Report: Dolphins interested in Jay Ratliff


Former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle Jay Ratliff has been cleared to resume football activities and plans to begin working out for teams in a few weeks in hopes of finding a job this season.

According to Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald, the Miami Dolphins are expected to be one of the teams in pursuit of his services.

Ratliff had been dealing with the lingering effects of a sports hernia surgery last December and the Cowboys released him last week as it appeared he may not be able to play this season. Since then, Ratliff has been cleared to resume football activities and several teams appear interested in adding the four-time Pro Bowl selection.

Paul Soliai and Randy Starks are both scheduled to be free agents at the end of the season and Ratliff could give the Dolphins an additional option if he’s able to prove he can still play at a high level the remainder of the season.

Ratliff has compiled 228 tackles and 27 sacks in eight seasons with the Cowboys.

17 responses to “Report: Dolphins interested in Jay Ratliff

  1. I am not an Ireland hater like most but why does he have to make things so complicated? Just resign Soliai and Starks and stop rummaging through other teams garbage…

  2. They’ve needed that third tackle since Vaughn Martin went down. If they can get him on a two year deal then Starks might be a on the way out.

  3. No way should he be considered. He is another Haynesworth. Many fans would be pissed off if they sign this dude. Keep Soliai and Starks. If they want another DT then poach Francis (?) off the Pats practice squad. He was being signed to the PS when the Pats claimed him.

  4. FinFan, how could the Pats claim him over the fins? the way the way the PS works is that Players are cut from their teams, and then signed to the PS after waivers (this is specifically after final training camp cuts). If a player is claimed by another team, the other team MUST sign them to their regular 53 man roster. So if Miami cut Francis, and Pats claimed him, he would be on Pats 53, not Pats PS. Pats could have offered him more money for their PS than Dolphins, but that wouldn’t be a claim, it would be the same as Pats offering a free agent a better deal than Miami did.

  5. Grulks,
    Pats claimed him off waivers and signed him to their 53. Francis said he was surprised when it happened because he was ready to be signed to the Dolphins’ PS. There is a time-frame those players must be on the 53 (3 weeks, I think) but Francis is listed on their practice squad right now. Either their posted roster is wrong or he slipped through waivers earlier this year and went to their PS.

  6. Fin, that makes sense. It never occured to me Pats would sign him to 53, then cut him, and stash on PS. You are correct about the three weeks: they don’t actually have to stay on 53 for that long, but once signed from PS to the 53 (or claimed on waivers and signed to 53) they get three weeks pay at whatever rate they signed.

  7. Unless Ratliff plays Offensive Line I dont get it? Just sign Soliai, maybe Starks. The Fins have $19M for 2014 and that is after paying overpriced Wallace and other various underperformers.

  8. I agree 100. Unless he’s a gunner on the special teams and won’t botch a beautiful punt or can kick while adjusting for the wind on a long FG or will not overthrow a wide open WR with only seconds left in the game then we don’t need the bum, unless of course if he sack QBs on the regular.

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