If Schiano were winning, no one would be complaining


I just finished reading all 1,808 words written by Mike Silver of NFL.com regarding the Tampa Bay reign of terror orchestrated by Greg Schiano.  Silver, who like all of us likes to be right, put Schiano in the crosshairs last year, after Schiano ordered his players to “blow up” victory formation in the hopes of forcing a Miracle of the Meadowlands, Part II.

With the Bucs starting 0-6 and losing 11 of 12, Silver now looks prescient.  But there was a stretch in 2012 where the griping about Schiano came to a halt.

It’s known as a four-game winning streak.

For any coach, good or bad, the ultimate litmus test is wins versus losses.  If Schiano were a nice guy that everybody liked, people would still be calling for his job in the midst of a two-season 1-11 slide.  Though the opponents would be less driven to see him fall, losing would still eventually claim his job.

Coaches like Schiano, who choose a my-way-or-highway approach thinking it will spur the team to winning more games than it loses, surely realize that, if the wins don’t come, the complaints will.  And the enemies will be cultivated, and motivated.

It’s an all-in risk for coaches of that ilk, whether it’s Schiano or Bill Belichick or Josh McDaniels or Todd Haley or Eric Mangini or the godfather of all modern hard-ass coaches, Bill Parcells.  Win and it’s overlooked.  Lose, and it’s time to get rid of the overlord.

Is Schiano a jerk?  Apparently.  If he were winning would it be forgiven?  Hell, it would be celebrated.

Because Schiano is who he is, losing invites stronger complaints.  It’s still hard to take all of them seriously, especially when former Buccaneers defensive end Michael Bennett had made it known that he would have stayed in Tampa if they had offered him what he wanted financially.

“If it was good I would have took it and been a Buccaneer but so I’m just moving on and seeing what’s out there for me,” Bennett told Pro Football Talk on NBCSN in March.

“Hopefully I can be back with the Bucs but I’m not sure if that’s going to happen or not right now,” Bennett said elsewhere.

Still, complaints don’t have to be accurate or even reasonable.  When a coach is losing, complaints are inevitable.

The only way to stop the complaining is to start winning.  For Schiano, the clock is ticking.  Loudly.

33 responses to “If Schiano were winning, no one would be complaining

  1. “If Schiano were winning, no one would be complaining.”

    Yeah, that’s the point. Doesn’t this describe every head coaching job in every sport?

  2. In his defense I don’t think the team looked good on paper so I don’t know how you expect him to win the Super Bowl. But that’s not really a good enough excuse for the record he still has. Still a more valuable endorsement than a billboard calling for his firing. I think the Bucs really need to take a step back and fire their GM before the end of the day and the owner needs to sit down by himself in a secluded room and ask him why he’s in the football business and what is he really trying to accomplish. Then come back tomorrow and do something about it.

  3. Big difference between Parcells, Belichick, etc. is that they treat their players like men. Schiano belongs in a second tier college program. Which is where I suspect he ends up after this season.

    Bucs have a decent enough roster and defense, to the point where they shouldn’t be 0-6.

  4. I’m glad someone bought this up. Bennett is only hurt because he was hurt and wanted the bucs to sign him to a big deal. And instead they let him walk and he only got a 1 year deal from Sea.
    This is just like the Dexter Jackson story.

  5. Do you really think Bennett could or should have said, “I hate it in Tampa. Schiano sucks. No way I’m resigning with Tampa no matter what they offer.” To say that would be stupid, killing his own market value. The system requires players to state, “boy I wish it could [have] worked out with my current [or former] team”. It is hardly fair to hold that against the players later.

  6. In fairness to Bennett, those quotes you’re using sound like those of a player trying not to burn bridges. If you’re unsure of what the future holds, those are the types of things that you say to keep your options open.

  7. Winning and performing at a high level lets you get away with pretty much anything in sports. We don’t care if these guys are saints, sinners or something in between. The winning % is what counts.

  8. Players also love to see the head coach with zero success undermining the qb at every turn since arriving.

    These guys aren’t dumb.. Schiano needs to adapt quick and realize college isn’t pros.

    I’d say he’s too late.

  9. Okay, what exactly has Schiano done to warrant all the personality driven criticism? I’ve seen him portrayed as a “my way” guy but what has he done that was over-the-top? All I have seen are some vague references and innuendo put forth by some guys who have notoriously bad attitudes. Your Bennett quotes clearly show he feels spurned by not getting a high-end money offer but many readers will gloss over that and categorize him as another guy who has a problem with Schiano which just adds to the generalized reputation.

    I am not saying that Schiano is a good coach. All I am saying is that his style is the same as last year but nobody (other than the guys booted from the team) had anything really negative to say–other than the victory formation stuff and his lack of professional football pedigree.

    Schiano has not missed a tackle, thrown an interception or dropped a pass yet he is who the players are pointing to because they have not played well. If the coaches are putting the players in bad situations then fire away, but if not, the players hold much of the responsibility for losing. I know of two games where player stupidity at the end of the game directly caused a loss. That’s not on Schiano, no matter how badly some want it to be.

