PFT Live: Buccaneers talk with Rick Stroud, PFT Planet calls and tweets


The Buccaneers slipped to 0-7 on Thursday night and they looked barely competitive while doing so, a result that is sure to add more people to the already long list calling for coach Greg Schiano to be fired.

Rick Stroud of the Tampa Bay Times will tell us how close that is to happening when he is Mike Florio’s guest on Friday’s edition of PFT Live. They’ll discuss cornerback Darrelle Revis’ inability to say whether or not the Bucs players still believe in Schiano and knock around a few potential replacements during their conversation about everything that’s gone wrong in Tampa this year.

You can also chime in with some suggestions for the next Bucs coach during the show. Florio will be answering calls — 888-237-5269 — and tweets — @ProFootballTalk — from PFT Planet during the show, whether they are about Schiano or anything else that comes to mind.

You can watch it all live at noon ET by clicking right here.

15 responses to “PFT Live: Buccaneers talk with Rick Stroud, PFT Planet calls and tweets

  1. I must be missing something here. Did Schiano inherit a Super Bowl contender that he’s run into the ground? This guy is only a season and a half into a partnership with an organization that has been haphazardly operated for most of its 47 years of existence. Being 0-7 isn’t something new in Tampa.
    Why now all the panic?

  2. The reason for the panic is that the team has spent a considerable amount of money on elite players (Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks, Dashon Goldson), has drafted well over the last two years (Doug Martin, Lavonte David), traded for the best CB in the NLF (Darrelle Revis, who at less than 100% and mostly playing zone is still scaring teams and playing elite football), have young elite players likw Gerald McCoy and had a once promising QB that eventually fell apart in Josh Freeman. The Bucs have eight Pro Bowl players on the roster all under the age of 30.

    Maybe this team wasn’t Super Bowl ready, but they sure looked primed to make a playoff run. Greg Schiano is doing the best he can, I’m sure, but he’s now coached the team to 12 losses in 13 games and that isn’t going to work in the NFL. With the right coach, this team can turn it around like Kansas City has this season.

  3. because, Bobby, this team is stacked top to bottom, & even had a passable QB at one point, who’d had strong seasons before. This guy alienated everyone, handed the season over to a raw rookie, & most importantly, found ways to lose games, even close ones, seemingly every single time. Starting off 6-4 & finishing 1-11 kinda refutes your argument.

  4. Ok. Longshot here, but why not. Let him go. Take the unusual route of not promoting any of the assistants to finish seadon as head voach. Work out a deal with Herman Edwards to coach team remainder of season with contractual language that if he is not retained as head coach next year they agree to pay part of his analyst salary if not all for one year when he returns to booth unless (1) they of course decide to retain him or (2) this prompts some team to give Herm a chance as their Head Coach.

  5. No, please keep him! #0-16. I think we’re worse than the Jags now with Doug Martin injured, O-line sucks/injured, rookie QB, defense is now weak, no one likes the coach. Yes, I think we are doing the right things to supplant the Jags as the worst team in the League. If you are going to be bad, do it right!

  6. I can guarantee that teams that are “stacked from top to bottom” don’t go 0-7. Perhaps you need to reevaluate all those “elite” players the Bucs brought in, including Revis, who even the Jets found to be expendable.
    Meanwhile, Josh Freeman looked awful with the Vikings, and before you say he didn’t have enough time to learn the Vikes’ complicated offense, which is hand the ball to Adrian, Thad Lewis figured out the Bills’ offense with little problem…
    While I agree that the NFL is a “coaches league,” I feel strongly that Schiano needs more time to weed out the pampered malcontents, such as Freeman, before things start to turn around.

  7. Bobzilla,

    Not a fair comparison.

    Thad Lewis was signed to the practice squad on September 1st. That means he had at least 6 weeks to learn the offense. You can’t say the same thing about Freeman. Time will tell if he can make it in MN or not.

    By the way, I’m not a Freeman apologist by any stretch of the imagination. I’m skeptical that he can succeed in MN, but I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

  8. Being a scout-team quarterback for six weeks hardly readies a quarterback for the varsity squad.
    As for Freeman: There are those still “willing to give” Vince Young and Tim Tebow “the benefit of the doubt,” too. They all work at ESPN, where being right is forbidden.

  9. Schiano Schucked up this team! He approached a professional team of athletes like they were JV players trying to make his squad and his verbal beatdowns got him the disrespect he deserved. He basically copied exactly what the Alabama coach did at the Dolphins.

  10. How dare Schiano use his “outside voice” when addressing sensitive multimillionaires. This is completely unacceptable!!!
    Hey, Bucs fans: Your team is putrid, and not even the second-coming of Vince Lombardi could possibly fix it.
    Funny thing is: The “Alabama coach” was probably the best coach the Dolphins had had since Jimmy Johnson.

  11. Bob, defend the play calling last night. Defend going for it 4 and 10 inside your own 20 down by two scores with 9 minutes on the clock in the 4th. Defend kicking a field goal down by three scores in the fourth. Look, I could buy the idea of keeping Schiano around to weed out the bad players, but his decisions aren’t good. Freeman was signed within 5 days of being released, even with speculation of being in the substance abuse program. Wouldn’t common sense tell you that Tampa should have been able to get something in return had they made the decision in the offseason? Freeman was never Schiano’s guy, why wait till mid-season to make this move, unless you are attempting to win back the locker room. Schiano probably lost the locker room in the preseason.

  12. What I’m saying is, if Schiano lost the locker room, he lost a locker room that wasn’t worth keeping.
    Schiano, IMO, is a good coach. No coach can turnaround a putrid franchise overnight. I realize the job Andy Reid is doing in KC. But the Chiefs were expected/predicted to win their division as recently as 2011. Reid inherited an underachieving team.
    Schiano, it appears, inherited a bunch of coddled babies, led by Freeman, who missed team meetings and team functions.
    ESPN, naturally, loves Freeman, but hates Schiano, both of which are reasons enough for me to root for Schiano, who did an exceptional job at Rutgers.

  13. llonll – Very well said. I believe that Schiano lost the locker room early last year. He will never win back this team. In my opinion, a .500 small college coach does not relate to success in the NFL. My long-time team is destroyed. The destruction should end now. Get this man out of Tampa.

  14. Bob, I understand what you’re saying , but greatly disagree. I disagree because you fail to adequately explain why the Tampa roster is putrid. Tampa has a quality roster. The argument of expunging the roster is, frankly, ridiculous. Please don’t be naive and think Schiano didn’t have a say on any acquisitions. He is responsible for the clamp down on media(no player can speak to the media unaccompanied). If Dominik hadn’t signed in to the Schiano hire he’d be gone. The Glazers made the hire, plan and simple. Schiano is in charge. The value of leadership is achieving in the face of adversity. Schiano’s approach works in college. Kids that need a structured environment. Look if you’ve got kids and pay a mortgage would you want some guy telling you to put your toes on the line. Bring in a real coach, a coach that would challenge and motivate players beyond what they are capable. Tampa needs a Marty Schottenheimer.

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