Schiano: Negative blowback from fans “doesn’t affect me”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are 0-7. They’ll likely be 0-8 with a road trip to Seattle next week. Fans were chanting “fire the coach” at the end of Thursday night’s 31-13 loss to the Carolina Panthers and billboards have been put up around Tampa Bay calling for Greg Schiano’s firing.

The hot seat for Schiano appears to be increasing in temperature by the day. However, Schiano says he can’t pay attention to the noise surrounding his job status with the Buccaneers.

“It doesn’t affect me,” Schiano said. “People are certainly entitled to their opinion. Here’s the thing, my whole career – player and a coach – you get up in the morning, you work as hard and as smart as you can. It usually puts you to bed tired and you get up and you do it again and that’s the way I do it. I do it the best we can.

“Our coaches and players stick together. Sometimes it doesn’t go your way. We’ve just got to keep doing it, look for new ways to make us better and hopefully go get a win in Seattle. You can sit there and cry about it, feel sorry for yourself but that ain’t going to help anything. You just get back to work, get on this tape and get better.”

The Buccaneers have now lost 12 of their last 13 games and won just 7 of 23 games overall with Schiano at the helm. Schiano lamented mistakes made against the Panthers after the game; the inability to keep Cam Newton contained in the pocket, errant snaps and a struggle to convert third downs.

“Those are the things you get paid to do as a coach is to get your team to perform those things so certainly it falls on me. As the head coach, I’ve got to make sure that all the assistant coaches are getting it across to our players and our players are understanding it and executing it on the field. That’s what matters,” Schiano said.

Whatever the reason, the messages preached by the coaching staff don’t seem to be getting across to the players. If losses continue to mount – and the way the Buccaneers are performing right now, it’s seems likely they will – Schiano may not have much longer to pilot the Buccaneers’ ship.

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  1. I predict Schiano will cause the biggest train wreck of a Seattle Victory formation in NFL history. It will be of epic proportions and then, only then, will he finally win a coveted prize by claiming the MNF C’mon Man Award with a 96% vote.

  2. but being a micromanaging coach doesn’t affect the players either. Oh wait, yes it does. Negative blowback? you wouldn’t last a second in a large market like NY. The press alone would have forced you out long ago! Do us all a favor and ask for your release like Freeman did

  3. Schiano has the same relationship with the fans that his players have with him…he doesn’t listen to the fans and his players don’t listen to him.

  4. “Our coaches and players stick together”
    Count Shiano as someone who pays zero attention to any news.
    Simply put – his coaching style MAY work better in college because the kids are young – they can maybe be intimidated a little – in the NFL – the kicker could squash him….
    I like the tough attitude that he wants to bring to the team – but that doesn’t mean that you are an ass to your players – treat them as ADULTS, RESPECT that they ARE professional football players that ALREADY know how to play – and GUIDE the team.
    Ever had a new boss that wanted to tell you how to do your job – a job that you have been doing for a LONG time…?

  5. Fans have a tendency to forget that coaches and players are human. The Bucs ownership should put Schiano out of his misery because most of all he deserves it, but also because this is as bad as it gets for a coach as well. It’s gotten to the point that it’s the right thing to do.

  6. I was at the game tonight, and its time, get his college butt out of here NOW. I have one name, wanted him instead of Schiano. He was raised with Dungy, he has 2 superbowl rings, he got fired for a qb that did not play, and who’s salary took up 30% of the cap space. BUCS NEED JIM CALDWELL. Period. Perfect hire.

  7. If there are any Schiano apologists, explain this game’s play calling.
    If he isn’t fired soon there should only be two valid explanations: the Glazer’s are cheap or a case is being built to fire him with cause (leak regarding Freeman).

  8. If you can’t handle the negative attention as a coach when things go bad, then you shouldn’t be a coach. That being said… This guy still shouldn’t be a coach. He seems to suffer from the same thing that Gruden did with the Bucs. He can’t seem to get out of his own way. He has to be a hard ass. That’s not always the right approach. Calm down, man. Talk with your players. Take a different angle on this whole thing, and maybe the results will change. When a team is as talented as the Bucs, there’s no reason why they should be 0-7. What would happen if they faced the Jaguars right now? They’d get coached out of a win. Not good.

