Tom Coughlin: Hakeem Nicks hasn’t been reliable this season


The Giants got their first win of the season against the Vikings on Monday night, but the team’s change of fortune didn’t extend to one of their starting wide receivers.

Hakeem Nicks dropped several passes during the game, continuing a campaign that’s featured more bad than good. Nicks has been criticized for not fighting hard enough for balls in addition to not holding onto enough of them, two reasons why Giants coach Tom Coughlin said Wednesday that Nicks hasn’t been a reliable enough player to this point in the season.

“You’ve got to get to the point where the reliability factor is there as strongly as it always has been,” Coughlin said, via the New York Daily News. “Has it been there up to this point? No. But we’re saying ‘Let’s get back to work and get this done.’ We count on this guy.”

Nicks didn’t endear himself to Coughlin by skipping voluntary work this offseason, but the coach said Wednesday that he doesn’t think thoughts about impending free agency are contributing to Nicks’ on-field struggles. If they are, it’s a real problem for Nicks because struggling now is going to negatively impact the contract he gets later whether he gets it from the Giants or someone else.

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  1. Hakeem Nicks also hasn’t gotten paid or been given security, just like what we saw recently with the Freeman meltdown.

    Sounds like you should have moved him a long time ago if you weren’t going to pay him. The Giants are the ones who weren’t reliable on this issue in terms of doing the right thing for their team. Nicks is under contract and getting his money and he doesn’t have to worry about having a job next year, and Coughlin does. So he better start singing a more appropriate tune that relates to what his job is, and smearing your own players isn’t a high-value activity to invest one’s time in.

  2. Totally agree with your comment about him throwing his players under the bus thestrategyexpert. He will be haunted by it when the Giants show him the door and nobody wants to even play for him anymore., and that could be soon.

  3. Nicks had better start catching the ball or it’s to the bench for him . No grumbling about contracts or next season because his performance is lacking . He can still turn it around . He better be glad Coughlin likes him . Oh yeah , the season is not over . They are only two games behind in the NFC East , a lousy division . The Giant defensive line needs to step up too , but when you have a Super Bowl quarterback it can be done . It would spectacular though .
    Giant Fan in LA .

  4. Nicks is not reliable… could not be a more accurate statement. He is lazy on routes, drops passes and is always injured. This was his reputation at UNC as well. Clearly the Giants should look to Trade him now. R.Randle is a worthy replacement and while the season is not over; it ain’t lookin good, so they can get atleast a 2nd or 3rd for him. By the way, Coughlin will Retire if he is not fired, but if he wanted to continue Coaching he would be signed as fast as Nicks would be.

  5. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. How did that missing the practice thing work for you Hakeem?!

  6. twelsh36446:

    Yeah well these are expensive machines. Coughlin isn’t operating the ice cream machine at McDonalds. These are human beings that operate with complex psychologies and there is a tremendous amount of money on the table. And to me it’s absolutely ridiculous to think that any NFL team would struggle to get a coach that can act professionally ALL of the time. Yet the guys that some of these teams put all of their trust and money in is just an amazingly fascinating thing because so many of them have no clue how to run a football team, yet they get paid MILLIONS to…run football teams! It’s just crazy and sadly irresponsible.

  7. I’m a Saints fan. But, I love football period. I don’t think this is about a contract. I’m betting that he’s hurt and playing through it. He has dropped a lot of slants but Nicks has never been a receiver to shy away from contact. I promise you at the end of the year it comes out that he’s not healthy.

  8. this is why Hakeem Nicks should never wear a Panthers uniform

    I know many may not like it but i want WR’s who will help the Panthers not just a local guy

  9. Meanwhile, Cruz is still playing like a WR who wants to get paid, instead of one who just got paid.

    Vic and Rueben are the starting wideouts next season.

  10. kepickle says: Oct 23, 2013 8:05 PM

    this is why Hakeem Nicks should never wear a Panthers uniform

    I know many may not like it but i want WR’s who will help the Panthers not just a local guy

    That’s why he would actually fit in with the Panthers.

  11. I will agree. I watch the game, then the film of each game. I will list the guys who have played like every game is their last:

    Antrel Rolle.
    Victor Cruz.
    Kevin Boothe.
    Eli Manning.
    Jon Beason.
    Shaun Rogers.
    Linval Joseph.
    Will Hill.
    Prince Amukamara.
    Ryan Mundy.
    Steve Weatherford.

    Everyone else is either not focused, dropping balls consistently, constantly lost in coverage, spends more time babbling on social media than working out kinks and miscommunication issues, or just flat out stinks and is washed up.

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