Jonathan Tisch says no concerns with Coughlin


If you’re a New York football coach, yesterday was the day for an endorsement from your bosses.

First Jets owner Woody Johnson said he was “happy with Rex” Ryan after the Jets are off to a surprising 4-3 start.

But even though their neighbors are 1-6, Giants co-owner Jonathan Tisch said they consider Tom Coughlin “one of the finest leaders in the NFL.”

“There’s nothing wrong with the New York Giants that a few more ‘Ws’ won’t fix,” Tisch said, via Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post. “Obviously, we’ve gotten off to a very disappointing start, but, . . . Tom Coughlin is one of the finest leaders in the NFL. We have two trophies in the lobby of our [practice facility] that we won in the last few years that attest to his leadership.”

His business partners — more public co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch — have declined to comment about the future so far, but Jonathan Tisch indicated Coughlin has nothing to worry about.

“We know we’ve gotten off to a very disappointing start, but we know Coach Coughlin is working with the other coaches and the other players to really turn the season around,” Tisch said. “We can still be there [in the playoffs]. . . .

“Sports are a metaphor for life, and sometimes things don’t go the way you want them to. But we know that we have very good players who come to practice every single day, work their rear ends off and want to win as much as the fans want them to win.”

While that’s not an iron-clad vote of confidence (Lawrence Tisch is the team’s treasurer), he also has a pretty good idea of what the others think.

And while there are bad coaches working, Coughlin’s proven to be a good coach having a bad year, which is very different.

12 responses to “Jonathan Tisch says no concerns with Coughlin

  1. The New York football giants don’t make knee jerk reactions firing hall of fame coaches based on one bad season. This is why our franchise has been the most successful one since 1986.

    Leave it to losing franchises to fire big time coaches after one bad year only to watch that coach start his new team 7-0.

  2. Coughlin is an excellent coach, but he seems to have lost the locker room. Both coordinators need to go asap, will he sign off on that? Reese has had a couple woeful drafts, what will be different this offseason? Changes need to be made, period. If getting that done means moving TC off the sideline and into a front office role so be it. His son in law might be cut before next season. Does anyone want him making that call? Eli has completely lost focus, fatherhood? Whatever the cause he needs a foot in ass. The right new voices might provide the required shock.

  3. First of all, Giant fans, be thankful for your 5 SB appearances and 4 SB wins, going back to the days of the Tuna and Simms. You’re having a bad season. Deal with it. Don’t be sore losers.

    Second, with your owners saying what they’re saying about this season and Coughlin, there is zero chance Nicks is being traded. Zero. The owners know the season is over, but they can’t admit it publicly and admit to their fans that the Giants are giving up. Why? Because it’s all about money. They want their fans to show up and keep paying, keep believing, hoping against hope, that the Giants will turn it around, as long as they keep putting money in the owners’ pockets.

  4. You shouldn’t throw a coach with two SB wins under the bus. But you should open the door and let him gracefully exit. He probably realizes he needs to step down, not because of this year, but after about 10 years in the same job a coaching change is usually best for the franchise.

  5. The majority of Giants fans know Coughlin and Eli are a legendary combo and both will be in Canton someday. We love our rich history and modern day success. A bad year is not the end of the world considering how good we have been. True Blue!

  6. Here’s the Skivvy:

    1) There are Great Coaches who take Average players and use them to their full potential and win championships!

    2) There are Average Coaches who take Great players and use them to their full potential and win occasional championships but not as many as a Great coach would have!

    3) There are Great Coaches who take Great players and use them to their full potential and win several championships and help their organizations become a Dynasty!

    Coughlin is a solid #2 because a great coach would have won at least one Super Bowl with Manning, Tiki Barber, Toomer, Shockey, and their nasty defense…

  7. Oh no. Jets, Eagles, and Skins fans attempting to make me feel baf about my team? Combine your trophies over the last two decades, then go cry…

    Your franchises are PATHETIC.

  8. Mr. Mara and Mr. Tisch were great owners IMO…..

    Little Johnny and Stevie…..not so much…..

    But Jonathan Tisch???, he isn’t a patch on a pair of pants…

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