NFL sets the lineup for its three 2014 London games

The NFL will expand to three London games for 2014, and the six teams who’ll play there have been determined.

The league already had announced that the Jaguars, Falcons, and Raiders will host games in London.  They’ll face the Cowboys, Lions, and Dolphins, respectively.

Commissioner Roger Goodell announced the Cowboys-Jaguars, Lions-Falcons, and Dolphins-Raiders matchups during a media event in London, where the Jaguars will host the 49ers on Sunday.

The dates have not been determined, but the time difference means that the games will be played at 1:00 p.m. ET on a Sunday.  Also, look for the three games to be played before Thanksgiving, since the NFL prefers having no bye weeks after the fourth Thursday in November.  Every team that plays in London gets a bye the following weekend.

For four of the teams, it’ll be their first regular-season game in London.  The Dolphins played the Giants there in 2007.  The Jaguars are playing one game per year in London for the next four seasons, starting Sunday.

And with three games for 2014, NFL officials will be scurrying around England next year to the tune of Yakety Sax.

50 responses to “NFL sets the lineup for its three 2014 London games

  1. The Football Gods always punish all London and/or Thursday Night games with hideous matchups, injuries, and ref follies. If one of your teams is in the above games, fear for your 2014 season.

  2. “For five of the teams, it’ll be their first regular-season game in London. The Dolphins played the Giants there in 2007.”

    The 2013 Jags are bad, but don’t pretend they have stopped playing games later this year.

  3. I don’t like the idea of playing in London but love the Benny Hill picture. Good job Mike.

  4. My Browns may struggle, but I want to watch their home games in our stadium, not lose one to London.

  5. So the Raiders WILL Play a home game vs the Niners after all…..

    over/under of fan deaths: 2

  6. Love the Benny Hill pic. The NFL should use the theme song from that show for the pre-game show. NFL games in London are as big a joke as Benny’s show.

  7. The NFL is going to eventually have a game in London every week. You can see it coming a mile away.

    Greed strikes again!

  8. I don’t understand the NFL’s obsession with England. It’s completely impractical to ever have a team there, so what’s the point? To get Brits to buy NFL merch?

  9. Which is really disappointing for a Cowboy fan living about 180 miles from Jax. I was planning to go to the game, but, now that its in London, I can’t.

  10. The Jags are going back to London again? Sounds like a house hunting trip to me. Goodell is so transparent.

  11. The NFL is going to over saturate the market. It’s well documented that Europe likes soccer over football. Once a year could be special and something different. The more they do it the less they’ll want to see it.

  12. NEED to get the Bengal Cats over there for a game….. Believe it or not, there is a Huge following of this team over there

  13. The NFL should move all games to London. They could play 7 days a week with double headers and then triple headers on saturday and sunday. That would make the NFL even more popular over seas. Maybe they could have a few games in Bejing to spark even more interest? The NFL really knows what they are doing……. If what they are attempting to do is destroy the brand in the US.

  14. If the Brits want NFL Football, just start a league over there! Why keep sending OUR teams over there! I don’t want it. Maybe our SB Champ can play theirs?

  15. This is particularly unfair to the teams and fans who have a home game taken away from them.

  16. L.A before London!

    And as someone above mentioned, put a game in Mexico City instead. It will put less stress on the teams and there is a huge contigent of fans down there. Last time they played it drew well over 100,000 spectators.

    Oh I forgot this about money and Goodell’s selfish desire for an audacious legacy.

  17. Good to see the NFL not only continues to raise its ticket prices, but also artificially raise prices by moving games overseas. First year in several I haven’t bought tickets to go to a game.

    Yes, it’s all about the $, and the NFL is making a ton, but I honestly think this will someday catch up to them – Or their seats will just be full of millionaires.

  18. Don’t put it past the NFL, that the team that
    plays host over there, that their fans will have
    to pay as if it’s a home game and the game will be televised on the stadium screen.

  19. well if the raiders expect me to buy season tickets again at $100 bucks a game for each ticket, and still want me to buy two pre-season games at full pop only to get seven home games , thats seems out of whack…..Maybe I’ll just use that money to go to London and watch their “home” game next year.

  20. When will the English Premier League start playing real games in the U.S. Seems only fair. I’m a fan of N. London’s Tottenham Hotspur and rumors are they could be sharing their future new stadium with a permanent NFL team. That’s the word.

  21. I have a question.

    If your goal is to attract fans in London, why do you keep sending the worst team in the league by a country mile there?

    Just wondering.

  22. I have no problem with the Raiders playing a home game there. Just as long as it takes place during the baseball season. One less game played on the dirt infield.

  23. I think they should really go out on a limb and put a game in Los Angeles. Wouldn’t that be somthing?

  24. The NFL only understands one thing….$$$$$$$$$……as fans when we start taking some of that out of their pockets by not watching or going to games then and only then will they listen 🙁

  25. Greed. Greed. And more greed. When will US cities tell Roger and the owners to piss off when the NFL comes asking for a new stadiums to be built at tax-payer expense? Who’s replacing the revenue for those that would have worked each of thee Sundays in Jacksonville, Atlanta, and Oakland these days? Where do those cities recoop their tax money?

  26. The Raiders in London? Can’t wait to see the British bail bonds commercials.

    Come on, Joe. The Raiders aren’t THAT bad.

  27. What is the leagues massive fascination with London? Why not have teams play in other major markets?Maybe a game in Mexico City again? What about a game in China? Japan? If the real goal was to spread the game all over the world, move these game around a little bit!

  28. ‘justwinbaby29 says:
    A 9:05pm kickoff London time is fine.’

    Err no. Unlike most US games (it seems) most of the fans live nowhere near the stadium, in fact probably nowhere near London. The game last month ended at 9.30pm I didn’t get home until 12.40am.
    And I live 50 miles away from London.
    A very small number of people (out of the 83,500 people there) gets to the game by car.

  29. The entire “lets get Europe involved” is a bunch of crap! Hate the whole idea.
    Fans which have only 8 (2 games of exhibition excluded) good days of being able to watch their Team in their venue are totally screwed.
    We all know how important home games are to the structure of making the playoffs which, now Teams are placed in a slight disadvantage to the rest of the League who actually get that one more Home game.

    *%@& it Goodell! (As said by Sean Connery to Alex Trebek on SNL)

  30. Been following the NFL for 25 years here in the UK. The problem is the older fans all have their teams and will stick with them no matter what, new fans obviously like the Patriots (bandwagon fans !).

    ‘If’ the Jags came over and was the new London team i cant see where the fans will come from. 99% of people already have an NFL team, i can watch the Raiders live on NFL Gamepass every sunday, i’m not going to bother watching the ‘London Jaguars’ play 250 miles away in a game i dont care for and miss the Raiders play.

    Having the odd regular season game here is good, but dont move a team here.

    Get an LA team first

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