons when Dez is takin this league by storm. #ThrowUpTheX


    You DO realize Dez is in his 3rd year right?! ….”a couple more seasons”…….when Romo is 89 years old finding new and innovative ways to throw interceptions at the worst times possible.

    Dez is an unquestioned talent…..who is way too erratic.

  29. Megatron is 28. Dez is 24. I can live with the idea that Megatron is better. For now.

    But that “disappearing in big games” part? When was Megatron ever in a “big game”? I don’t want to hear about that blowout loss to the Saints in the playoffs, he only caught 3 of his 12 catches in the 4th quarter after the game was already waaaay out of hand.

    Also, life in the NFCE is a bit tougher for WR’s than life in the NFCC. Need proof?

    Megatron’s career numbers against the NFCE:

    2 for 58
    1 for 3
    3 for 45
    5 for 51
    4 for 57
    5 for 49
    4 for 50
    5 for 146
    9 for 101
    6 for 46,
    8 for 96,
    6 for 135,
    7 for 115,

    That’s an average of 4.5 catches for 73 yards per game. His career averages are 5.6 catches for 90.5 yards per game.

  30. “for all u idiots that are talking bot not showing up in big games… CJ had 12 catches for 211 and 2 tds in his only playoff game.”

    Which happened to be a blowout loss to the Saints.

  31. DEZ will end up having more career TDs than CALVIN and in regards to stats in general DEZ should edge him out. CALVIN is about 4inches taller than DEZ which gives him a clear advantage….but DEZ is more athletic IMO and can return punts if needed which CALVIN can’t do.
    CALVIN has the edge right now but if DEZ keeps improving the way he has been improving he could very well pass CALVIN up. Plus ROMO doesn’t force throws to DEZ the way STAFFORD does. Another reason why STAFFORD and the LIONS have a top 10pick every yr.

  32. “Im pretty sure cowboy fans are still bitter about that big blown lead to the lions”

    Seriously? That’s like saying that prime rib is bitter that hamburger won the contest over what is being served at McDonald’s. C’mon man, it’s the Lions. Nobody cares about the Lions but the people that are dumb enough to still live in Detroit.

  33. “Notice that you don’t hear CJ saying he can do everything that Dez can do.”

    Probably because he can’t. Can Megatron return punts? Nope. Dez averages 9.1 yards per return. Just so happens that Dwayne Harris is better than both of them in that regard.

  34. If Dez played for any other team this would hardly be mentioned at all. People just love to hate on the Cowboys. Period.

  35. If you polled every DB in the league and asked them “Which receiver would you least like to cover 1-on-1?” I can almost guarantee you that CJ would be higher on the list than Bryant.

  36. While Megatron is truly great, Bryant comparisons to or with him aren’t THAT far-fetched. Why Bryant would bring up these suggestions is what I don’t understand. He does not need to be making his own firestorms. He should let his PLAY do the talking regarding comparisons to other receivers.

  37. Dez first 50 games -> Romo

    Calvin first 50 games -> Kitna, Orlovsky, Cullpepper, Stanton, Rookie Stafford.

    Calvin had noone to pull double and triple teams away from him those first 50 games either. Stats are mostly worthless

    I think Dez is number 2 in front of AJ and Julio, he is athletic freak. But Calvin Johnson is simply from another planet.

  38. First of all CJ is the better receiver.
    Second, Nate was answering a question from a reporter specifically about the Dez comment. Nate did not choose to address the comment on his own, which is normally the case with all this kind of stuff – most players are asked about these things and reply and then you all get your panties in a knot like said player is bringing it up himself and shouting his mouth off……..smh

  39. Really, just the fact that Dez is mentioned with CJ says a lot.

    You cant argue with people when you say Dez is better, they say no. Then you show them stats, and they say stats mean nothing. So, no sense in arguing with stupid.

    But just for fun, ESPN posted stats from each players first 50 games, do with it what you will:

    Dez CJ

    242 REC 217
    3440 YDS 3362
    1179 YAC 816
    33 REC TD 25

    Clearly you can put up the arguement that Dez is better. Who the QB is? Ok, Dez still leads in YAC, QB means nothing there.

  40. “Dez first 50 games -> Romo

    Calvin first 50 games -> Kitna, Orlovsky, Cullpepper, Stanton, Rookie Stafford.”

    Romo = undrafted. There’s two first round picks and a second in your list.

  41. “You DO realize Dez is in his 3rd year right?! ….”a couple more seasons”…….when Romo is 89 years old”

    C’mon, man. I would think the Cowboys could find a Stafford-type guy without trying too hard. They certainly won’t have to waste a first round pick on a guy with his talent level. You don’t have to spend a #1 on a guy that can complete barely 60% of his passes and go 21-31 in his first 52 starts. Quincy Carter had a better record than that (18-16).

  42. “Why would anyone in their right mind risk letting Megatron return punts?”

    Maybe a team that is 33-70 since they drafted him. Just sayin’.

  43. “Romo = undrafted. There’s two first round picks and a second in your list.”

    Come on BlueB

    You know damn well Romo being undrafted is not a good argument. Brady was a sixth round pick, doesnt mean they are not more talented then most QB’s in the league. Stafford was a rookie, playing with injuries and Culpepper was a complete joke at that point. I’m sorry but that is just a dumb argument.

