Pete Carroll fine with Russell Wilson taking risks

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One of the few negatives from Seattle’s convincing win over the Arizona Cardinals last Thursday night was a pair of fumbles from quarterback Russell Wilson on sacks.

A fumble backed up to their goal line allowed the Cardinals a quick touchdown to get back in the game after the Seahawks opened up an early 14-0 lead. Another fumble in the fourth quarter allowed the Cardinals a field goal as well. It was ten points off turnovers the Seahawks usually don’t allow to happen.

Pete Carroll constantly stresses the importance of turnovers to his players – both the need to create them on defense and protect the ball on offense. However, Carroll understands that with the ability of Wilson to create plays out of nothing, he has to be willing to accept some level of risk from his quarterback.

“Absolutely that comes with it. Absolutely, I understand that and if we were going to go conservative, he would take a knee back there if he felt some pressure. He’s not doing that,” Carroll said.

“He’s a fantastic competitor, he gets it, he knows what we’re after and what we want and so that means that there is some risk involved and I think that he’s as much of a risk taker out there than anybody playing the game. But I think that he can manage that risk really well.”

Seattle’s offense has still struggled to truly hit its groove this season with several injuries along the offensive line causing protection issues. Wilson’s scrambling ability has allowed Seattle to mitigate some of those protection issues as he’s been able to extend plays, escape the pocket and make plays on the run.

Wilson has been sacked 20 times already this season and fumbled eight times, losing five. As a rookie, Wilson was sacked just 33 times all year and fumbled just six times.

Ultimately, Carroll believes the number of plays Wilson can make by extending plays will outweigh any negatives that come along with it.

“I understand that this is a little bit of an issue that kind of comes with the territory of utilizing his great talent and also expecting that we’re going to make some plays there,” Carroll said.

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  1. “Pete Carroll fine with Russell Wilson taking risks”

    Until Wilson goes down, then it’ll be Wilson’s fault and anybody else but his.

  2. Between Russell and Marshawn, we had a fumbletastic night against ‘Zona. Continue it against better teams and this will come to haunt us in the rear consortium’s.

    Of course we don’t play any ‘better teams’ for about 5 weeks, so it may not matter.


  3. Pete Carrol is fine with everything until his team loses one it should win in the playoffs, then he wines and complains about everything.

  4. Calculated Risk is part of this scheme. Makes me hold my breath every time he runs or exposes himself. Injury will occur at some point, but hopefully not bad, long term and significant. The backup QB, like so many other positions, is very important. They have that covered.

    Go Hawks!

  5. It is a smart approach. People that don’t understand football can’t grasp this concept.

    Wilson has taken his hardest hits inside the pocket, he fumbled 4 times from blindside hits from big DEs. When he scrambles to make plays, he rarely gets touched because he slides before contact, gets out of bounds or makes a throw down field.

    We get our Pro Bowl LT back in about 3 or 4 games so things should get better to close the year.

  6. If the Seahawks have a weak point, this is it. They have to do a better job of protecting Mister Wilson. For you see, if they do not, Mister Wilson will end up injured at some point, which means that Mister Jackson will have to take over. I know that the team loves Mister Jackson, but I think that the Seahawks have a better chance of winning the Super Bowl with Mister Wilson.

    Wow, that ended up annoying even me. I won’t write like that again.

  7. joetoronto says:Oct 25, 2013 4:44 AM

    “Pete Carroll fine with Russell Wilson taking risks”

    Until Wilson goes down, then it’ll be Wilson’s fault and anybody else but his

    You mad bro?

  8. I was thinking about the risks/rewards that happen w/ Wilson. For every mistake, he really makes 7-8 awesome plays where your jaw drops.

    However, I would like to see less risk close to our own goal line. This has bit us in the butt a couple times now. Close to the 50-yard line I’m cool w/ risk, but I think Wilson needs to hedge the risk when inside our own 20 yard line…I still wouldn’t trade him for anyone though!

    Go Hawks!

  9. Of course he is. For Wilson, reward outweighs risk. He can throw touchdowns by throwing interceptions.

  10. For those bashing coach Carol perhaps your teams coach should take a look in the mirror, or salve your childish crap for a story on your teams page.

  11. I have been saying the samething to some people and they are looking at me like I’m stupid! Ha ha ha
    assuredmutualdestruction says:
    Oct 25, 2013 11:03 AM
    That Carolina road win is starting to look a little more impressive. Panthers are in the wildcard hunt.

    21 2
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  12. Russell Wilson is this generations Magic Johnson with the exception that he plays football. He’d rather dish the ball to the playmakers around him, but he will take over whenever needed to. This kid is getting ready to dominate.

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