Report: Doug Martin aiming for November 11 return


After the Buccaneers play the Panthers on Thursday night, they play just one game before returning to prime time with a game against the Dolphins on Monday, November 11.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports that the Buccaneers are aiming to have running back Doug Martin back in the lineup for that contest. The plan is to have Martin work to strengthen his shoulder, where he reportedly has a torn labrum, in hopes of avoiding surgery which would bring his season to an end. Martin will also wear a harness on the shoulder in hopes of preventing further injury.

Should Martin experience a setback in that time frame, the Bucs will shut him down and move on to other plans but, per Rapoport, the feeling in Tampa is that strengthening the shoulder should limit the risk of a setback and eliminate the need for immediate surgery.

Since the other option is shutting Martin down for good now, it makes sense for the Bucs to try whatever they can to get Martin back on the field before throwing in the towel. They’ll be in the same position if it doesn’t work and good news has been in short enough supply in Tampa this year that you can imagine how appealing even a hint of it would be something to cling to with every bit of available might.

8 responses to “Report: Doug Martin aiming for November 11 return

  1. What is the point of asking this kid to gut it out for an 0-6 team that is going NOWHERE only to delay surgery? The sooner he gets it done the more ready he’ll be for 2014 when the Bucs’ games potentially (possibly) matter again.

  2. shut him down hes hurt no since wasting him anymore schiano will run him into the ground, this year is over, start planning for next year, problem is the planners are not there yet, dom and schiano are both gone

  3. logicalvoicesays says: Oct 24, 2013 5:00 PM

    Remember when you said this guy was better than Alfred Morris Buc fans? Bet you wish you had our RBs huh. #RaheemMorristhanksGodhesinDC
    This guy is better than Alfred Morris. Morris had success last year because of the worry of Griffin running, so defenses were split on who to cover. With Griffin hurt at the start of this year and not running, what have we seen Morris do? Nothing! Jack! Squat!

    Martin was facing 8 & 9 in the box every week and still grinding out the yards.

  4. I got to defend my man Morris.

    Biggin. You claim that Morris hasn’t done squat this season is absolutely false. Stats this year 6games, 472 rushing yards, 3 TDs, 5.2 yards per carry. He is number 8 in the league in rushing yards for crying out loud. His 5.2 yards per carry leads all running backs…by the way Martin is averaging 3.6 a carry. Look. I don’t like logical voices either but to say Morris hasn’t done squat?

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