Stephen Jones: Like LeBron, Romo just needs a ring


Cowboys Executive Vice President Stephen Jones knows there are some people who criticize quarterback Tony Romo. But Jones thinks Romo is going to make those people eat their words.

Asked on Sirius XM NFL Radio about people who question Romo, Jones said, “You just wonder if they really know what they’re talking about.”

Jones then added that he realizes why some people are upset that the Cowboys haven’t reached a Super Bowl with Romo as their quarterback, but he said that doesn’t mean Romo can’t win the big one. Jones compared Romo to LeBron James, who took a lot of criticism before leading the Miami Heat to the NBA title.

“I completely understand here in Dallas there is a high bar when you look at some of the quarterbacks that we’ve had here and the championships that they’ve won,” Jones said. “I think Tony would be the first to tell you that he’s disappointed that his success in the postseason and winning a Super Bowl hasn’t been better. But if you look at how he’s performed year in and year and year out, I saw some very interesting statistics on him after the first 100 games and I think he ranks with just about anybody in terms of his first 100 NFL football games. But I think in due time he’ll get his justice, his day in court and when he does lead us to a Super Bowl, which I do think will happen, then I think all the doubters will go by the wayside. You look at just the history of athletes in general, whether it’s a LeBron James or anybody, there’s a lot of criticism until you put those championship rings on their fingers. I think Tony will get his and when he does I think history is going to look upon him, look at his career, and say that, hey, he was one hell of a quarterback.”

Judging Romo by whether or not he wins a ring isn’t entirely fair, as winning a ring is a team accomplishment, not an individual one. But Jones is probably right that that’s the way Romo will be remembered. So if Romo wants to be mentioned alongside Roger Staubach and Troy Aikman, he’s going to need to deliver in the postseason. And hope his teammates do, too.

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  1. Except that LeBron won two league MVPs before he won the championship. He also didn’t go the first 8 years of his career with a total of one postseason win.

  2. I’ve got to admit that Romo and the Cowboys really have the Skins number and I don’t see that changing ever. I actually secretly root for the Cowboys because my team is irrelevant.

  3. Actually it makes sense if you think about it. If Lebron never got a ring, the media would say he chokes and just has good stats until it matters.

  4. If he were presented a ring, Tony would fumble the exchange. I’ll be here all week ;_*

  5. I’ve followed Romo his entire career and bottom line is he simply cannot be trusted with the ball in his hands when the game is on the line. I don’t care how many stats he puts up in the regular season, he’s just not a winner. The Denver game was his entire career in a nutshell…

  6. assuredmutualdestruction says:
    Oct 24, 2013 5:41 PM
    I’d put money on Dallas making the playoffs this season.
    I would too, then I’d double down on them losing in the first round.

  7. This “esteem offensive” that the Jones’ continue to blow up Romo’s arse would be embarassing if they had any modicum of perspective on how people see the Cowboys organization.

  8. Just because something hasn’t happened, doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Anyone who says Romo (or any other athlete) can’t win the big one WHILE they are still active players are idiots. Can’t make a blanket statement like “he can’t win the big one” until a career is over.

    How many idiots harped on Phil Mickelson saying he couldn’t win a Major? Or said the same thing about LeBron not winning a championship?

  9. assuredmutualdestruction says:
    Oct 24, 2013 5:41 PM
    I’d put money on Dallas making the playoffs this season.


    Yeah, because someone has to from that division!

    Don’t kid yourself. Romo is about as clutch as a missing donut tire in the trunk.

  10. If Romo is Lebron (and in the theme of who a particular star athlete resembles from a different sport), then Russell Wilson has to be Magic Johnson. (Minus the titles for the time being…maybe a very short time being)

  11. It would suck to play for a franchise that has a owner that is so full of himself.
    Let your coaches and players play the game. Leave them alone and stay the heck away from the media. You are hurting your QB and your team. Just hide in your owners box and go home.
    Tony shouldn’t worry about the media. Sure he says he doesn’t but its hard when the guy the pays him, loves the cameras.
    Jerry Jones is the problem.

