Gerald McCoy tells fans they’re taking Schiano anger too far


Tampa Bay fans despise Greg Schiano right now, and Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy understands that when a team is 0-7, the coach is going to hear the boos. But McCoy thinks some Buccaneers fans are taking it too far.

McCoy said the invective directed at Schiano from the stands as he walked back to the locker room after Thursday night’s loss was unacceptable.

“If you want to be angry about the game or what’s going on, be angry because we’re angry, too. But don’t disrespect him as a man,” McCoy said, via “That man has a wife. He has kids at home. We have wives and kids. Just keep it to football. Don’t take it outside of that. If you want to be whatever in football, that’s OK. Be angry. We expect you to be angry. Nobody wants to be 0-7. But just leave everything else alone. Just keep it to the game. It’s still just a game. We’ve got lives outside of football. When you disrespect a man as a person, then you’re taking it too far.”

It’s not clear exactly what fans said on Thursday night that McCoy felt crossed the line, but McCoy is right that fans should be civil and not hurl insults at Schiano’s family. The good news for Schiano and his family is that they’ll probably only be living in Tampa for another couple months.

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  1. “People are dumb, panicky, dangerous animals…” Agent K

    Mccoy’s right but schiano is such a jerk it’s really hard to feel much sympathy for him.

  2. He does not know how to use the talent he has around him. Revis in zone coverage? When he is man to man, the defense does alot better. Either put him on the number 1 receiver or put him on the number 2 receiver and double the number 1. I am not a head coach, but this is common sense. As soon as he goes to zone, a big pass play happens? On offense,I don’t think they have a pass play that is over 15 yards in their playbook. I am sure this is all because it is Schiano’s way or no way mentality. Stop trying to be a dictator and open up to other ideas, and we might stop the anger towards him.

  3. McCoy is right though. Some fanatics are truly crazy. Acting like the coach personally insulted their family and kicked their dog. Of course up here we love our HOF coach (BB) but there was a time when we were up in arms over a 9-7 season back in 2002. The horror

  4. Not sure the Schiano would claim that as good luck. Also would a complete bum rap this guy is getting. Worse value per dollar production in the NFL under Raheem, no stars, and he’s solely to blame? Come on!

  5. Most of this hatred towards Schiano is media driven. I have lived in Tampa since 99′ and you wont find many Buc fans who have an original thought. They hear someone else’s opinion and then rant and rave like it is their own. Even the local radio stations just mimic what they heard on ESPN the night before.

    Schiano needs another year to see what he can do. He’ll adjust.

  6. Good thing that sports websites don’t knowingly flame fan passions for the sake of getting more page views and advertising dollars.

  7. McCoy is right. Get upset about losing is normal. I mean we all do. But when fans insult coaches and players verbally/physically, that’s really crossing the line.
    If you’re a Bucs and you feel like this season is really making you lose your mind, I’d say turn off your TV, don’t go to the games and put this season to rest. Look forward to next year. Remember its the NFL and previous years have no effect on how teams will play the following year. Look at Kansas City. Life goes on.

  8. I tend to agree with McCoy that if the fans want to go after the coach with the insults they should not drag the man’s family into it. As the article points out this won’t be going on for much longer as it seems very likely Schiano will be gone soon.

    No one wants to be 0-7 – but try and remember this is a game, not life and death. Dial it back a bit if you find yourself truly angry/upset over your sports team having a down year. Especially if you feel the need to slander someone’s family in the process of venting about it.

    Seems to me that fans (short for fanatics) have forgotten that having class and dignity (something they expect of their coach/players) is a two way street.

  9. Hey Gerald worry ablut your over inflated contract and how little you contribute as well. You don’t like it get a sack. Get a sack fumble. Do something besides the nothing I’ve seen in games. Our whole front line on both sides of the ball sucks. Sapp used to get doubled but you now what he still got to the qb. Time for you to produce no more excuses of no one around you because I’m sick of it. I’m sick of this team and learn how to be a better leader.

