Bruce Arians is all-in on Carson Palmer


The Cardinals are coming up on next week’s bye week with a quarterback who’s second in the league in interceptions (13), 29th among starters in passer rating (69.5) and a 3-4 record.

That’s a confluence of events that could spell change for some, but Cardinals coach Bruce Arians is resolute when it comes to starting quarterback Carson Palmer.

Carson’s my guy,” Arians said, via Bob McManaman of the Arizona Republic.

Palmer said he appreciated the support from above, which comes after a string of not-all-his-fault performances that show his possibilities as well as his limitations.

“That’s who Bruce is,” Palmer said. “He’s going to fight for his guys. He’s going to fight for his locker room. You show fight for him, and he’ll show it back to you. I think that’s who he’s been probably his whole career.”

Of course, there’s no reason to think turning to Drew Stanton would fix things. When Palmer’s properly insulated, he’s capable of playing well enough to win. But the Cards haven’t always played a clean game around him, so offering him up seems counterproductive.

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  1. I’m not saying Drew Stanton is a better QB at this point, but he is somthing different.

    What Drew does may not always be pretty but it can be effective. Especially if protection is a problem. Drew can use his legs and extend the play in a way carson can’t. Carson is a run the offense type of guy…..Drew is a run around and try to make a play after the play is broken sort of guy, which also makes him inconsistent (coaches hate that because it’s difficult to quantify).

    A guy like Stanton might be exactly what AZ needs right now.

  2. Carson’s whole career is filled with people making excuses for his play.

    Oakland is better off without this guy losing games with dumb interceptions.

  3. “which comes after a string of not-all-his-fault performances”

    Your joking right???? Palmer came to the Raiders mid season in 2011 and they all said the troubles were him not having enough time to get in sync with his recivers. Fair enough. But in 2012 he stunk up the league after having a whole offseason with them. Granted, the Raiders were downright horrible, but the Press used the same lame excuse again. Young recivers not on the same page. Guy goes to Arizona with some guy named Larry Fitzgerald, and its the same old stuff. Sorry, but hes just not very accurate. I bet Palmer has more pics in the last 2.5 years than any other strating QB in the NFL. I’d also bet he has more passes batted down at the line of scrimmage. I always kinda liked the guy, but the writings on the wall. Time for Palmer to hang em up.

  4. Cardinals fans are in the process of finding out why Bruce hasn’t been able to keep a job. The one job that bought him his 15 minutes of fame — in Indianapolis — was a cute, feel-good story.
    I mean, the Colts are really struggling this season without last season’s fraudulent “Coach of the Year.”

  5. Bruce Arians is the guy at the poker table going “all in” with a 4 5 off suit and is sweating profusely while fidgeting very nervously

  6. Did Bruce Arians watch any video on Palmer before going “all-in”? The Raiders offensive line was much better last season and Palmer was sacked the 2nd fewest of all starting QBs. He was still a loser with more picks than TDs. The guy is a loser.

  7. “When Palmer’s properly insulated, he’s capable of playing well enough to win.”

    I question the validity of this declaration. More frequently than not, I have seen Palmer throw into double or triple coverage and ignore a wide open receiver.

    Why is Arians protecting PALMER? He may be a professional coach, but he can’t change Palmer’s record and failure as a QB just because he wants to. Is the guy completely narcissistic?

    I wonder how much support he will receive from management with a 4 W 14 L season.

    The problems with the team need fixing now. Not at the end of the 2013 season.

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