Ed Reed says he can still do all the things he’s ever done


Ed Reed is an eight-time All-Pro, a former Defensive Player of the Year and was voted one of the Top 100 players in NFL history. That’s the player the Texans hoped they were getting when they signed Reed as a free agent this year.

But it hasn’t been the player the Texans got. Reed himself admitted that he had a rough game in Sunday’s loss to the Chiefs, and almost everyone who has seen him play this year would agree that he’s a long way from his prime. But the 35-year-old Reed still believes he can play the way he needs to play.

“I’m still focused,” Reed told the Houston Chronicle. “I’m still able to do the things that I know I can do, that I’ve been doing. It’s just a matter of getting opportunities and taking advantage of those opportunities. I can’t be lackadaisical when it’s time for me to make any play, whether it’s a tackle, fumble recovery, anything that it might be. [You] definitely will see a change.”

Reed doesn’t have any interceptions this season, but he said that’s simply because, “I’m not getting the ball thrown my way.” The reality, however, is that teams tried to throw away from Reed in Baltimore, and he found a way to make plays. In Houston he’s not making those plays, even if he thinks he still can.

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  1. I can never blame Ed for taking the money in Houston (I would have done the same thing 10 times out of 10) but it bums me out he didn’t spend his whole career on the Ravens.

  2. I admit I’m stunned by how flat footed and tentative he looks. When Smith blew past him on the QB keeper in KC he just stood there and didn’t even stick a finger out to try and stop him…..

  3. “Houston we have a problem”
    Control Station> Yep your screwed. You need to dump some weight to make it home, just about 220lbs; Fly Reed to the moon and leave him there

  4. I see these older players and after watching League of Denial, all I can think of is that MD at the Boston U brain center wondering if ALL football players have CTE.

  5. when RB’s see him, instead of continuing inside, they just run around him now, he is just not quick or fast enough to catch up in any space. then the great ballhawk ability he had before of reading QB’s, is rather useless as a player now when you lack the ability you had before. bit like people who would be amazing fball players if they just had that ability. it just isn’t there anymore. he was a liability against KC, that is a first for Ed. should have retired along with Ray, he is now pulling an emmitt smith, one of the best ever spending his final years at 40 percent.

    one of the best ever though, this is for sure.

  6. he can still do all the old stuff? what exactly was that?? oh yeah….play forty yards away from contact, and hope for a bad throw, cherry pick and not actually get involved in the tackles….

    unlike another real safety known for being everywhere and doing everything over the last 8 years….

  7. I think the Texans created this idea of Ed Reed being the saving grace of the entire Texans organization is one of the major problems. I think that over the top production of sending the private jet to pick him up gave the fans a false sense of reality. Now the Ravens and everyone else knew he was declining, but the Texans wanted to show up the Ravens– also let’s not forget it was Ed contacting Andre Johnson to get him in.
    I do find a few things odd and everyone swept this under the rug and the Texans media has been silent on–the hip injury??? It’s clear to everyone he had to have known he had this before signing with the Texans and we are pretty sure the Ravens knew hence the amount they offered.

    Ed is delusional but he really needs this work to save face.

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