  12. I’m not a Romo basher, but comparing him to LeBron is ludicrous as he is nowhere near as dominant in the NFL as LeBron has been in the NBA. Not to mention that basketball is one of the only team sports where you can feasibly judge individuals on the amount of championships he’s won. One player can often take over a basketball game, but in football it takes a complete team to win.

  13. “So you’re saying for Romo to be good he needs to win superbowls…hmmm is water wet Mr. Jones?”

    Quick, somebody tell Dan Marino that he was never any good. SMH.

  14. LeBron?? Romo is more like Greg Norman– likable guy, all the talent in the world, but for whatever reason he chokes in crunch time a heck of a lot.

  15. “I don’t care how many stats he puts up in the regular season, he’s just not a winner.”

    Except for the fact that he has a winning record as a starter.

  16. @buddysguys “31 other QBs would have to leave the league?” How many of those 31 QBs are actually good enough to beat tony romo? And how does tony romo lack talent? Like most romo bashers I’m sure you have no answer for that other than bringing up interceptions which no other QB in the history of the nfl has ever thrown besides tony romo. Or his postseason record which is of course the worst ever for an nfl QB including Matt Ryan.

  17. What’s the best thing about dating a Cowboys fan?

    You know she isn’t looking for a ring.

  18. Okay; somebody has to go on the record here to say that the Cowboys will never win a
    Super Bowl with Tony Romo as their quarterback

    And btw, how innovative are the Cowboys? They have Monte Kiffin as DC trying to replicate what he did for the Bucs. I don’t here Garrett’s name being mentioned with the head coaches from New England, San Fran, Seattle, or Philly

  19. paulsmith107 says: Oct 24, 2013 5:44 PM

    All these funny guys talking about romo. Bunch of idiots

    That “idiot” happens to own the team, well his dad does but it will be his one of these days.

  20. I’m no Romo fan but the comparison is fundamentally flawed. In basketball, there are 5 players on the court so if one is really special, there is a much greater opportunity to impact the outcome of a game.

    Football, on the other hand, is the ultimate team sport. The Cowboy team is less than dominate and I understand that Romo is going to be blamed more than he deserves but he too has performed poorly in the playoffs.

    His GM is a complete tool and that has the biggest impact on their Superbowl chances.

  21. Yea I hear Jim harbaugh mentioned mostly when he’s bitching about something and what Philly coach? Chip Kelly? Or the better coach they let go to make way for an overrated college coach?

  22. And just like LeBron, Romo will have to leave his first crappy team that is a perpetual non-contender for a real contender before he will ever have a legitimate shot at winning that championship.

  23. LeBron took a mediocre Cleveland team to the Finals. Plus, add in the league MVPs and measure that against Romo’s 1 playoff win. Yeah, it’s exactly the same.

  24. Unlike LeBron, Romo isn’t nearly the game changer for the NFL that LeBron is for the NBA (doubt he ever will be). Unlike LeBron, Romo will NEVER be mentioned as possibly one of the best athlete’s his league has ever seen. That list goes on.


    Like Marino, Romo has great numbers and …well, Romo has great numbers.

  25. Doesn’t that moron know that Tony is a Warren Moon clone? Oh I am sorry, Warren had one at least one playoff win at this point and went 9 times in a row into the post season. His statements actually clarify that he is exactly like his father and nothing will change ever. No Super Bowls for the Cowboys for the next 40 yrs.

  26. Jesus f#€&!^£ Christ.

    He didn’t compare the two. He cited LeBron as evidence of a star player (which Romo is) being overly criticized due, in large part, to a lack of championship hardware (which Romo is). And he’s right. If Romo wins a ring, people will chill with the criticism.


  27. And every year tony romo has taken a sorry ass cowboy team and led them as far as one man can lead a team with 10 other guys by his side not contributing much and 11 other guys playing a facet of the game he has no control over. To compare lebron James accomplishments in basketball to tony romos in football is stupid lebron James has fewer guys he has to depend on for help and in basketball your offense is also your defense

  28. I’m not sure this Lebron comparison works but sure, a super bowl win would do Romo some good.

    To even think about getting to that point he must keep the INTs low and stop giving the ball away late in games when it’s all on the line. Otherwise this super bowl talk is wack.

