Rex Ryan disputes Belichick’s claim of pushing by Jets

It continues.  And we like it.

A day after Patriots coach Bill Belichick accused the Jets of doing the same thing the Patriots were caught doing in overtime on Sunday, Jets coach Rex Ryan responded.

“That’s not true,” Ryan told reporters regarding Belichick’s claim that the Jets had been illegally pushing players on the line of scrimmage while defending against field-goal attempts.  “He’s got to make up his mind.  Was he aware of this thing?  Was it second level, all this kind of jazz, or now the story is we did it? . . . .  The fact is we’re moving on. We earned that victory plain and simple, and we’re focused on Cincinnati now.”

In fairness to Belichick, he wasn’t offering an alternative explanation for the violation that gave the Jets a field-goal Mulligan in overtime.  Instead, he was responding to a question regarding reports that the Jets alerted the officials to the Patriots breaking the rule.

Really, it wouldn’t make sense for the Jets to alert the officials to a rule that the Jets planned to break.

As explained earlier in the day, however, the Jets’ violation was trivial in comparison to the two-man horse costume routine the Patriots attempted directly in front of the official who threw the flag.

And the only thing we know with certainty going forward is that Belichick and Ryan will never be attending a Halloween party together in a two-man horse costume, because they’ll never be able to agree on which one should be the ass.