Jelani Jenkins fined $15,750 for striking Thad Lewis with helmet


Dolphins reserve rookie linebacker Jelani Jenkins has been fined $15,750 for a roughing the passer penalty against Bills quarterback Thad Lewis, the NFL confirmed on Friday.

Jenkins hit Lewis on a blitz in Miami’s 23-21 loss to Buffalo on Sunday, striking Lewis enough force to knock Lewis’ helmet off his head. Jenkins’ foul was for hitting Lewis with his helmet.

On the play, Lewis managed to complete a 17-yard pass to wide receiver Stevie Johnson for a first down.

Jenkins notched a season-high three tackles against Buffalo, playing 31-of-67 snaps on defense.

10 responses to “Jelani Jenkins fined $15,750 for striking Thad Lewis with helmet

  1. That was a great moment in the game. Thad fist pumping after he saw the pass was complete was awesome, and I’m not even a Bills fan. Those guys have played their asses off this season.

  2. He didn’t hit the guy with his helmet, he shouldn’t have received the penalty, and he shouldn’t have received a fine. Look at the replay.

  3. Well PurpleGuy, I would say the fine should be doubled since the guy hitting Thad is a guy named Jelani!!

  4. Terrible call. He didnt even hit his helmet but wow what a more of a joke of the fine. They had the time to look at it and still fined him. Wow what kind of people are reviewing these.

  5. The newer and “safer” football equipment becomes, it just makes for better weapons. The NFL should put old fashioned leather helmets on defensive players, and cut their shoulder pad size by 50%. My bet is that hits to the head would be cut by 90%, and we could get back to playing football, instead of constantly over regulating this game of kill the man with the ball.

  6. Yet the Mario Williams hit late in the game on the Tannehill sack drew no flag or fine. That hit was far more clearly helmet to helmet. It would have put Miami in FG range and possible made it a 5 point game. Same old NFL

  7. jaychristsays

    I get what you’re saying but let’s not say he’s making “barely more than this fine” Jenkins makes more money per game than I do per year and my salary is still twice this fine.

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