  29. So now we all know what the next headline is coming out of Cowboys camp …

    “Stephen Jones busted for possession of drugs!”

  30. LeBron was on the cover of Sports Illustrated at 15 yrs old.

    He was talked to the next great to challenge MJ’s air.

    #1 pick

    He had to live up to that, drew criticism till he won, and will until he retires and after too.

    Tony Romo went to eastern illinois, nobody expected him to even sniff an NFL roster, what he has done is amazing !!!! he draws criticism in a much different light that LBJ.

  31. Rodgers, Brees, Lebron, Eli, Flacco …. all of these guys got no love from Skip Bayless and Colin Coward.

    All of these guys recently won a Championship.

    Meanwhile, Brady hasn’t won a superbowl since they started nutting all over him, Romo seems to have garbage luck – he gets love from ’em.

    Tebow… is garbage – yet got hate from Colin – so 1 playoff win…

  32. Romo will never have a Superbowl ring as a starting quarterback. Only way he gets one as a player is if he’s riding the bench behind someone who can actually win in the playoffs and can finish hard fought games.

  33. I think he would have been better served pointing to the commentary regarding Peyton Manning before he got his ring as opposed to Lebron….the things said about Peyton now that he has just one compared to just the year before is night and day.

  34. @cboys4life

    yes i would bring up his untimely interceptions that he throws. His multiple choke jobs. Thats not elite. He is a run of the mill QB with no meaningful wins in his career. Until then Lebron and him should only be mentioned when they golf together…..maybe he meant golf and this whole article is wrong???

  35. He just has to justify the millions they are paying this loser. Comparing him to LBJ in any way is just stupid. LBJ has talent that is out of this world & he’s a leader & he can motivate his players & make them better. Other teams fear him, they might say they don’t but I’m sure they do. He is a proven winner & always comes up big when he’s needed unlike the other one that is guaranteed to choke when they need him the most.

    I agree that Luck will get a ring before Romo, I even think RG3 probably will too.

  36. @wimpyburgers

    If you’d pay attention instead of just repeating lazy media nonsense so you feel smart, you’d realize that Kiffin is NOT running his old Tampa-2 in Dallas. They have adapted to the strengths of their team and are playing almost exclusively a nickel package with 2 LBs. The corners are playing press-man (Tampa-2 is a zone defense) and their performance has reflected that.

    As for all of this discussion about comparing him to LeBron, it’s dead-on. People dismissing this comparison because Romo isn’t as dominant as LeBron is are missing the forest for the trees.

    Stephen Jones (who IS – not WILL BE – doing a helluva job as GM) was only saying that the stereotype for LeBron changed after he won his ring. I DISTINCTLY remember all the trash talk heaped on him when he “choked” against Dallas in the Miami 3’s first trip to the Finals. (There was a joke: “Why didn’t LeBron James graduate college? He didn’t show up for the Finals!) All of a sudden, the Heat put a ring on it, and now everyone can’t help but talk about James as a clutch performer, blah blah blah.

    The message from this statement is simple: When Romo wins the Super Bowl, the lazy narrative will no longer be that Romo can’t perform when it matters. Just like Peyton, who sucks royally in the postseason but does have a ring, he will have “proof” that he can win the big one, and the haters will disappear.

    It’s amazing how many of you are too lost in trying to get thumbs up from Cowboy non-fans to actually get the point of the article.

  37. Tony Romo is the Bobby Abreu of the NFL… he is all-world on the stat sheet, but rarely comes thru in the clutch when he is needed the most.

  38. Romo’s only playoff win was over the Eagles, who they beat by a similar score a week earlier. His nationally televised chokes however, are too numerous to mention.

    Jerry’s brain perfectly cancels out Jerry’s money, leaving the team in 8-8 (+/- 1 game) purgatory until he sells the team or rapture, whichever comes first.

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