Texans take bye-week look-see at seven wideouts, two quarterbacks


As the Texans limp into their bye-week with a five-game losing streak, they’ve taken a close look at seven different receivers.

And two quarterbacks.

Per a league source, the team brought a nine-man throng of players to the team facility on Tuesday for a pitch-and-catch session.

The wideout candidates were Joe Adams, Ramses Barden, David Gilreath, Rico Richardson, D.J. Stephens, Mike Thomas, and Matt Willis.

John Skelton and Pat White also worked out, presumably for the purposes of throwing the footballs.

Still, with Matt Schaub still injured, there’s at least a chance the Texans were curious about either quarterback.  In fact, it’s possible that the seven wideouts were brought in to provide cover for what otherwise would have been an obvious desire to kick tires on Skelton and White, which in turn would have led to more speculation that Schaub won’t be back for awhile.

That ultimately remains the only plausible explanation for coach Gary Kubiak’s recent proclamation that Schaub remains the starter.  Kubiak possibly knows that his starter won’t be back any time soon.

10 responses to “Texans take bye-week look-see at seven wideouts, two quarterbacks

  1. You have to feel sorry for a team that brings in this group of never heard of receivers and those two QBs mid-season. For the current players that do bust their butt this has to be a new low.

  2. I can save them some time, I’ve seen Mike Thomas play after Detroit already made the mistake to trade material and a pile of cash to do nothing with him. Don’t fail at learning from their mistake and slide him to the bottom of the list.

    And sad that they would rather take a look at a guy like John Skelton over a more intriguing specimen like Brady Quinn. Well this is what happens when you make crazy QB choices and stand by them. They still never should have acquired Schaub in the first place and he should have been on the auto-trade list this whole time for his first available exit strategy. The Texans are moving to slow to build a championship level team, you can’t keep treading water like this for this length of time and expect to evolve your franchise.

    They need to do a better job of adjusting the flow rate between incoming and outgoing player chips, otherwise they will sink further into a darker abyss later on. It can be a big problem if you make solving the QB position the last thing you do, that’s just a tumultuous and poorly leveraged strategy so I can’t wait to see how the rest of this season turns out. I think it’s going to be a fascinating lessons for other teams to learn from what they do wrong today and in the following days.

  3. It is very confusing that they did not bring in any ILB, when they just released Dobbins and lost Cushing. They also did not bring in any RB when both of their current RBs are hurt.

  4. Pat White and John Skelton.

    Let those two names roll around in your head for a minute, Texan fans.

    Not quite the picture you would have painted at the start of the season, is it?

  5. Once again the Texans Leadership fails to impress me.

    Case Keenum should be our starting QB until he shows he can’t handle the job and if Schaub is truely out for any length of time I guess I could see them trying out a 3rd string QB, but this just looks odd.

    As for receivers…SMH!?!? If anything maybe another TE, or nickel back, or O-Line, more than one position is lacking depth, but receivers???

    How about a new Special Teams coach!!!

    Offensive Coordinator anybody?!?!

    Like others have mentioned here, how about some LB’s and RB’s.


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