Rams call Brett Favre, but he’s not returning


Brett Favre is not returning to the NFL. But the Rams tried.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that after the Rams lost quarterback Sam Bradford to a season-ending knee injury on Sunday, the team contacted Favre to see if he was interested in coming out of retirement (again). Favre, however, told the Rams that he’s not interested.

Favre, who turned 44 this month, recently said he was “no way considering playing.” So it’s not surprising that he rebuffed the Rams’ advances.

Still, it would be interesting to know whether Favre would consider returning for a playoff contender. If, say, the Chiefs lost Alex Smith to an injury, would Favre return for the opportunity to play a few months for a Super Bowl contender?

Knowing the way Favre wavered so many times on retiring, this might not be the last time we hear about a potential Favre comeback. It’s been almost three years since he played his last game with the Vikings, but the Favre retirement watch isn’t over.