Ryan Tannehill limited in practice by shoulder

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Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill has taken a lot of hits this season.

Tannehill has been sacked 26 times through the team’s first six games of the season, which ranks second to the Raiders in terms of sacks allowed per game and which appears to be taking a toll on Tannehill’s body. He was limited in practice on Wednesday with a shoulder injury, the second time he’s wound up on an injury report because of his right shoulder.

Tannehill isn’t in danger of missing this weekend’s date with the Patriots, but this is one sign of what happens when you can’t protect your quarterback. Another manifestation can be seen in Tannehill’s turnovers. He’s responsible for all 11 Dolphins giveaways this season and constant pressure in the pocket helps create those plays, including the strip sack by Buffalo’s Mario Williams that set up the winning Bills field goal in Week Seven.

Those sack totals and Tannehill’s presence on the injury report tell you all you need to know about why the Dolphins made a trade for Bryant McKinnie this week. McKinnie was limited in practice as well, he’s listed with a knee issue, calling into question how quickly he’ll be able to begin helping provide a safer existence for Tannehill.

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  1. When I saw the Hard Knocks on the Dolphins and this kid didn’t know the teams in the league, I thought ‘no f’ing way he ever does anything’ then he surprised and continues to grow. I was wrong about him and want to see what levels he can reach. Hope the shoulder doesn’t turn into what it has for other Dolphin QB’s.

  2. The way our offensive line has played up to this point. I’d start rotating quarterbacks every other game, just to keep Tannehill healthy. I don’t want him ending up like David Carr. And with the love of Pete what’s up with Sherman’s play calling

  3. Tannehill is tough as nails but he won’t last the whole year unless the line gets it together.

    On a cautiously optimistic note, the line didn’t allow a sack last week through the first three and a half quarters until they allowed one sack on each of the last two drives. Although that represents a huge improvement from the previous 5 games, those 2 sacks came at the worst possible time.

  4. tannehill needs to move out of the pocket and scramble once in a while. He’s a sitting back there.

    The game has passed Sherman by. He’s play calling is atrocious. Third & inches and he’s running wide. Third and 2 & he’s throwing deep sidline to Miller.

    It’s not all on the offense line.

  5. I’m not to impressed with Tannehills ability to throw the deep ball. They never seam to hit the receiver in stride. Usually a bit short causing the receivers to make adjustments. If he would have hit them in stride we would have a few more Wins. He doesn’t seam to have the same issues with shorter passes. Maybe partially the O line or wallace may just be that fast.

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