  9. This stick together talk must have something to do with the tar he’s in, feathers to be added soon.

  10. So I have to ask;Was that Buccaneer’s Football we saw?
    GS says the boos, the talk,the former players,the billboards“It doesn’t affect me,”! Not only is he delusional, but a sociopath.

  11. It is hard not to feel sympathy when so many people are asking for you to be fired, but these guys know what they are signing up for when they take these jobs.

  12. Seems like from the day he started that nonsense of going low and bum-rushing an O-LINE when the opposing team was running out the clock it was the beginning of the end !

  13. Sometimes meatheaded, stubborn coaching can get in the way to talented players. We’ve seen it in KC and San Fran these last few years until their ships were righted, and we’ve seen the opposite.

    There’s a difference between authoritative coaches that have been exposed to the professional level for decades and know what they’re doing, and petty tyrants like Schiano who think they know what they’re doing.

  14. I thought I’d wake up this morning to the news that Schiano was canned. This is the perfect time after a Thursday night game. It’s time to move on.

  15. “our coaches and players stick together”

    I don’t think so there Coach. From what I saw last night no one is on the same page and everyone is kind of just doing their own thing now. With Seattle up next and then a Monday nighter after against the Dolphins your squad has a strong possibility of being 0-9. Not even sure you will be around for that long…

  16. Management 101 Greg. Your management style isn’t working. You have a talented roster. But clearly they aren’t playing for you. At best they have checked out, at worst they are playing against you. If you want to keep your job, stop being an egotistical jerk that tunes everything out and listen. A successful manager learns that what motivates some people, demotivates others. You have to figure out the difference. What worked at Rutgers with 19 years olds isn’t going to work with veteran professional players. Want to keep your job, lose the ego, find out what it takes to get your players to play hard for you and then wins come. That talent is there. Just perhaps not at head coach level. YOu have Dave Wannstedt and Butch Davis on your coaching staff. You are making them look like better alternatives. That says something. Especially about Butch who won very little in the NFL.

  17. If he wins or loses the next game will not determine his fate. That ship may already have sailed.

  18. Michael Bennett said it best.. This guy has small man anger. He wants to flex his power at every opportunity, and make you feel it.

    Go to hell Schiano.. you set this team back YEARS

  19. Well, coach, I guess you are just as dumb as a bucket of shrimp if you don’t pay attention to the fanbase, they are the ones that pay your salary, sort of speaking. Captain Jack Sparrow is gonna have to come in and take by assault the bucs ship.

  20. If it doesn’t, find another job. Being part of the community and relating to fans is part of a head coach’s job. How a roster with as much talent as theirs coming into the season has yet to win a game is entirely on the head coach. Schiano needs to go.

  21. He better care. He is on his way out and I dont think he wants to be the most hated guy in Tampa. He says he doesn’t care, hes got little man syndrome sooooooo bad. How was he so successful at Rutgers?

  22. Random Thought of the Day: Schiano reminds me of that kid who used to get rolled for his milk money every day in elementary school and then hit a growth spurt and became a bully.

    Either way if he were the captain of a ship there would be a mutiny and he’d be swinging from the mainmast by now……what are you waiting for Glazers???

  23. This guy’s career was done a year ago when he did that rushing the QB idiocy on a kneel down. It showed he isn’t NFL coaching material, at least not yet. Pretty sad since so many NFL coaches are awful.

  24. This guy is just an awful coach, he wants to be Hoody Billy so bad, but doesn’t realize that kind of power only comes after multiple rings. HB is soft on his vets and this guy isn’t soft on anyone and he has lost the ship.

  25. It must be really cool to live in an alternate universe like Schiano does. The fans boo him and he says that he doesn’t hear them. They put out posters calling for his head and it doesn’t bother him. His players have clearly quit on him but he keeps insisting that they’re eventually going to win. It’s always sunny inside Schiano’s mind even if the reality is that he’s in a Category 5 hurricane.

    Sort of reminds me of a guy who is getting attacked by his wife with a frying pan and thinking to himself “man, she is into me … she’s just playing a little hard to get.”

  26. this whole deal is because the glazers are waiting
    for proof that he leaked the josh freeman drug thing. then he can be fired with no severance.

