Logan Ryan apologizes for his crotch grab

Cornerback Logan Ryan will involuntarily apologize for his homage to Marshawn Lynch via a fine in the amount of $10,000.  But Ryan nevertheless opted on Thursday to apologize for his transgression voluntarily.

“First off, I just want to apologize to all the fans and all the viewers who had to witness that,” Ryan said Thursday. “I own up to it 100 percent.  It’s not acceptable. It’s not acceptable for me and this team. I want to put it behind me and I want to move on, and focus on Miami, and let people know it won’t happen again. That’s not who I am.”

It may not be who he is, but it’s what he did.

And it’s still not clear that what he did is completely frowned upon by the NFL.  Sure, they fined him for it.  But Lynch wasn’t fined for the same move in the 2010 playoffs, and the image of Lynch diving into the end zone with hand on his crotch has made its way into an on-air promo for NFL Network.

17 responses to “Logan Ryan apologizes for his crotch grab

  1. HAHA .. crass .. not that big of a deal but i certainly would not want to see it every sunday

  2. Of all the ways to taunt an opponent, turning and grabbing your junk as you fall backwards into the end zone has got to be at the top of the list.

    The Pats should have be flagged for a 15 yard personal foul to be assessed on the kick-off.

    “…it won’t happen again.” I can believe that, Logan.

    “That’s not who I am.” ??? Um, that’s exactly who you are. You’d be more accurate saying “that’s not who I want to be.”

    Save that behavior for the clubhouse, dude.

  3. I’m glad Ryan was forced to apologize. This kind of thing is so common on tv shows like WWE that crass is becoming normal.

    The amount of narcissistic “celebrations” in the NFL is already crass and annoying. They don’t need this. And I never understand it when a player whose team is losing, sometimes badly, has the audacity to celebrate anything.

  4. I don’t care about the taunting stuff and I think the NFL has gone way too far to delineate what taunting is. Let them talk crap, etc on the field, spike in the face, etc. That stuff should be settled on the field. I’m sure this is just another “player safety” deal because some guys just can’t control their tempers and will retaliate with punching, etc instead of doing their jobs or just talking back.

    So that’s not why I don’t like this gesture. I’d laugh if he did it at practice etc, out of the public eye. I just think that though censorship should be up to parents not tv networks, they should have a reasonable expectation that things on daytime TV shouldn’t require an embarrassing age inappropriate explanation. They need to get those male enhancement ads off there too, until after 10 pm. Think about how many commenters here alone have talked about not feeling comfortable taking young kids to games due to fan behavior. I can’t blame them.

  5. mattwalshvideo says:
    Oct 25, 2013 9:12 AM
    The Patriot Way, classless jokes from top to bottom.

    Dude, the only thing your team competes for is the cellar and the first round pick

  6. You make a run like the Beastquake, one that wraps up a tightly-contested playoff game in the closing minutes, you EARN the right to grab your junk on the way into the end zone.

    You pick off a rookie in the second quarter and go on to lose the game…not so much.

  7. This league astounds me. A couple weeks ago, a player grabs an opposing players crotch and, Nothing.
    But, grab your own. $10G.

    This country is becoming way to Victorian. People acting all offended over nothing.
    Especially women.
    Yuck. He adjusted himself.
    Yuck. He scratched his butt.
    Yuck. He came in my face.


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