For the Jaguars, keeping a game close would be progress


The Jacksonville Jaguars aren’t just losing. They’re failing to keep their games close.

All of the Jaguars’ losses this season have been by 10 points or more, making them look quite a bit worse than the NFL’s other winless team, the Buccaneers, who have had losses by one, two, three and eight points this season.

In fact, according to information gathered by STATS, LLC for the Associated Press, the Jaguars’ average margin of defeat of 21 points a game puts them on pace to have the second-worst average losing margin of any team in NFL history. The only team worse was the Chi-Pitt Cards-Steelers, a 1944 team that combined the Chicago Cardinals and Pittsburgh Steelers after both teams’ rosters were depleted with players leaving to serve in World War II. The Cards-Steelers went 0-10 and lost by an average of 22 points a game.

And even that Cards-Steelers team managed to keep it close once, losing by only two points to the Cleveland Rams. Keeping a game close would be major progress for the Jaguars.

After playing the 49ers on Sunday and then having their bye week, the schedule gets a little easier for the Jaguars: They still get to play the 2-5 Texans twice, and they also have games against the 3-4 Browns, 3-4 Bills and 3-4 Cardinals. So Jacksonville may still avoid the fate of joining the 2008 Lions as the only 0-16 team in NFL history. But at this point, just keeping a game close would represent a step in the right direction.

10 responses to “For the Jaguars, keeping a game close would be progress

  1. They need more production from their offense. Too many 3 and outs, especially when Gabbert is playing. They leave that defense out to dry. The defense has shown that they can play.

  2. It’s just the passing of time and age catching up to a lot of rosters… there seems to be a lot of lousy football this year.

    The Jags are hardly alone in the bad category. Minny, NYG, Bucs, Houston, Oakland, Pitt, Cards. Not good so far. AFC/NFC Easts stink.

    As a NE fan, we need to appreciate any wins we can get, since it looks like we’ll be clawing our way thru the season. Too many key guys have moved on, gotten hurt, or been jailed. Brady can’t do it all. And the reality is, he has a lot fewer days ahead than behind. Has it really been 12 years since he took over?

  3. The Jags are pulling a tank like the Colts did for Luck.

    It worked for the Colts. Of course they had some other players already…and they have a good organization.

    Hey, these days it’s worth it.

  4. They are clearly one of the worst teams in history, but not THE worst.

    The 76′ Bucs were way worse, like on a whole different level kind of worse.

  5. This team won’t win a game unless Gabbert starts and gets protection. He’s chicken s back there, but when he throws (and if he and the receiver are on the same page) he usually hits the target. Henne misses everything.

    If there was any hope of the season having a win, it disappeared when Monroe got traded & Joeckel got hurt. We’ve got turnstiles at T and you can’t win in this league like that. It’s not that complicated. Try watching a Jags game and focus on the trenches. Our line collapses on almost every play.

  6. Johnnyjagfan,

    You lost all credibility when you said “win a game” and “Gabbert” together in one sentence.

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