Belichick on trades: It’s hard to get someone ready in a short time


The Patriots have made trades before the deadline in recent seasons, including last year’s acquisition of cornerback Aqib Talib, and they have some obvious areas of need with this year’s deadline looming on Tuesday.

Vince Wilfork is out for the season and Tommy Kelly is ailing, leaving the team thin at defensive tackle, and they’ve also lost linebacker Jarod Mayo for the season, but coach Bill Belichick said Friday that he hasn’t noticed a major uptick in trade conversations from past seasons. Belichick explained that teams find their depth doesn’t go as far as it may have seemed early in the season, limiting available players and making it harder to find someone who provides the benefits you’re looking to add to the roster.

“Usually when you have that kind of depth, you see more of those trades I think in September when, A – the value is higher and, B – teams have more depth at that position so it’s easier for them to move the player because they have other guys at that point but two months later, they have less depth at that position and they’re less likely to move them,” Belichick said in comments distributed by the team. “That’s just one man’s opinion; it’s not a survey of the league or anything. It’s hard to get a guy ready in a short amount of time. I don’t know much about baseball, but maybe a third baseman on this team, put him at third base on the other team and let him hit. How much is there involved? I’m sure there’s some but it’s not like playing left guard, having 20 different protections and two dozen running plays and a dozen different defenses you have to block every week. It’s a little more involved.”

As the Talib deal shows, the Patriots are willing to take on that risk when a player they want is available. We’ll find out in the next few days whether such a player is on the block this season or if the Patriots will be working with the talent already on hand.

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  1. Its amazing how well the Patriots have done dispite injuries to thier best players at each level….D line Wilfork…Linbackers Mayo….Corner Talib. On the O side, you have Gronk who has just come back. Also the Pats were counting on Hernandez, and even though he is now off the team, He was part of the plan before we all found out what he was. You have to give credit to Bellichick and Brady for keeping things together on both sides of the ball.

  2. I know it wouldn’t be a trade, but I’d like to know what happened in Dallas with JRatliff. The Pats are still about 5 mil under the cap and bringing him in makes too much sense, if he’s healthy and wants to play FB(two big ifs).

  3. blamatina says:

    Since when does Belichick talk so much?

    Actually Belichick is happy to respond to questions about things like this, general football strategy and NFL history.

    Its the mindless rephrasing of questions about injuries and such that the media knows he won’t answer and just keep asking him over and over again in the same presser when he’s already told them no that makes him give the media nothing.

  4. .

    Belichick is an excellent teacher of the game. He’ll talk endlessly about formations, schemes, and execution. He has little time for gossip, personalities and manufactured controversies.


  5. westampa says:
    Oct 25, 2013 1:56 PM
    Great job by the Bucs GM Mark Dominick trading away a top 3 CB for a late 5th round draft pick!


    It was a late 4th rounder and I’m certain the deal was Schiano telling Dominick to trade him to the Pats. If you read anything about who runs what there the GM does what he’s told.

  6. Last Tuesday Dallas brought in Wynn from the Chargers for depth at DE. On Sunday he was sacking Foles in Philly and knocking him out of the game.

    It’s football. Just go get the guy with the ball and stop thinking so much. Just sayin’.

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