Pete Carroll: We’ll continue to take our time with Percy Harvin


There’s been a lot of optimism in Seattle this week about wide receiver Percy Harvin’s return to the field with some believing Harvin could play on Monday night when the Seahawks face the Rams.

Harvin said earlier this week that he feels ready to “explode” as soon as he’s turned loose on the field, but it’s still unclear whether that will come this week. Coach Pete Carroll said Wednesday that Harvin has looked good since returning to the field while cautioning that the team isn’t going to speed up the process with Harvin just because the finish line appears to be in sight.

“He’s got to get through normal days of practice and we’ll see how he handles it. With the thought we’ve been going with all along is to take the conservative approach and make sure our guys are healthy and so we’re going to continue to do that,” Carroll said, via the Tacoma News Tribune. “We’ve waited this long to get him here; to this point. So we’ll just continue to take our time and see how he goes. The workload will increase, as we go through the week and next week and all that and we’ll just see what happens.”

If the Seahawks were sitting here with a worse record than their 6-1 mark, there would likely be a greater push to get Harvin back as soon as possible. Since they are 6-1, there’s no reason not to be 100 percent certain about Harvin’s health, even if it means he winds up playing one or two fewer games than he might be able to play under different circumstances.

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  1. This guy is going to give the Hawks’ offense and entirely new dimension. I was hoping he would stay sidelined until after the Hawks played my team, but after watching the Vikes for the last 6 games, it clearly isn’t going to matter.

  2. The coaching ranks of the NFL are littered with selfish people like Pete Carrol, who could care less about my fantasy roster. Something needs to be done about it. SMH

  3. It might be nice to have him make his debut in front of the home crowd against Tampa. Just make sure he’s not on the field during “victory formation”.

  4. No need to rush it. Let him sit for the Rams, maybe start him for the Buccaneers. He’ll definitely want to play against the Vikings, he wants to explode all over his old team. That should be fun to watch.

  5. PED’s, Migraines, HAHA!!! Best team in league getting one of the most dynamic playmakers in the NFL back for the first time!!!! Let’s see, 6-1 without him??? NEW YORK IN FEB WITH HIM!!! We up here in seattle can SMELL YOUR FEAR!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!!

  6. Don’t need him against the Rams, clearly. You do want him in full stride by the Saints game so you’ll need him getting reps for a couple weeks before that game. Start him against the Bucs in a limited role – let him get his feet wet at home with the 12th Man behind him. Then increase for the next two games, then the bye week..and then he is solid for the Saints and 9ers.

    Hawks looking good to make their run!

  7. Carroll’s not going to play Harvin until he needs-to, just like Harbaugh’s not going to play Manningham or eventually Crabtree until he needs-to. Why risk him (especially since there is undoubtedly still recovery to be had) against a team that you’re going to walk-over anyway?

    I’m not a Seahawks fan, but Carroll is not a stupid man.

  8. If he is ready to roll, then roll. but lightly. As Carroll has already addressed, no need to rush him in. Seahawks have a favorable schedule the next four weeks. Would be great to get him involved and begin to gel with the offense. Not every play, and not everything. but he needs to get into game shape which takes a few weeks. This way we go into the bye with fresh, healthy, and ready to go legs. Come out banging versus the Saints and get ready to lock it up at the Stick the following week. Oh I want that game in SF this year. Can not wait.

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