Vontae Davis is playing well, no matter who it’s against


Everybody had a joke for Vontae Davis, after his Sunday night malaprop — when he referred to Peyton Manning as Tom Brady in a post-game interview.

I mean, even his grandma had to know it was Manning coming back to Indianapolis last weekend, right?

But the funny part is that for all the attention the slip of the tongue got him, fewer are noticing the part he played in making Manning look like some other guy.

Davis was able to smile about the mistake, as he’s been bombarded with teasing teammates all week.

Hey, I slipped,” Davis said, via Stephen Holder of the Indianapolis Star. “Peyton’s a great quarterback. Actually, they’re both great quarterbacks. It wasn’t an insult. You have nightmares about both those guys.”

Davis has been giving opponents nightmares this season, as he’s justified the Colts trading a pair of picks to get him this year. He matched up on Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas for most of Sunday’s win over the Broncos, and did an excellent job. Thomas was targeted nine times but caught just four passes for 82 yards, with a 31-yard touchdown that came when Davis was out of the game briefly with an injury.

“I know Vontae prepared for Brady this week,” teammate Darius Butler said, “but whoever he prepares for, as long as he comes out and plays like he did, we’re all for it.”

Davis is also in a contract year, which means all the attention he’s getting could leave him laughing all the way to the bank.

13 responses to “Vontae Davis is playing well, no matter who it’s against

  1. If ireland trades a starter he best better draft for one. I wonder how these draft picks worked out… My guess is ireland drafted a practice squader and the other one is cut

  2. Actually it was just the second rounder, he didn’t play enough snaps last year for the Dolphins to get the 6th rounder in the deal. The Dolphins drafted Jamar Taylor with the pick, who has played in 3 games so far, and recorded 1 tackle.

  3. This article is written with compassion and a sense of humor. Confusing Peyton Manning with Tom Brady.

    If a player with less melanin in his skin had said this about a player with more melanin in his skin — e.g., if Luke Kuechly had mistakenly called Michael Vick Cam Newton, would the media create a racism story or could would it be handled with the same sense of compassion?

  4. Philbin and Ireland did the right thing.

    As a new coach…. to get control of a team you need to chop some veteran and/or star player’s heads.

    Vontae Davis was lifeless and in poor condition when he was traded.

    The trade lit a fire under Davis and Miami got a 2nd rounder.


  5. To be most accurate: the trade … AND… Vontae’s poor conditioning that led to his injury filled 2012 lit the fire under him.

  6. He’s really been playing outstanding as of late. Not just in playing man coverage vs Thomas, either, had some huge plays at the end of their game against Seattle too, diving one-handed move to knock the ball away on the Seahawk’s final drive.

  7. Lets not get too carried away here. Vontae Davis did a solid job but lets not act like he has been a shutdown corner. I recall Mike Wallace of all people torching him earlier this season.

  8. Don’t forget what Keenan Allen did to him when the Colts played the Chargers. 9 for 107 and a TD. That would be more like Allen giving Davis a nightmare. He ain’t that good!

  9. It’s hard to believe there are anymore Ireland/Philbin apologists left. This was a stupid trade on Miami’s part. Not only was Davis never given a fair chance to learn the new system, he was traded because it was determined he wasn’t “a Philbin-type” guy. And a 2nd round pick is only good your GM is good at drafting talented players, and Miami’s clearly isn’t.

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