Cam Newton breaks out the Superman cleats


If/when Cam Newton scores a touchdown tonight, he won’t have to pretend to open his shirt to reveal the “S” beneath it.  Instead, he’ll just have to point to his shoes.

The NFL Network pregame show included images of Newton wearing specially-made Under Armour cleats bearing the Superman colors and logo.

If Newton wears the shoes in the game, he undoubtedly will be fined.  Last month, Newton was fined $10,000 for wearing visor clips that showed the Under Armour logo.

Two weeks ago, the NFL allowed Bears receiver Brandon Marshall to wear green shoes in honor of Mental Health Awareness week.  He was fined $10,500.

UPDATE 8:36 p.m. ET:  It appears that Newton ditched the Superman cleats before the game started.

24 responses to “Cam Newton breaks out the Superman cleats

  1. He should also be sued for using the superman persona “without expressed written consent” from Warner Brothers or DC Comics.

    This guy is an idiot anyway…”ooo, i’m the best player on a crappy team……”


  2. I went to my first Panthers home game last weekend and I was really impressed. The stadium was awesome, the fans were really nice, and the city is clean. Much better than went I went to see my Ravens play in Buffalo and got heckled and jostled the whole time by a bunch of drunk mouth breathing simpletons.

  3. “Two weeks ago, the NFL allowed Bears receiver Brandon Marshall to wear green shoes in honor of Mental Health Awareness week.”

    The NFL allowed Brandon Marshall to wear those cleats in the same way my local police department allows me to drive 25 mph over the speed limit.

  4. So you buy the permission to use them. Now we all wear Superman shoes. And if Cam has any ideas for other wardrobe changes it sounds like he has some fresh ideas. He can feel free to suggest a new team name too if he has a good one. I’m with it.

  5. Sorry that was actually kind of silly for me to say. Since DC is still independently owned it makes more sense for them to be the Washington Justice League. I was just thinking Carolina beat them to the punch and they went with that last available new highly marketable hot team name left for easy business exploitation. And of course to have some new actors that have secret identities as superstar QBs. You can’t make this stuff up, it’s real baby.

    May the force be with you if you are the 3rd team to jump into the mix and evolve into a Star Wars themed team.

  6. I hope my team never has a QB who feels the need for a wardrobe change between warm ups and kickoff . That’s pathetic. I like him less every time he does anything.

  7. yeah, what? he was allowed to wear them but then fined 11k? so really, he wore them against the rules and the no fun league fined him. He wasn’t allowed.

  8. I would just like to see Carolina make a first down and not point or act like fools afterwards.

  9. What a joke 3 and 3 and I suck I’m gonna wear these shoes to get mentioned somewhere 😀

  10. Throwing gloves maybe different otherwise a lot of players in the league need to be fend for wearing under armor gloves….the gloves all have the nfl logo on them so I suspect they are approved

  11. Hey, I’m all for free enterprise, If this makes him an extra million so what, He may need the capital in the future, If the rest of the season goes as expected, and they play the really good teams, we get to see just how good Cam really is or how bad he really is. May need that money for future unemployment!

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