    I can live with that. what I cant live with is not giving tebow a chance. I guess we are scared he would sin and we wouldn’t get another high draft pick.

    so I just don’t watch the nfl any more until they prove they are not all a bunch of greg schianos. but since none of them will hire tebow, that’s the way they all look to me

  27. I love watching NFL games but I couldn’t watch. It was brutal. I didn’t want to watch the Panthers either. Plus add Mike Mayock. Click changed the channel.

  28. Whatever the reason, the messages preached by the coaching staff don’t seem to be getting across to the players.
    Yeah. Zig heil will rarely get across to the players.
    I am not a bucks fan, nor are they even in my teams conference.

    Yet, I think this guy is a broken tool. I feel for the players, and they make decent coin.
    I feel more for you Buc fans.
    We root for different teams, but we unite in love of the sport which is pro football.
    It takes 32 teams, fan bases and healthy rivelries to make it a fun league for us.
    This guy is trashing it for you buc fans. Kind of like Kraft trashes it for coach BB to build a solid team on a welfare budget.
    I wish the players, with their uniun execs, would ditch the owners, rent the stadiums on their own, hire their own coaches, and screw Goodell and the whole NFL facade.
    Power to the people, Amen.

  29. Google “sbnation breaking madden schiano” for an entertaining Schiano feature.

    My favorite takeaway:

    Greg Schiano is an anagram for Crashing Ego

  30. My wish is that Schiano be fired now. I honestly can’t see a good coaching reason to keep him. He’s a poor leader and a cancer in the locker room. He certainly doesn’t have the support of the 12th man.
    The only thing that may possibly be keeping him from an immediate release is the NFLPA’s investigation into their accusations that Schiano leaked Freeman’s private information. If proven true the Buc’s owners could fire Schiano with cause and not owe him the balance of his salary.
    Otherwise, Schiano should be released immediately.

  31. When you make Mike Tice or Brad Childress look like an upgrade, you’re piss poor.. Ask for your walking papers already.

    If I was as bad at my job as he is at his, I would’ve been fired long ago. Or retired for the good of the company. I’d feel bad about bringing in a paycheck at this point if I were him. Robbery

  32. I love that Bucs fans showed up to take Schiano on his offer to give him advice. If he had any cojones he would have let them in the door and spoke to them. It would have also been a good PR move to try to make them into supporters.

    He’ll be gone in the next few days. Whomever comes in will win a game or two. Detroit’s 0-16 record is still safe.

  33. I think people who think he will be fired before the end of the season are off base.

    I could be wrong, but what is the point of making a move to win games now? Why in the world would Bucs fans want them to make a move that best case scenario turns Marcus Mariota into Taj Boyd or worse? I realize there are no sure things in the draft and you should always play to win, but does 4-12 or 3-13 really look that much better than 1-15 or 2-14?

  34. This guy should get a career in politics….

    He doesn’t think he works for the fans (even though they pay him)…..

    Washington politicians don’t think they work for us (even though we pay them).

    Perfect fit!

  35. As coaches and players….we stick together? Ask Freeman if he feels that way! Or any of the other players you have alienated! I would say Tampa let go of the wrong person! If Schiano has 2 more weeks I will be shocked!

  36. To: onebucplace says:
    Oct 25, 2013 1:40 AM
    I say keep him and play for the top pick – it will be tough beating out Jacksonville but if anyone can do it Schiano can!


    Even without Schiano, Bucs will still get the top pick. No offense here. Do you really believe Butch Davis or Dave Wannstedt can turn around the team?

  37. pesotmato says:

    Even without Schiano, Bucs will still get the top pick. No offense here. Do you really believe Butch Davis or Dave Wannstedt can turn around the team?


    Yes, either of them will win some games down the stretch. The team has plenty of talent and HATES Schiano. Once he is fired you will see an epic turnaround (compared to where they are now). The biggest worry is they name Wannstedt HC after next weeks lost and they got 4-4 down the stretch and Wannstedt somehow ends up with the job for next season.

  38. The biggest worry is they name Wannstedt HC after next weeks lost and they got 4-4 down the stretch and Wannstedt somehow ends up with the job for next season.


    That pales in comparison to the worry that Schiano rights the ship, no pun intended, and goes 4-4 and he ends up with the job next season.

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