Peyton Manning will practice tomorrow, play Sunday

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An otherwise slow Wednesday afternoon got a lot more interesting with the news that Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning missed practice with an ankle injury.

Per a league source, it’s no big deal.

Manning, per the source, will return to practice on Thursday and play on Sunday against the Redskins.

While Manning’s absence raises eyebrows and, for Broncos fans, heart rates, it’s no different than the usual absences from players during the middle of the season.  For Manning, a looming bye week after Sunday’s game against Washington will give him extra time to heal up.

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  1. I’m as much a Redskins homer as the next guy, but I’m a little worried the scoreboard will actually flip back around to double zeroes with a pre-bye Peyton Manning facing our defense.

  2. With a league worst defense, losing Peyton would be the equivalent of dropping an atomic bomb on that franchise.

    Frankly, as a Chiefs fan, I hope he can go in Week 11 and 13 so the naysayers can be proven wrong about the simple equation:

    Scoring 21 points a game while holding your opponents to an average of 11 pts a game = W every time.

    Too many Anchorman NFL fans out there –“60% of the time it works every time.” LOL.

    Chiefs fan hoping for a speedy recovery and competitive DEN/KC matchups.

  3. The Chiefs have not won a playoff game since 1993.

    This just in (apparently): The Chiefs have also miraculously had the same roster, coaching staff, and front office since 1993.

  4. DENs Defense is a concern vs. the pass. But the D has held the run very well this year. KC will have to beat them through the air, something A. Smith isn’t up for.

    I predict DEN will sweep KC this year. KC can’t pass the ball and nobody has run well vs. DEN. Manning will pick apart the KC D with cross patters and screens and the wheels will come off for KC.

  5. Funny that you guys keep hashing on these allegedly bad throws after that sack considering he threw for like 250 yards and a td after the fact. Probably would have had another if it werent for Hillman fumbling, maybe would have even won the game.

  6. sullijo1 says:
    Oct 23, 2013 2:56 PM
    The Chiefs have not won a playoff game since 1993.
    The Broncos have one a whole 2 playoff games more since 1998…..and one was with Tim Tebow at the helm.

  7. The Broncos are the better team, as long as Manning is upright.

    The problem about the Broncos playing the Chiefs is that the Chiefs may be able to plant Manning into the ground all night long or pick his offense apart.

    Only time will tell. I just hope both teams are healthy so America gets some good football out of the deal.

  8. I gotta admit, it’s gonna be sad watching him fail again as his body gives out toward the latter part of the year and the playoffs.

    Getting decked repeatedly by Dlinemen and screaming safety blitzes will mark the end of Denver’s playoff hopes again….

    No more rings for you Peyton. The cracks in the foundation are beginning to expand

    Hope ole’ Brocky boy can play

  9. Win the franchise? What the heck does that mean poet? The Donkeys will win nothing…again. And be another $18 million poorer.

    And stop talking about that Hillman fumble Donkey fan…wouldn’t have changed anything…you just can’t admit that the most arrogant team in the NFL got their butts kicked.

  10. People are speculating this hit occurred from Mathis – nothing of the sort, Mathis hit was a clean, textbook strip-sack – the injury occurred against the Jags when one of those bottom feeders lunged at his knees when he was operating out the shadow of his own endzone …he subsequently had to goto the locker room afterwards to get it checked out

    The Mathis hit might’ve re-aggravated it, but it wasn’t what caused it

  11. Manning did not look like himself against the colts. He under threw several receivers and his precision accuracy was not there. That probably had to do with the colts pass rush, but either way the broncos need better protection up front.

    Considering how poorly the broncos played, the game was still close in the end. They had two costly turnovers that gave the colts excellent field position and an even more costlier fumble on the colts 5 yard line late in the game. Add in over a hundred yards in penalties and the game easily could have been a blow out. Yet denver still had a chance to win.

  12. Look, my folks are Bronco fans so I’m not a hater. Having said that, If Manning is going to start getting dinged up and we’re only at the halfway point, you might see an EPIC collapse to this team. Look what happened to Indy without him his last season. No one can run the offense that he does. No one. And with the defense playing as sloppy as it has been all season, I think Denver is walking a thin line between greatness and being this season’s tragic letdown.

  13. @furious76

    Um, what? Who runs the ball when you have to score 45 points a game? The Chiefs D can stop Denver, better than the Colts did, and the run game is explosive. It will be a good game, and it could go either way, but to put a W in Denver’s win column is stupid and shows ignorance on your part.

  14. Can all of you come back to this board after the Broncos win the SB this year? I’d like to hear the trash talk then. It will be fun to rub your faces in your own jealousy.

  15. seansds3d says:Oct 23, 2013 3:40 PM

    Can all of you come back to this board after the Broncos win the SB this year? I’d like to hear the trash talk then. It will be fun to rub your faces in your own jealousy.
    They just lost to the Colts…how are they even planning on getting out of the AFC? They don’t even have the best record in their own division and still won’t come this Sunday. Slow down Bronco fans. It’s a long season still. You better just focus on keeping Manning healthy or there are no playoffs.

  16. Wow, already writing off probable the best QB in NFL history. Easy folks….as a skins fan I know how quickly he will get healthy against our porous defense. Welker, and the TE Thomas will be open all day. We have no safeties, or LB’s that can stay with these guys. Also, keep an eye on Moreno. We have struggled with tackling as well. It’s yard work for me this weekend. Love my skins, but am also realistic about this one.

  17. This guy is the most overrated QB ever. He’s constantly baled out of his horrible inaccurate throws by his amazing receivers. How many INTs in the playoffs on his home turf last playoffs? That’s right…four. No wonder they brought in Welker…a man with game and hands. Bank on it!

  18. seansds3d says:
    Oct 23, 2013 3:40 PM
    Can all of you come back to this board after the Broncos win the SB this year? I’d like to hear the trash talk then. It will be fun to rub your faces in your own jealousy.
    You’ll be here alone dufuss cuzz Denver ain’t winning a SB as long as Sir Chokes-a-Lot is at QB.

  19. Peyton is human he is capable of having a couple of bad games. Also The Skins have beaten Peyton they beat him when he played on a more talented Colts team then this Broncos team.

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