Jay Ratliff tells teams he’s been cleared medically


On Wednesday, we posted about former Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff taking a trip to the doctor in hopes of getting cleared to work out for teams in hopes of landing a job before the end of the 2013 season.

Ratliff’s agent Mark Slough has sent a letter to teams telling them that his client has received exactly that. Ratliff met with Dr. William Myers, who operated on him last December, and received the green light to pursue an immediate comeback to the NFL.

“Jay will now continue his individual workouts in Dallas and work hard to regain further strength and improve his conditioning,” Slough wrote, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “His goal is to be ready to [work out] for clubs in a couple of weeks. He currently weighs 304 [pounds] and is in very good shape … just needs to take his workouts up a notch.”

Ed Werder of ESPN reported Wednesday that six teams have reached out to Ratliff and that number could go up now that he’s gotten the medical go-ahead to resume playing. Given the quick turnaround from last week’s comments from Slough about the severity of Ratliff’s injuries to this week’s medical clearance, it would seem that tension between Ratliff and the Cowboys had as much or more to do with his departure than the now-dismissed notion that he wasn’t going to have a chance to help them on the field this season.

11 responses to “Jay Ratliff tells teams he’s been cleared medically

  1. 15 sacks? He’s only got 21 sacks in 9 years. He’ll probably go to the Giants and be the next Chris Canty. Or to the Eagles to be the next Brodrick Bunkley.

  2. 15 sacks? He’s only got 21 sacks in 9 years. He’ll probably go to the Giants and be the next Chris Canty. Or to the Eagles to be the next Brodrick Bunkley.

    that’s because he played nose guard… he definately can’t do any worse than the rest of the Giants D-line

  3. Sure thing. Try to get that contract before you totally let down a team and their fans by having season ending surgery.

  4. Jerry Jones: We need you out there playing
    Ratliff: I’m injured too badly, I’m gonna rehab with my guys away from the facility/team
    Jones: Guys are dropping like flies, come on
    Ratliff: Too much pain, I’m out at least another 3 months
    Jones: You are fired
    …(3 days later)
    Ratliff: I’m medically cleared to play again

    Cowboys should go after Ratliff for all guaranteed money he stole from the team.

  5. One test that Ratliff has successfully passed is the Albert Haynesworth test – showing his ability to sign a fat deal and immediately no longer care about playing football.

  6. Jerry and Ratliff got into an altercation in the locker room last year after a game to the point where Jay had to be pulled away. Jerry wanted Jay to play and Jay wasn’t having Jerry tell him when he should or shouldn’t be playing based on injury. IMO, that’s not the owner’s job, don’t care how much he’s paying the guy. Jerry, stay up in the booth and out of the locker room and headlines. Sign the checks and have your son-in-law clean your glasses, nothing more. But this has been festering for almost a year now. Jerry’s pride couldn’t stand letting Jay get in his face last year.

  7. There’s only one team that needs def line help desperate enough. Bear down! And welcome to chicago sir.

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