Dwayne Bowe misses practice, status for Sunday in doubt


The Chiefs will try to complete an undefeated first half of the season against the Browns on Sunday and they may have to make that attempt without wide receiver Dwayne Bowe.

Bowe popped up on the injury report Thursday as a limited participant in practice because of a groin injury and things didn’t show much sign of improvement on Friday. Adam Teicher of ESPN.com reports that Bowe missed practice entirely, raising the possibility he won’t be able to play.

The Chiefs will release their final report of the week later in the day, but it would be surprising if Bowe is listed as anything better than questionable given the developments of the last two days. Even if the decision to rest him Friday was made out of an abundance of caution, the reason for concern isn’t likely to disappear completely between now and Sunday, leaving Bowe’s status in some doubt until kickoff.

If Bowe does play, he’ll have a matchup with Browns corner Joe Haden that should be entertaining to watch. If he doesn’t, the Chiefs will likely turn to Donnie Avery, Dexter McCluster and Junior Hemingway as targets for Alex Smith.

20 responses to “Dwayne Bowe misses practice, status for Sunday in doubt

  1. Not like Alex Smith would’ve used him. Between Smith’s 3 yd check downs and screen passes to Charles Bowes been non-existent this year so I don’t know how much he’ll be missed. BTW Alex Smith is wastiing Bowes talent.

  2. claymatthewshairplugs says:
    Oct 25, 2013 2:55 PM

    … BTW Alex Smith is wastiing Bowes talent.

    Not the first WR talent he has wasted .. look at what MCrabtree was doing last year with Kap. And before that there was Antonio Bryant who even openly stated that Smith “doesn’t get it”.

  3. Just win baby . . . 7-0 says that the WR’s are not being “wasted”. They certainly are being used “differently” than fantasy owners would like. One might say that Bowe was “wasted” last year when KC had 2 wins.

  4. It’s easy to get injured when you’re not running with the ball in your hands.

    If the Chiefs keep Alex Smith, they should trade Bowe away while they can still get something for him.

  5. D Bowe draws away defenses. He’ll be missed in that way. Alex Smith needs to not throw his receivers too high. Prone to injury with those… plus would up the YAC considering our other receivers perform well given open space. KCs D is almost flawless…just more sure tacking once the defender is wrapped. Kc had only a couple blown tackles before taking Case Keenum to Sack city!

  6. If he don’t play it could be a little problem because not only do he help move the chains when they go empty back-field he draws a double team and that allows them to get those 5 or ten yards and eat away ate the clock and rest our ferocious defence.

  7. Does it really matter? As long as Check down Charlie has a HB or FB active, and within 5 yards of the LOS, he’ll be able to complete at least 20 passes.

  8. denver1983 says:
    Oct 25, 2013 3:10 PM
    Not like Alex Smith throws touchdowns anyways! Cant wait till Denver beats KC!

    You mean just like they did Indy last week?…….OH WAIT!!!!!!

  9. sullijo1 says:
    Oct 25, 2013 3:42 PM

    They don’t throw the ball more than 5 yards anyway….who cares.


    Correction: should be “more than 4 yards”

    That offense is pathetic…

  10. Quote = denver1983…….

    “Not like Alex Smith throws touchdowns anyways! Cant wait till Denver beats KC!”


    Unusual to see a denver fan looking forward to losing and seeing their quarterback brutalized.

  11. There’s no need for WR’s when Alex Smith is your QB.

    You’re better off with a full house backfield because the ball’s not going downfield.

  12. wasting bowe’s talent? anyone saying this, is just flat out not watching the game close enough. 1/2 the time bowe runs a simple slant, he allows a 5’10 to 6’0 corner to push him off his route. 2 of 3 INT’s this season came on Dwayne Bowe not fighting for inside position.

    the man is a heck of a blocker, but he has been very very lazy catching passes.

    that “talent” appears to be dwindling, that or it just decided to go on hiatus once he got his contract

  13. I wonder when the time will come that people realize “checkdown Charlie” aka Alex Smith, is playing in a west coast offense, and those “checkdowns” are actually the darn play call, as you are going with shorter passes…that is the freaking west coast offense.

  14. Wasted? They’re 7-0 and on track for the playoffs. No one is being wasted.

    Given the choice between padding his stats or playing in the post season, I’m pretty sure we all know what D Bowe would choose.

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