Amendola doesn’t think he needs to change how he plays


The oft-injured Patriots receiver Danny Amendola believes he’ll be ready to return to the field on Sunday after missing last week with a concussion. And he doesn’t believe he’s injury-prone.

Although Amendola has now missed 24 of his teams’ last 38 games dating back to 2011, he told USA Today that he sees no reason he needs to shy away from contact over the middle in order to keep himself healthy.

I’m not going to change,” Amendola said. “That’s just the way I am. It’s a rough game. Everybody knows that. I love the physical part of the game. So I’m not going to change. I’m ready to go this week. So really, that’s the only thing that I can focus on.”

Amendola may be aware that many people think he just won’t be able to withstand the collisions of a 16-game season, but he says that talk doesn’t bother him.

“I don’t really listen to it,” Amendola said. “I know how I play and what I can bring to the team. So I’m not really interested in hearing anything else.”

Amendola is a tough guy and a good player when healthy, but after suffering both a groin injury and a concussion this season, it’s fair to wonder if he’s going to turn out to be the offensive version of Bob Sanders, the former Colts safety who was a difference-maker when he was on the field, but whose body just couldn’t withstand all the collisions that go with playing in the NFL. Amendola can’t help the Patriots if he can’t stay on the field, and so far in New England he hasn’t been able to stay on the field.

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  1. Feel bad for the guy. Not even a Patriots fan, but would love to see the him play out a full season. Difference maker when he’s on the field, for sure.

  2. When Amendola got concussed he did not try to shy away from the contact. He almost welcomed it. Common sense should tell him his body is not built to withstand brutal hits like that. He should watch film of smaller players and how they are able to minimize their contact every time they get the ball. It may mean not getting an extra yard or two, but it will extend his availability.

  3. Hey Danny, its not about how you play. Its about how you get hurt. Wes Welker plays the same way as you. Gets crushing hits every week, but guess what, he gets up and plays the next play, and plays the next week. Unlike you. Its not that you are just a “tough hard nose player” and thats why you get hurt. You get hurt because your body is soft and you probably have a low pain tolerance.

  4. Spygatedontexist: YOU ARE A MORON!! It’s natural to hate great players in Brady!! Your also jealous of Brady’s fame and greatness! Your probably ugly looking and a nerd!!

  5. @spygatedontexist

    Welker made Brady? Brady was an All-Pro and Super Bowl MVP before Welker was even in the NFL. Go away, troll

  6. Amendola most assuredly DOES need to change at least one aspect of his game. My counsel to him is this: Hit the deck rather than get decked. Don’t be a hero. Be smart. It isn’t worth stretching a ten-yard gain into a twelve-yard gain while risking injury. Live to play another down.

  7. If he doesn’t think he needs to change the way he plays, he needs another concussion test. He’s tough, any reasonabl FB fan can see that. Hit the ground and don’t take so many big hits. Welker was a master of it. You can pick up the extra 3 yrds on the next play, if you’re still on the field.

  8. A small guy who will not avoid contact to stay healthy? Sounds like he may have a concussion. Oh wait…..

  9. Truth be told – look at that play where he last got injured.

    He gave everything to make that play.

    I think he’s really saying he’s an all or nothing kind of player.

    Missing 24 of 38 games is a whole lot of nothing, but I can’t fault a guy for giving his all in those games that he did play

  10. spygatedontexist –

    It’s not your fault….

    It’s not your fault…

    Hey, it’s not your fault, son…

    It’s not your fault

  11. I’ll probably catch some flack for saying this, but it seems a lot of players are hamming it up bit with the writhing around and staggering slowly to their feet when they get hit or deliver a hit. It’s as though they want the player who hit them to get flagged (maybe even fined) so it’s in their team’s interest to make the hit look worse than it actually is. Most of the time, the guy that was hit is right back into the game on the next play or so.

    This phenomenon seems to be a frequent happening this season since the new hitting rules went into play. Watch for it and see what you think.

    Amendola lay motionless for about 10 seconds after that big hit yet he walk away under his own power a couple minutes later. In his case, I was stunned to read how he’s missed 24 of his team’s last 38 games and still refuses to adjust his play. Well, I’m going to dare to accuse him of gold-bricking. There, I said it.

  12. He has to realize that there’s either something wrong with the way he plays or his body just can’t handle the NFL (although it could be both). If I were him, I’d hope it wasn’t the latter and act on the assumption that it was the former.

