Giants’ special teams coach calls punt coverage embarrassing

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In the NFL this season, seven punts have been returned by touchdowns. Three of those touchdowns were allowed by the Giants.

Giants special teams coach Tom Quinn knows that it’s totally unacceptable that his team has given up almost as many punt return touchdowns as the other 31 teams combined. He also knows it’s unacceptable that opposing punt returners are averaging 20.4 yards a return. With numbers like that, what can Quinn say?

It’s been awful,” Quinn told the Star-Ledger. “It’s frustrating. It’s not what our expectations are. It pisses you off and I hope it pisses everyone else off that’s in this building. To take away a shutout from the defense, that hurts. How many times do we have an opportunity to do that?”

Unfortunately, Quinn said there isn’t any one thing the Giants’ coverage unit has done wrong on all of the long returns they’ve allowed, so there’s no easy fix.

“It’s always something different,” Quinn said. ‘They’ve all been different circumstances and it hasn’t been good enough for anyone and we’ve been embarrassed by it.”

This is Quinn’s seventh season as the Giants’ special teams coordinator. If he doesn’t get things turned around soon, it may be his last.

7 responses to “Giants’ special teams coach calls punt coverage embarrassing

  1. Terrible. Quinn should have been out the door before Jackson crossed the goal line in that fateful game 3 years ago. They gave up multiple TD’s and big returns in that season too.

  2. I call it exciting. You’d think with so much in-game practice they’d have it figured out by now. (Lotta punting)

  3. Punting and then watching the other team run back the return for a TD seems pretty inefficient. Why not just keep having Eli throw INTs from his own 20?

  4. whole giants org is embarrassing right now!

    you know, when one of your lone bright spots on the team is PEYTON HILLIS, you’ve got major problems!!

    maybe next year right?!?! lol

  5. Its embarrassing because the Giants don’t have any talent at positions that typically play special teams. A lot of teams have their 2nd string LBs and DBs on special teams. The Giants LBs (1st and 2nd string) are terrible. Our depth at safety and DB is also awful.

    Point that finger to Reese.

  6. Unless ordered to do so by Reese, Coughlin would never fire Killdrive or Fewell, no matter how much they deserve it (and they do), but wouldn’t hesitate to fire Quinn.

  7. You can blame Quinn for 2010, but his units were great in 2011 and 2012. They’ve regressed horribly. Some of it is personnel. Wilson made up for a lot of the kick return woes, but Randle is killing me with his tip toeing and delayed returns on punts. The coverage team was very good in 2011 and 2012. Not sure what happened this season.

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