Michael Vick probable to face Giants


All week, the Eagles have been pointing to Friday as a big day for quarterback Michael Vick.

After practicing all week, Vick was to turn things loose at full speed for the first time since injuring his hamstring in order to assess his chances of playing against the Giants on Sunday. Vick participated fully in practice on Friday and it seems like all went well because he’s listed as probable to make his return to the lineup after missing the last two games.

Vick’s last appearance also came against the Giants and he hurt the Giants defense with his feet before his hamstring forced him out of the game. Nick Foles came into the game and hurt the Giants with his arm on the way to a 36-21 Eagles win. Foles has been ruled out with the concussion he suffered last week, so that won’t be an option for the Eagles should Vick have to leave the game again.

Linebacker Jake Knott has also been ruled out for the Eagles while safety Patrick Chung and defensive end Cedric Thornton are both questionable as the Eagles try to end a nine-game home losing streak. Their last home win came against the Giants last September.

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  1. I remember after Nick Foles earned victories against the, at the time, winless Giants and Buccaneers, Eagles fans were crowning Foles the savior but now that the real Napolean Dynamite has stood up they are crying out for Mike Vick. #sillyeaglesfans

  2. I’m an Eagles fan. The Giants are the real rivalry. This home loosing streak is getting ridiculous. The Eagles could very well win out in the division as long as there is a healthy quarterback. However, even though Foles when healthy is good and constant sound decision making and accurasy is the most important things for a quarterback in this offense, it is obvious that a mobile quarterback is important too – especially for the zone reads. I love Foles but he’s not the guy, neither is Barkley. They need a young stud whom also is mobile. If the Eagles continue on their 7-9 to 9-7 path they are on now they would have to trade too many picks to get one of these coming quarterbacks. They can’t do that though, there is too much need on defense. If this team is going to seriously contend within 2 or 3 seasons they need to tank the season right now. First round playoff appearances won’t cut it after this year. I’ld forgoe competing for the division this year so that this team can build for real contention.

  3. Charles Barkley already told him hes gotta play ,,,if he wants some round mound of rebound street cred its a def

  4. Don’t sleep on the possible absence of ced thornton. Up to date, he’s been the eagles best defender

  5. Our team is such a bummer. We are getting our starting QB back this week and I still find myself skeptical and worrisome of our ability to generate a win. I think that is very telling.

    Vick, Foles, Barkley….they are all mediocre, even at full health. I hope this team finds us a franchise quarterback that we can depend on, be confident in, and ecstatic about when they come back off of an injury, someday. Because Vick coming back just feels like the lesser of three evils. Not something to be stoked about.

  6. I like to see them draft Marcus Mariota. At 18 the kid could flip the ball accurately 50 yards on the move. He’d be entertaining at the pro level to say the least.

  7. LOGICALVOICESAYS, you must be feeeling pretty optimistic about your chances against Denver this week huh?

    Redskins 2-6 after sunday!!

    RGIII – the reason Redskin fans climbed out from underneath their large rock they’ve been hiding under since the 90s

    RGIII – the same reason Redskin fans will be climbing back underneath their rocks after Sunday’s butchering.

    Looks like the horse will ride the indian in this affair

  8. It will be interesting to see what CHIP has in store for the GINTS the second time around. This game is the first time KELLY faces a team for the second time in the same year. The EAGLES carried the first bout but the GINTS had a scheme that limited DA BIRDS.

    Good to have Vick back
    Good to have the sliding GINTS
    Good to be back home….Wait a minute… strike that.
    We get off this ridiculous 9 game losing streak at home!!

    In Chip We Trust

  9. THANK YOU football gods, finally there is a reason to tune in to this game , last week it was just torture who they patrol out there pretending to be a QB.I could only take a half and had to pull the parachute.No lie! Vick still remains the top 2 people i tune in to be entertain by on sundays.

  10. Richarswartz lol could very easily win out in the division. Maybe if Dallas wasn’t in the division. I think Philly will stay close but Dallas will win the east by 2 at the very least

  11. paulsmith107 says:
    Oct 25, 2013 5:06 PM
    Richarswartz lol could very easily win out in the division. Maybe if Dallas wasn’t in the division. I think Philly will stay close but Dallas will win the east by 2 at the very least


    What’s so funny about it? Dallas didn’t look good at all. Sure the Eagles didn’t score anything, but Foles was obviously having mechanical issues due to the groin injury. I premised that on having a healthy quarterback. And I also acknowledged winning the division was far from a gurarantee. And of course that doesn’t take into account Dallas’ s annual choke in December. Take your insecurity somewhere else.

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