  10. @ doublezero74: this is the wrong forum to try and inject reason into a fanatics way of thinking. Do you read some of the vitriol after the articles? The minute someone starts using “we” after referencing a team, using gems like “Vike-queens,” “Cow-girls”, or “Forty-whiners”, or (finally) bemoaning right-wingers, bleeding hearts, or leftists: you know you’re not always dealing with the best & brightest.

  11. Gerald is a good man, just trying to get some respect for his coach, I understand the players feeling uncomfortable about hearing the boos & seeing the signs – they still have 9 games to play & despite what most fans know is inevitable , he’s just asking us to cool it , The officials know what time it is. I’m sure it affects our men too

  12. madtownthrowdown says: Oct 26, 2013 8:04 AM

    Maybe fans should just quit going and see how that works out for the team.

    The fans have to first start going before they can quit going.

  13. I am sick of this behavior and it is instigated in large part by people in the media, roiling the debate with innuendo and then they sit back and criticize the fans when they go over the line.

    Steve Deumig calls himself the ‘Big Dogg’ but that dog needs his advantage. Back when the Rays had Shields and he was shut down early by Maddon, Steve was injecting hyperbole.

    The Rays went to the World Series next year.

    Whether it is Tony Dungy, John Gruden, Trent Dilfer or Coach Schiano you know he will throw gas on the fire.

    To wit. When Derrick Brooks was near the end of his career Mr Duemig was talking about what he knew from ‘his sources’.

    bark bark.

    You get the drift. The bottom line is this whole fiasco lays largely at the feet of upwardly mobile media type with a kill switch, a large ego and harem of harlots doing his bidding.

  14. Bucs fans don’t like Schiano. It’s simple! He should’ve never got the job to begin with. The Bucs have a lot of talent on that team. Bucs players don’t like Schiano, they won’t play for him. Same thing happened in Kansas City with Romeo Crenell last year. Now their 7-0. Brian Billick, Bill Cowher, John Gruden, in time could be the right fit to turn that team around. Andy Reid did it! Fire Schiano now and start building for next season. Don’t hire another coach from College unless it’s Urban Meyer

  15. 99.9% of the fans are not angry at the man as a person, and could care less about his personal life. The anger is directed at him as a coach of a truly underachieving football team, and has been fueled by his OWN PLAYERS coming out to the public stating that the locker room has no respect for him….It seems Gerald McCoy, that you should be taking care of business in your own locker room before you start mouthing off to the fans for paying the bill for your embarrassment on the field.

  16. Yea sure……. If my team was winless id be totally happy and not mad at all I mean at least the are trying to get the first pick in the draft(sarcasm) I’m a cowboys fan so I know a little bit about frustration and one loss hurts but I can’t imagine what bucs fans feel

  17. Everyone keep in mind these are probably the same fans that wanted Gruden out so obviously they know everything. I like to ask them how its working out for them since they fired Gruden.

  18. .

    I was there when third rate journalists like Ron Borges and John Tomase tried to bury Bill Belichick after his first season too.

    One hundred and fifty wins plus 5 Super Bowl appearances later and Belichick is still there.

    Borges was accused of plagiarism and fired by the Boston Globe. Tomase admitted his story about the Patriots taping other team’s walk throughs was invented.

    How many fire 1-6 Tom Coughlin stories has PFT run?

    What qualifies you, Michael David Smith to call for another individual to lose his source of income.

    State YOUR qualifications publicly.


  19. Boy some media hack with an agenda like Silver has started a firestorm with this one. Did anybody think the Bucs were going anywhere this year? We saw Monday night that Freeman is horrible, saw over the last couple of games that Revis is not 100% or the player he used to be, and your not gonna win a lot games with Mike Glennon. Don’t think Lombardi could fix this mess…

  20. Actually…. the fans are taking it easy on Schiano.

    Just think how fans treated Matt Schaub.

    Matt Schaub is an ELITE quarterback and he had strangers threatening his family.

    Matt Schaub = 8 td — 9 int — 0 fumbles

    Joe Flacco = 8 td — 8 int — 4 fumbles

    See….. Schaub is “ELITE”.

