Michael Bennett: Bucs’ locker room doesn’t respect Schiano


Greg Schiano may be confident that his players are going to win plenty of games playing Buccaneer football, but many of the Buccaneers don’t respect Schiano’s way of coaching football.

That’s the word from Michael Bennett, who played for Schiano in Tampa last year but signed with Seattle this year. Bennett told Michael Silver of NFL.com that when Schiano tries to preach his tough, disciplined approach to “Buccaneer football,” the players in the locker room scoff.

I think he just wants to flex his power,” Bennett said. “He has small [man’s] syndrome. I still talk to guys who are there, and trust me, there’s not much respect for him in that locker room.”

Bennett said a coach who has proven that his methods work can get players to buy in, even if that coach has a prickly personality, but Schiano hasn’t proven anything. Bennett says Schiano compares unfavorably to Patriots coach Bill Belichick.

“He’s trying to be Belichick,” Bennett said. “Yeah, some people think Belichick’s an [expletive], but he’s a legend. When this guy acts that way, it’s a whole different deal.”

If Schiano’s Bucs lose tonight to the Panthers, their record will be 0-7. Which means there may only be nine more games remaining for Schiano’s brand of Buccaneer football.

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  1. If/when the Bucs lose tonight, I predict by this time tomorrow morning we’ll find out Schiano’s been canned.

  2. Greg Schiano reminds me a lot of Brad Childress. Both tried being like Bill Belichick, but the only reason Bill can get away being a complete prick is when you win 3 super bowls. When you looked at Childress, you just wanted to punch him in the face. Schiano is the same way.

  3. They just need some more Schiano Men on the team that’s the problem. Too many loafers and layabouts who won’t keep their toes on the line.

  4. Schiano is not in college anymore. U cant just come into the NFL and throw your weight around without the resume to back it up. These are grown men, not 17 and 18 year olds.

    Schiano is such a joke.

  5. reminds me of mangini except he hasnt won as many games. players hated mangini but at least he was a good x’s and o’s coach. schiano isnt even that.

  6. Hey I think anybody with no talent and a terrible personality can turn that into making millions of dollars deserves some sort of respect.

    Just not as a coach.

  7. This guy is a joke. And was a joke at the college level. He made scouts stand in a taped off square to look at his players. His name should be “Richard”. Raheem Morris doesn’t sound too bad to Tampa fans and players now, I bet.

  8. I watch every Bucs game and that team plays hard. They may not all like him, but they play for him. He isn’t the one out there jumping offsides on 3rd and one and getting burnt down the sideline. Players need to have more accountability.

    Under Morris, they lacked any accountability and the team quit on him. At least they respect him enough or he has developed enough of a professional atmosphere for the team to continue to play hard… even if they do it in spite of him. The team is better off because of him taking over.

    Now Fire him and bring in a coach who can take them to the next level. He did his part.

  9. Not that I’m endorsing Schiano (he’s getting fired at the end of the season, not in season), but using the Belichick comparison doesn’t work. Belichick’s record after 23 games with New England was 8-15, Schiano is 7-16. It’s amazing what adding Tom Brady did in terms of making Belichick a great coach.

  10. Michael bennet and his brother both said they wanted to play here this season, so he may be bitter he didn’t get resigned. I thought the GM Mark Dominick made a huge mistake hoping to replace Bennett with Bowers.

  11. Rushing the victory formation doesn’t endear him to anyone outside of Tampa either. It all went downhill from there. Then came the Revis comments, then came the leaks about Freeman, etc. What a joke. I feel terrible for the Tampa fans.

  12. As a NJ native who follows Rutgers football. I really thought this guy’s destiny was to be a top-notch NFL coach. After all, he completely turned that program from a laughingstock into a respectable one, and helped develop players like Ray Rice, Kenny Britt, Anthony Davis, Muhammad Sanu, and the McCourtey brothers.

    Boy was I wrong.

  13. You are what your record is………The blame for the bad record has to be the scheme or the lack of talent. TB has Talent……

  14. if Michael Bennet says that the locker room (that he was a part of) doesn’t respect Coach Schiano, why did he want to be resigned by the Bucs during the off season? This talk may be partly due to not being offered a spot on the Bucs this season, be that a good thing or a bad thing. He wanted to be a Buc and the Bucs didn’t want him, sounds like sour grapes now.

  15. You think Michael Bennett is sour because he is not offered a contract with the Bucs? That’s completely laughable. He signed a one year prove it deal with Seattle who is 6-1 and he is possibly proven to be the best pass rusher on a team with 4 really good DE’s.

    Schiano looks completely over his head with 0 wins and while GM spends the amount of money on all those free agent pieces over the years and has a few solid young players from the drafts (David, McCoy, Martin, Williams, Barron)

  16. A Schiano man doesn’t evolve & adapt to todays players, the players adapt to him.

  17. Man I hope the Bucs turn this thing around and win a few games.

    – every viking fan everywhere

  18. Schiano was brought in to make sure the Bucs win the Bridgewater Bowl and he’s doing a great job of that. There’s a decent chance the Bucs don’t win any game and a better than even chance they only win 1 or 2. The Jags are the Bucs only serious rivals and they at least seem to be trying to win.

    LOL at Vikings fans who thought Freeman was going to be their franchise QB.

  19. finsbooyah says:
    Oct 24, 2013 12:33 PM
    As a NJ native who follows Rutgers football. I really thought this guy’s destiny was to be a top-notch NFL coach. After all, he completely turned that program from a laughingstock into a respectable one, and helped develop players like Ray Rice, Kenny Britt, Anthony Davis, Muhammad Sanu, and the McCourtey brothers.

