Revis says he’s “not even close” to 100 percent


As the Bucs struggle to get a win, cornerback Darrelle Revis struggles to get back to full strength.

More than a year since tearing an ACL without contact, Revis says he’s “not even close” to 100 percent.

That’s what he told Brad Nessler and Mike Mayock of NFL Network in meetings conducted prior to Thursday night’s game between the Panthers and Buccaneers.

The still-healing knee has limited the ability of Revis to play press coverage, since he doesn’t know when he will and won’t be able to muster the speed he needs.

“Sometime’s the explosion’s there,” Mayock said Revis told him.  “Sometime’s it’s not.”

Revis explained that others who have had ACL surgery explained to him that, sooner or later, the explosion shows up on a consistent basis.

Hopefully for Revis and the Bucs, it’s not later.  Even more hopefully, it’s not never.

19 responses to “Revis says he’s “not even close” to 100 percent

  1. Since the Bucs aren’t doing anything this year anyhow, why not hold him out until he’s 100%.

  2. The Bucs should look into prorating the $16 million to whatever percent Revis is capable of playing at.

  3. He’s still one of the best CBs in the league. Is he worth $16 million a year? No, but he’s still really good.

  4. Funny — he wasn’t saying this when he signed his huge contract. Revis was a good cornerback for the Jets, but every time I heard him on WFAN, he seemed to come off like a bit of a clown.

  5. I don’t understand how they give a guy 16 million dollars for someone who isn’t at the top of their game. No wonder a beer at a game is 10 bucks!!

  6. So, the Jets basically got Sheldon Richardson for a still injured corner who has trouble playing man and would have left next year anyway? Good deal.

  7. So, the Jets basically got Sheldon Richardson for a still injured corner having trouble playing man who would have left next year anyway? Good deal.

  8. Tough to come back and play better than before with these types of injuries. AP ruined it for many when he had such a quick turnaround. No one can expect the same. As far as Revis goes, we just have to wait and see. Another 4-6 weeks, and he won’t be able to use that as an excuse. Not saying that he is using an excuse. He probably isn’t 100% Nor will he be able to use the I don’t get used properly pitch. I never buy that. Standouts are called that for a reason, because they standout from everyone. Revis is now creating some good plays. I saw a few tonight. Hope he bounces back, he and Goldson are a good tandem. Would like to see the Bucs do something before the season ends.

  9. Still remembering the good ole days when every. single. NFL. pundit killed the Jets for not paying Revis the $16M he wanted and instead shipped him for some picks…


    Best defensive player in the world can’t help when your most important position (QB) ends up being a total bust. And know you now…

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