Bengals scramble to avoid first NFL blackout of the year

Getty Images

Through seven weeks and 107 total games, the NFL has had no local blackouts.  The Bengals could be the first team with a local blackout on Sunday, when they host the Jets.

The Bengals announced earlier this week that 2,000 non-premium tickets remained for the game between AFC postseason contenders.  It’s unknown how many tickets have been sold since then.

The Bengals have opted not to reduce the minimum threshold from 100 percent (teams can go as low as 85 percent), and for good reason.  The team has been to the playoffs in two straight seasons, and they’re currently 5-2 and controlling the AFC North.  Fans should be flocking to Paul Brown Stadium.

The Bengals have until 4:00 p.m. ET on Thursday to get the tickets sold.  If a 24-hour extension is announced, it’ll be safe to assume that the Bengals will either get the tickets sold — or buy the extras at 34 cents on the dollar.