    Boy was I wrong.

    Respectable? A shining moment of finishing tied for second in that “powerhouse” Big East. BS bowl game appearances and never, ever beating WVU. The motto should have been, “we stink less than we used to.” All that equals NFL greatness? Good riddance.

  20. I wish people would stop calling Bellichick all these names. We don’t know if he’s mean. He could be telling really funny jokes under all that mumbling he does. He’s like Kenny from South Park.

  21. thebirdofprey2 says:
    Oct 24, 2013 12:45 PM
    You think Michael Bennett is sour because he is not offered a contract with the Bucs? That’s completely laughable. He signed a one year prove it deal with Seattle who is 6-1 and he is possibly proven to be the best pass rusher on a team with 4 really good DE’s.

    yes i do, no matter where he signed, what he signed for and how he and his current team are performing, he got turned down by the Bucs, they didn’t want him back. if he didn’t hold any resentment for the Bucs he would have just said something like “i can’t speak for their locker room, i am not a part of it now. i am thankful for the opportunity the Bucs gave me and I am focused on the Seahawks now” but instead he took the opportunity to take a shot at the team and coach who didn’t want him back. it’s easy to see, happens all the time in sports. big egos get bruised

  22. conormacleod says:
    Oct 24, 2013 1:45 PM
    Why would you not fire this guy right now? You can then get a jump on the Jaguars and Vikings for the best head coaches out there.
    i have a feeling most NFL teams would not allow one of their coordinators to speak to another team about a head coaching position half way through a season, let alone leave to take it. if Schiano is let go they will just promote someone to be the interm HC and look to hire in the off season

  23. @coachjohnharbaugh says:Oct 24, 2013 11:12 AM

    “and the baltimore ravens are the champions of the worlddddd”

    Not for much longer. Enjoy it while you can, because the Ravens are in a serious state of decline.

  24. I hate when people try to compare these coaches like Schiano to Belichick. From all accounts, Belichick knows how to relate to his players behind closed doors (Wes Welker excluded), I’ve heard too many of his former players say he gives and thus gets respect. He’s only prickly with the media. That’s a lot different from this garbage Schiano is on.

    He is more like a dumber version of Nick Saban if you want to compare him to someone, a coach who doesn’t relate to the players and wants to be a heavy handed overbearing presence as well. Belichick is just a perfectionist with a bad media demeanor, so big difference there.

    Even comparing him to Saban, anyone who played for him from college to pros will tell you that Saban is one of the smartest football minds you’d come across. Schiano, on the other hand, I’ve never heard anyone describe that way.

  25. It’s hard to respect a coach who encourages the team to pay top dollar for Revis, and then fails to use the right schemes to take advantage of him. “Tough coaches” are supposed to understand defense. It’s like trading for A.P. and running the ball 5 times a game.

  26. Still don’t understand why Raheem Morris was fired.

    Had a sorry record his 1st year.

    He had a great year and took a team with minimal talent to a 10-6 record his second year,

    Then had another down year and was fired.

    Now they start over with this guy, the players hate him and the Bucs still suck.

  27. The NFL draft is used to hire players to help win championships. You are paid to perform what youre skilled at. Raheem Morris is hired to coach and bring out the best in all but he was nothing but a cheerleader who sugarcoated everything. Amping up the players to thinking they did enough to stay on the roster. So the Bucs organizations realizes whats going on and released Morris….Now in comes Schiano! No nonsense, straight up, “give me 20!” Drill instructor type of coach. Telling the players like it is and not sugarcoating their efforts. These so called pro football player need to man up a DO THEIR JOB! They get paid to perform their very best but because Morris pampered them….Schiano is looked upon as the devil himself. Dont you ppl realize thats why the organization hired Schiano?! THEY LACK DISCIPLINE!!! Fact: Doug Martin was with Schiano in Rutgers. Schiano knows what Martin can do for the Bucs. So he drafted him. Has anyone heard anything from D. Martin making negitive comments about his coach? He of all ppl knows Schiano better than anyone on that team. Yet the coach is the problem. The Bucs players are nothing but a bunch of mommas boys and Schiano gets blamed for their mistakes on the field. Coach didnt lose the games..remember the jets game? Oh let me see….I recall a flag was thrown for unnessessary roughness. That was Schiano call to lose the game. Believe that just like I believe Belichick didnt cheat with spygate contoversy to get championships. Bottom line is, its the players not the coach!

  28. I don’t see how people can blame the players on the team.

    They at least won 10 games when Raheem Morris was head coach.

  29. FACT: Doug Martin went to Boise State! Ray Rice went to Rutgers, and it was only because of his amazing ability that Schiano’s squad did anything at all.

  30. baltimoresnativeson

    The team quit on Morris. I agree that he’s a better coach than people made him out to be when he was there, but if the players quit, there’s only two solutions: cut most of your roster or fire the coach. Needless to say that most organizations take the latter road.

    The problem is that the Bucs didn’t give him near the liberties as a coach who’d been part of their organization for years and surprisingly overcame alot of obstacles to win some games with what he was working with as they handed Schiano coming from a mediocre college program. Morris wasn’t even allowed to hire his own assistants and had to get rid of both coordinators early in his first year (the OC hired by management didn’t even know basic NFL concepts and got pushed out during the preseason, it was that embarrassing).

    Seems like Schiano has had personnel input, allowed to bring in free agents (not in the Buc vocabulary during Morris’ 3 years at the helm), allowed to hire any coach he wants, etc. All of that extra latitude, and this team has only regressed instead of get better.

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