    The Bucs were an undisciplined team. Discipline is necessary to win consistently and if the players will not instill discipline in themselves and their teammates it must be imposed on them–and then they will/have complained.

    The biggest factor is not Schiano’s personality or tactics. It’s that the Bucs have no true leaders that are stepping up and addressing things. They are all sitting around complaining about the coach. That didn’t happen last year–Ronde Barber was there to talk some sense into the young fools. He is gone and now the fools have taken over and the fans and media have blamed Schiano. Look a bit harder and it is easy to see. If you fail to do your collective jobs adequately in the hopes your boss gets fired, who does that really really reflect badly on? The boss’ personality or the players’ lack of integrity and/or professionalism?

  10. Okay I get the frustration but seen this before from Tampa while living there. I remember the old school and Culverhouse and a few decent players but mainly bad teams.

    Then was the firings and that includes Dungy and other players like Dilfer, and on and on and on.

    I just see this same old pattern. This is nothing new but remember the Cowboys had that awful season of 1-15 and then exploded.

    The BUCS have been to the top and they can get there again. Let’s give him this year because I hate the record,

  11. Funny that the same players who are complaining because Schiano’s too tough are the players who basically quit trying and did whatever they wanted when they had a “player-friendly” coach in Raheem Morris. Had they remained accountable and not walked all over Morris, Schiano would never have been hired in the first place.

  12. Or Schiano could walk into the owner’s office and say I’m just going to be honest and say what we have is a losing football team. It’s my opinion that you should either fire myself or our GM right now cause this is not working out. Keep one of us or keep none of us and let’s get to work on righting the ship. So what’s it going to be, am I your guy, or is he?

  13. After we sat back and watched, even cheered as he tried to destroy Freeman, Schiano has earned whatever awaits him.

    Sugarcoat it all you want to, what he did to Freeman was reprehensible and bush league. He tainted public opinion, got the public on his side, benched , then cut a QB who threw for 27 TDs and 4,000 yards, just last year.

    It was his plan to get rid of Freeman all along. Not only Freeman. He has let players go, willy nilly and now he’s got “his guys” playing. They lose, but at least they do it the Schiano way.

    I hope he goes 4-12, beating only the Saints and Falcons.

  14. The DC is running Schiano’s (Rutgers) Defense; that’s like trying to use long division to solve a Calculus problem!

  15. People defending schiano are hilarios. Blame it on the GM? You mean the guy that has hotten this team a franchise qb, rb, lt, lg, 2 great wr, a potentially stacked d-line, one of the best cb’s in football and what should be a preety good lb core, and had a 700+ yard receiving te on the team? He is to blame for this team underperforming? Its his job to stack this team with talent and the coaches job to use all the talent provided to him. There weren’t too many significant holes on this team. It isn’t jacksonville or oakland who have been tied down for so lonh. This is all on schiano. Any decent coach would have this team at least at .500

  16. What else is Bennett going to say at that time? Tampa was one of the teams bidding for him. Do you think he wanted to choose that moment to air his grievances? He probably just priced it in to his asking price, and playing for Schiano wasn’t worth it. Like a man, he took a one year deal where he knew he would be appreciated and thrive. He’s having a huge season for the Seahawks so far.

  17. And if all ponies were unicorns….

    Ridiculous argument. Rewrite your paper and turn in again for 1/2 credit.

  18. He isn’t winning because his players don’t respect him, along with every player, fan, coach etc… Of the NFL.

  19. As a Seahawk fan, can attest to the fact that winning fixes everything, especially as it relates to whether you like your coach. I’ll be the first to admit, wasn’t too thrilled when they hired Pete Caroll. Didn’t think his rah-rah style would be effective at the pro level, despite his success at USC. It’s a lot more palatable as a Seahawk fan, though, with the team doing as well as it has since Caroll arrived.

    Have a friend that is lifelong diehard 49ers fan. I joke with him that our teams have two of the biggest a***holes as head coaches, as I detest Jim Harbaugh as much as he does Caroll. And while we both agree that our coaches have styles that would be easy to criticize, if the teams were losing like the Buccs are with Schiano, we tolerate, even embrace it, when things are going well…

    Everybody loves ya when you’re winning 😉

  20. The problem isn’t that he’s a hard-a, it’s that he’s a hard-a with no ‘cred’. He doesn’t have any success, collegiate or professional to hang his hat on.

  21. Well, DUH! How else would that complete schmuck Belicheat, and that misanthropic troll, Nick Saban be coaching if the above headline wasn’t the case?! In my entire life, I have NEVER seen two people who are rich and successful beyond imagination, behave in such dour, miserably unhappy ways. Gloom permeates their every pore. However, when one has skins on the wall, one makes the rules and the players shut their traps and fall into line. It simply was, is and ever will be, thus.

  22. Raheem Morris was supposed to be too easy on the players. Schiano is supposed to be too tough on them. Anyone else thinking that maybe the problem here isn’t the HC, it’s the players?

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