    He’s taller, heavier and younger than Welker, who managed to stay pretty healthy (and incredibly productive) playing with the same quarterback in the same system, so that should cause Amendola to think about what kind of career he wants to have.

  13. To the guy who said welker made Brady first off let me say LMAO!!
    Brady has three rings without welker. Now let’s look at the reverse scenario welker did nothing in Miami until he was paired up with Brady

  14. If the NFL truly wanted to make it safer, then WRs under 200 lbs would have to wear low numbers and play outside the hash marks

    Sound crazy? It isn’t really. The NFL put in rules to protect WRs but they actually made it more dangerous by encouraging 170 pound WRs to run full speed through a zone patrolled by 250 pound LBs.

    Changing the rules to favor these small quick WRs has made the game less safe because there are far more high speed collisions.

    But that change might lower scoring and we know the NFL prizes money and fantasy football stats over safety.

  15. Running an end around with a guy who is made of glass was the stupidest and most maddening play I think I have ever seen in the NFL.

    I seriously vocalized that when the ball was handed to him, and before it ended in his concussion.

    The guy has so much talent and definitely has a place on the field…..but Jesus, he’s not Wes Welker. Accept that he is fragile and stop trying to toughen him up. Utilize what he gives you and don’t expose him to unnecessary risks.

    Why don’t you have Tom Brady start playing like RGIII next?

  16. With winds forecast to gust to 25 knots Sunday, Pats may want to leave Amendola in the tunnel in case they subside.

  17. He doesn’t need to change how he plays… He needs to change how he doesn’t play.

    Heck, if he could even just play 50% of the games it would be a move in the right direction…

  18. really? Just watch what welker does when he’s about to get drilled.. seems to work for him, is the extra yard or 2 worth the next 2-3-4 games on the sideline?

  19. All you hypocrites out there, talking trash about this dude, you’re only making yourself look stupid. If dude was on your team what would your rather have? A sissy who avoids contact and is scared to man up in the middle and give up his body for the catch, or a guy like Danny amendola who gives you every once of effort, every time. Ya, so shut up then.

  20. I’m hoping Edelman doesn’t change the way he plays, cause he’s the guy picking up the slack.

    Unfortunately he always ends up taking a few big shots too.

  21. stevenwilliams2013 says: Oct 25, 2013 9:58 PM

    He spends more time on his back than Tom Brady’s wife. Do you really think she is the one laying down in their relationship?

  22. spygatedontexist says:
    Oct 25, 2013 9:48 PM


    spygatedontexist says:
    Oct 25, 2013 10:05 PM


    Had to say it twice because you can’t spell, and took you another 20 minutes to come up with something more to add to it. Can’t even troll properly, haha.

    As for the story, really, he doesn’t play much different that Welker, he just seems to always be in the wrong place at the wrong time when he gets hit. It always seems like a freak accidental hit, but it happens all the time. This guy could be pretty awesome, he just needs to not be randomly taken out all the time. Maybe go to the ground a little faster or try to keep a better awareness of where Defenses are so he doesn’t get blindsided as much. Something like that.

  23. So what I’m saying is the problem isn’t me…it’s the guys hitting me…real hard.

    Forget it, Danny. Catch, drop, and roll is what you need to do.

  24. why are patriots insecure about their 3 Superbowls
    because they are
    karma is a bitch
    welker made brady
    18-1 ….0-2 since spygate lol pats are done
    patriotway= cameras lol

    18-1 CHOKERS

  26. rublestiltzkin says:
    Oct 26, 2013 6:25 AM
    All you hypocrites out there, talking trash about this dude, you’re only making yourself look stupid. If dude was on your team what would your rather have? A sissy who avoids contact and is scared to man up in the middle and give up his body for the catch, or a guy like Danny amendola who gives you every once of effort, every time. Ya, so shut up then.


    Feel better?? Say what you want to say….I’d want a receiver or player who (a) I can rely on and (b) I can expect within sound reason to CONSISTENTLY be on the field. No one questions Amendola’s heart, tenacity and ability. What is questioned (or not) is his body’s ability to stay within football functioning perimeters. That ain’t ‘hate’ bra….that’s reality whether you like it or not. He’s brittle. Period.

  27. Cheatriot Fans are the only people in the country who didn’t know it would be like this…

    I agree, the 2 losses were hard to take. Fortunately the Patriots always improve as the season wears on, so it should be ok.

  28. #LOSER

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