  44. They are 2 of the best athletes to ever play the position, but last week just reaffirmed that Megatron is the best athlete that’s ever done it. Close your eyes and throw it into a sea of defenders 40 yards away, no problem.

  45. I can see this going either way, CJ or Dez, but for those of you thinking that its “ridiculous” or “crazy” to compare the two….it’s not. They are closer than you think and one may be a bit better than the other.

  46. What isn’t being discussed is that, as usual, none of the gum-flapping is coming from CJ. A humble guy and class act who does his job and keeps his mouth closed, which is just one more reason (in addition to the skills) he has a leg up on the rest of these egomaniac diva WRs.

    And Nate is not contradicting himself, he gave props to Dez that he has Calvin potential but isn’t there yet, that’s all.

  47. “You know damn well Romo being undrafted is not a good argument. Brady was a sixth round pick”

    Of course it’s a good argument. Spending a high draft pick is a pretty big investment, especially on a QB. Expectations are and should be much higher than for a 6th round pick or an undrafted guy. There’s a guy in this very thread talking smack about Romo and untimely interceptions with a backhand at his age, implying that he’ll be hard to replace. I mean come on. Romo either sucks or he doesn’t, you can’t play both sides of the fence. And if he sucks, he’ll be easily replaced by a younger guy who sucks just as bad. Stafford is an example of a guy that would not be hard for a team to replace.

  48. “Hmmm, sounds like the old Barry vs Emmitt debate. Who cares? Different systems, different situations.”

    And different expectations. Generating highlight reels and NOTHING else is unacceptable for the Cowboys. That’s why there’s so much “Cowboys have won only one playoff game since 1996” blabber, and no “Lions have only won one playoff game since 1957” blabber.

  49. If you polled all the GM’s in the League, I’d bet that only one would rather have Dez than CJ, and that one (cough, Jerry Jones cough) is half senile anyway.

  50. jjb0811 says:
    Oct 23, 2013 7:44 AM

    Jerry Rice wouldn’t be who he is w/o Montana & Young throwing to him.


    2001 – 83 catches – 1,139 yards – 9 TD
    2002 – 92 catches – 1,211 yards – 7 TD

    Jerry Rice’s stats with Rich Gannon throwing to him. Be careful talking about all time greats.

  51. JGLION, fans like you make me happy you haven’t won a playoff game since 1957, have some class. Act like you’ve been there before, OH WAIT, you haven’t. Nevermind.

  52. girls, girls–let’s stick with the facts–Johnson has played 3 more years.BUT— Through 50 career games, Bryant boasts 25 more catches, 78 more yards and seven more scores than Johnson had at the same milestone. He never hit his mother, so let’s stop with that. And he also was not bragging, and later said he needs to watch what he says on Twitter. It does not really matter what happens with these two on Sunday, to say who is better or who can do what.

  53. If you’re gonna argue “complete package” with Dez’s punt return ability (which he doesn’t do anymore) than you have to include his off field isues/on field diva attitude.

    Physical abilities, they are both freaks. But Calvin hasn’t had a steady QB his whole career like Dez, nor has he had complimentary offensive pieces (Miles Austin, Jason Witten, somewhat of a running game, etc..)

    You can argue the flip side if you want too…”that means there are more mouths to field, less balls going to Dez…but he gets a lot of targets too.

    Dez is top 5 easy, maybe even top 3. But team’s defenses aren’t accounting 2-3 defensive players to him every play like they do with Calvin.

  54. “Of course it’s a good argument. Spending a high draft pick is a pretty big investment, especially on a QB. Expectations are and should be much higher than for a 6th round pick or an undrafted guy.”

    What the hell does where a QB was picked have to do with who they had throwing them the ball their first 50 games? And I didn’t say anything about Romo. Dez had Romo the whole time top 10-12 QB first 50 games. Calvin had pure garbage and Stafford as rookie. i think something like 13 of those first 50 were Stafford games in his rookie year, coming off 0-16, expectaions?, Please. Where Stafoord was drafted has nothing to do with Calvin’s first 50 games Sorry but Dez has had a MUCH better QB his first 50 than Calvin did his.

    Also, anyone who says Stafford is easy to replace just obviously does not watch him, sorry. You can throw all the records you wan at me, he took over an 0-16 team and was hurt most of his first two years which means most of those first two years do not go on HIS record. Stafford has loads of talent, and has already proven he can win in this league in 2011, his first full year starting btw.

  55. I see some Cowboys fans are still sad that the last time they faced the Lions, CJ embarassed loud-mouthed Ryan who said CJ would be the 3rd best receiver on the Cowboys lmao

  56. Sorry man, but if he’s playing he’s fair game. You can make excuses for every player in the NFL if you’re into excuses. It’s not my fault that the Lions don’t have better than a hurt guy to play QB. I guess that’s part of what makes them the Lions. e got them all the way to 4-14 last year, what can I say? I guess we’ll blame it on Shaun Hill’s 13 snaps. But unless you’re prone to going to such an extreme to excuse a guy, Stafford’s 18-21 since becoming the full-time starter in 2011, btw. So congratulations on the great QB, I guess.

    P.S. Many guys have proved that they can play, in the past. It means absolutely nothing going forward.

  57. Dez is a phenomenal WR, but he’s not the transcendent WR that Calvin is.

    30 out of 32 of the NFL’s Defensive Coordinators would rather face Dez than Calvin if all other factors were equal. The remaining two don’t get a vote because they coach for the Lions and Cowboys.

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