For Jon Beason, New York is love at first sight


Jon Beason has been a Giant for about five minutes.

But he’s already decided he wants to stay forever.

After being shipped out of Carolina in trade less than three weeks ago, Beason has found a new home in a hurry.

I don’t plan on going anywhere, ever. Ever,” Beason said, via Dave Hutchinson of the Newark Star Ledger . “I was talking to [special assistant for player development/assistant coach] Jessie Armstead. I was, ‘Man, when I’m done [playing] I want a job like you.

“Whatever it is you do, you’re still wearing the uniform. Thus far, the city has been real cool. It’s a great group of guys. They’ve welcomed me like I was a draft pick here. I’m happy. I want to be contributing.”

It was once that way for Beason in Carolina, where Beason was a first round pick, a foundation in the middle of the defense and the beneficiary of a post-lockout contract splurge. But then came the injuries and then came Luke Kuechly, and Beason was moved outside, marginalized and given a pay cut.

His contract restructuring this year included a void after this season that will make him a free agent, and he’s already thinking about the future. Giants safety Antrel Rolle is recruiting him as much as when he hosted Beason on a recruiting visit to Miami.

“I told him, ‘I’m coming up there and hopefully we can get this thing right,'” Beason said.

Beason can still be an effective player in an enclosed space, and has natural middle linebacker instincts. If he can stay well and the Giants can keep him playing in an alley (after the Panthers tried with mixed results playing him outside), it could be a good long-term fit.

14 responses to “For Jon Beason, New York is love at first sight

  1. I just hope he stays healthy. We haven’t had anyone explosive in that corps since Jessie Armstead.

    And no, I am not forgetting Pierce, Barrow, Mitchell or any of those other guys like that bum Green who was fast and couldn’t shed a block to save his life. Goff was good against the run, but lost in coverage. Beason is good at both. But then again, Giants fans know that first hand, as he destroyed our offenses in regular season and playoff games early in his career.

  2. “Enclosed space” nothing. In two games, he’s gone sideline to sideline like a madman. He’s already the best MLB we’ve had since Pierce and it’s not close.

  3. The Giants have not had linebacker stability since Carl Banks, LT, Carson & Reasons. Thankfully, Jon Beason has been contributing and is a welcome sight!

  4. Dude should probably wait until the team starts winning to make these comments. I doubt Giant fans who pay heir hard earned money to sit in the stands and watch their team come out and play like garbage every week want to hear a player saying he’s having a lot of fun with his new teammates.

  5. And that’s the way it always is. Too bad Panthers fans hate to admit it to themselves. They will always be inferior, even with the Giants playing as badly as they have at any point in the past 35 years.

  6. “Although the Giants are stinking up the joint, going from Carolina to The Meadowlands is like going from the Little League to Yankee Stadium.”

    You have obviously never been to Charlotte.

    Anyways, us Panther’s fans were really rooting for Beason to get healthy and make a comeback. I am happy that he found a place to fit in and make a difference, he is an amazing athlete and leader and the Giants were really lucky to get him. I hope that he gets a moment of recognition and a standing ovation from the crowd the next time y’all are in Charlotte.

  7. Jon is about excited as Jets fans were when they got Mark the Shark Sanchise


    As excited as Eli Manning when he found out they were resigning Brandon Jacobs


  8. This was a solid trade.. He does belong in the middle, and can’t blame the Panthers for letting him go since they have Keuchly.. I can see the Giants using the Franchise tag on him. I will be surprised if they didn’t, and pissed if he leaves via free agency.

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