LeSean McCoy: “I didn’t show up” last week

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There weren’t too many good things to say about the Eagles following their performance against the Cowboys in Week Seven.

Nick Foles struggled before leaving with a concussion, Matt Barkley was even worse and the league’s leading rusher LeSean McCoy couldn’t generate anything in the run game. McCoy has had a tough time getting going in a couple of other games this season, but he said that last Sunday’s performance was his worst in a pretty long time.

“I just wasn’t myself,” McCoy said, via Sheil Kapadia of PhillyMag.com. “I felt like with a game like this where my team needed me and depended on me, I didn’t show up. I started doing just too many individual type of plays, not really going with the plays and just doing my own thing. Just was a little frustrated. I wasn’t really making the plays that I usually make. … I just tried to make too many things happen. Certain plays, from running the ball to screens, different things like that. I felt that was probably my worst performance since my rookie year. But I’ll bounce back this week for sure. Just gotta trust in the scheme. If things are not working out, eventually they’ll break.”

Kapadia looked back at the film to find some spots where McCoy left some yards on the field, but it’s hard to lay the weakness of the running game totally at his feet. The blocking is an essential component and so is quarterback play that can make teams pay when they load up to stop McCoy at every turn. The Eagles didn’t get that last weekend and the result was a 17-3 loss to the Cowboys.

The Giants did a good job against McCoy in the teams’ first meeting of the year, but the Eagles prevailed because Foles threw the ball well and because Michael Vick ran well before injuring his hamstring. They’ll need something similar this weekend, even if Vick’s not quite 100 percent, or the results could look a lot like the Dallas game.