Pete Carroll impressed with Larry Fitzgerald’s hits


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll is used to defending his guys for big hits, since they’re one of the most physical teams in the league.

But this week, he sent a videotape to the league office not to complain, but to point out some textbook hits.

The twist was they (the hits, not the tapes) were delivered by Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

“I sent in two plays that Larry had, plays that jumped off the game film,” Carroll said, via Terry Blount of “I said something to Larry after the game [a 34-22 Seattle victory on Oct. 17] about those two decisions, perfectly illustrating the new mentality and the right mentality. With an iconic guy like that, I just thought it was really powerful. . . .

“It’s still a big hit. But it could have been a colossal collision had he taken full advantage of the opportunity, and he didn’t. His poise and his character demonstrated that he understands. That’s really cool stuff and that’s where the league is going. We can do this.”

Fitzgerald dropped both Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman and Walter Thurmond, and Sherman got up and congratulated him on his work

At a time when the league’s spending a ton of time and effort promoting safe football fundamentals at lower levels of the game (and money settling concussion lawsuits), using the biggest stars as examples can be a valuable tool.

“There’s still the warrior mentality of the players, which we can relate to,” Carroll said. “But through proper education and awareness, the way they play is shifting. It’s clear our game is not the same as it was, but it’s still OK. It’s fine.

“We’re doing the right things and making the right choices. We’re going in the direction where we’re really going to see a change in the numbers of these [head] injuries and the severity of them.”

While the weekly fines show that there’s still work to be done, Carroll admitted he hopes the new emphasis can keep the game physical and safe at the same time.

22 responses to “Pete Carroll impressed with Larry Fitzgerald’s hits

  1. I noticed one o the plays Carroll is referring to and noticed at the time. It was a short pass to another receiver who was breaking to the sidelines. Fitz had the angle on the covering cornerback, but instead of lowering his shoulder and exploding into him, he remained upright and absorbed some of the impact himself. while still knocking the defender on his behind. Well done Larry!

  2. Listen here Pete Carroll Just because one person chooses to ease up on a hit that could potentially back fire if that person were to get up and make the tackle. Does not mean that another guy hitting someone harder is wrong. And it’s people like you illustrating that a hit like Larry did is the new wave and age of football is what is going to ruin this game. If you have defenders thinking about a soft hit compared to a rough one then your talking about injuring yourself just as bad so be carefull with what our trying to prove. Besides defenders don’t usually have an option to have multiple guys to hit that aren’t looking on every play. What you witnessed out of Larry was a person becoming the defender with his choice of about 4 or 5 guys not looking for an impact so your video tape is almost for nothing. Don’t make this a pitty patt sport.

  3. Larry Fitzgerald is a first class guy, a great competitor, and a top five WR in the league. Arizona is lucky to have him as the face of the franchise.

  4. It was a great hit. I thought it was even better, that he checked on sherman afterwards. Fitz is a nice person. Meet him once in public. Stand up guy

  5. I’m not entirely sure that the lack of ferocity was because Fitzgerald intentionally held up… maybe he did, but he nas never been known for his decleating blindside blocks (ala Hines Ward). I think the way he did hit the guys was great though because he didn’t go after the head and did not risk his head in the process. A decleater does you no good if you concuss yourself.

    I still contend that the hit Golden Tate put on Sean Lee was not illegal. His shoulder went straight into Lee’s chest, it just so happen both men were moving at very high rates of speed that made the collision much more severe (snapping Lee’s head back violently) than the one between Fitz and Sherman.

  6. If you watch the Sherman play, you can see how Fitz could have laid the wood and had Sherman on the sidelines for the rest of the game. In a way, many fans would have liked to see that but Fitz made the right decision while still making Sherman look like half-a-man.

  7. There is always a good fundamental way to hit and hit hard.. I dont ever buy guys going low and taking knees out. Two weeks in a row i have seen Polamalu deliver hard hits that were legal, now that is fundamentals right there.

  8. Everyone is missing the point here. This is Carroll recruiting a player before the trade deadline. He’s just buttering Fitz up and I’m sure that there are more than a few calls inquiring as to his availability before Tuesday. Please remember that Schnieder and Carroll think a move ahead of everyone else.

  9. The intent is never to hurt someone and cause an injury, is what they all say.

    These blocks by Fitz show that to be true. Well done, Fitz!

    And well done, Pete for highlighting this and getting this kind of play increased recognition. Coach of the Year in my book!

  10. WRONG attitude. This shows the league is going down the toilet. Football is about making the “colossal hit” when you have the chance and not letting up. If he makes the colossal hit then who knows. Maybe thoughts creep in Sherman’s head and subconsciously he stays away from fitz. Fits then gains separation, scores, new game, etc.

    90% of football used to half mental (yogiism). Intimidating an opponent was a huge part of the game. Goodell has stripped that important factor away and has left us with a video game.

    Wakey wakey people.

  11. I didn’t see the replay for hit/block on Thurmond. I did see the replay on Sherman. A good, clean and solid block. Nice job!

  12. Tyrann Mathieu is a good fundamental tackler also. He wrestles the ball carrier to the ground while trying to strip the ball, rather than targetting the head, and his technique allows him to be a great tackler and generate turnovers despite his small stature.

  13. The leader of the Cards offense is soft. This isn’t flag football and Larry had the chance to absolutely drop the hammer on the defensive leader of his division rival.

    But he “chose” not to…

    Soft, scared, sensitive = the AZ Cardinals offense.

    Way to lead Larry!!

  14. I hope you’re right @assuredmutualdestruction and Carrol is buttering up Fitz. If the Hawks had him – lights out.

    I love Fitz – great character, great leader and sportsman. Wish he had better QBs in his career, but anyone w/ a monkeybrain would vote him into the HOF in his first eligible year.

  15. Golden Tate lays dudes out when he is blocking. The Sean Lee hit was shoulder to chest but the impact snapped whiplashed his head . If there is no shoulder to helmet, or helmet to helmet its a clean hit but that hit was flagged and fined just because it was too hard.

    Pete butters up opponents every week. Right now he is probably saying Kellen is a fine QB and the Rams have offensive weapons all over the place. Nothing out of the ordinary for those who pay attention. He is on the money with Fitz though, that guy is the definition of class and talent.

  16. I am with the good clean block on Sherman. If Fitz had put him lights out he (Fitz) would not be available to put another block either.

    Sometimes two blocks are better than one explosive block.

    The key is to get your guy free, not to wipe out a career for the other guy.

  17. kuranda84 says:Oct 25, 2013 1:38 PM

    I hope you’re right @assuredmutualdestruction and Carrol is buttering up Fitz. If the Hawks had him – lights out.

    I love Fitz – great character, great leader and sportsman. Wish he had better QBs in his career, but anyone w/ a monkeybrain would vote him into the HOF in his first eligible year.
    Fitz has done charity events with some of the Seattle players too. And Wilson threw passes to him and hung out at the PB last year. Sherman was giving him crazy love before and after the Seattle/Az game. Now Carroll sends video to the league of Fitzgerlad hits that he admires and sees as an example of physical and clean play…it all adds up (to me at least) to mutual admiration by both parties. I think Fitz would play for Seattle in a heartbeat.

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