  21. Schiano disrespects his own players. He acts likes a bully and treats his players like they are high school or college kids. That might work if you are winning and have a track record of NFL success, but not when you have no wins. If he wants respect, he needs to give it.

  22. @6ball

    While the situation in Tampa may be great for any opposing team on their schedule this year, I am sure most would prefer to watch actual competitive games. Tampa is always in the discussions to host a Super Bowl so fan support is needed by the NFL as while hosting the event is touted as a bonanza, it does cost community $ in the end due to the extra required services (security, etc). Fans is Tampa are much more fickle (or call it bandwagon-ish if you will) than in some cities so to get community support, they HAVE to produce on the field. Schianos (and for that matter DCs) poking a stick at the Tampa fans is certainly not helping matters either.

  23. If the fans were only hurling insults and not batteries, beer bottles or other hurtful objects then I think it is acceptable fan behavior. While I agree with Gerald McCoy, fans pay for the right to dress up in costumes, tailgate before the game, drink beer, and insult the coach when the team sucks. Maybe Schiano should wear headphones as he walks to the locker room.

  24. doctorrustbelt says:
    Oct 26, 2013 9:30 AM
    Actually…. the fans are taking it easy on Schiano.

    Just think how fans treated Matt Schaub.

    Matt Schaub is an ELITE quarterback and he had strangers threatening his family.

    Matt Schaub = 8 td — 9 int — 0 fumbles

    Joe Flacco = 8 td — 8 int — 4 fumbles

    See….. Schaub is “ELITE”.

    Yet, both of them have higher QB ratings that “elite” Tom Brady.

  25. Some of these replies are incredible, and they prove just how right McCoy was in saying what he did. He isn’t saying that you shouldn’t be upset as a fan of the team, but when you get openly personal and attack someone not as a coach/player, but as a human being, you are crossing the line in a huge way.

    No matter how you want to spin it, whether it’s how much money you’ve spent or thinking you have some kind of constitutional right as a fan to openly bash anyone wearing a Bucs logo, acting like a complete idiot and attacking someone on a personal level over a worthless football game is wrong on every level, and anyone who disagrees should seek professional help.

  26. Tampa fans should come up north and try rooting for the Browns for a few decades. That’ll put it in perspective for them.

  27. if you find yourself truly angry because your favourite team lost a game then you are a mess. Take a deep breath, give your head a shake and go for a walk and repeat to yourself as you walk – I am not a lunatic, I will not lose my temper over a football game.

    Or if that’s too much for you, carry on, go back home, hate yourself and continue to vent your own sense of failure on strangers.

  28. In Pennsylvania… there are 198,000 unshowered steelers fans living in rusty trailers, roach infested 1 bedroom basement apartments, and halfway houses laughing at this story.

  29. doctorrustbelt says: Oct 26, 2013 9:30 AM

    Matt Schaub is an ELITE quarterback

    I hope this was in jest. Otherwise, pass that thing over here…

  30. Gerald McCoy should focus on trying to win football games and his play on the defensive line and not trying to defend a coach everyone knows will not be back next year, if he even completes this season. I certainly hope he is fired ASAP.

    I find it ironic that McCoy calls for respect for a coach, who doesn’t treat his players, former players or opposing teams (see victory formation, dive at knees technique) like men, and adults, with respect.

    And I haven’t forgot about your Marc Dominick. I can’t recall back to back coaching hires that were so dead wrong. Both Morris and Schiano will never be NFL coaches ever again, and had no business being an NFL coach to begin with.

    This thing needs to be blown up. New GM, new coach and lets retain the solid talent on this roster (David, Martin, etc) and move forward.

  31. This is the same Steve Duemig that got blasted by Mike for having the plagiarizing Chris Landry on his show.

    This is the same Steve Duemig that just last year blasted callers to his show that suggest that the Lightning coach would be fired at the end of the year. He stated if there was one sport in Tampa that he was connect and had gteat “sources” it was the Lightning. The coach was fired.

    This is also the same Dueming that said Marquis Cooper was found in the Nick Schuyler boating accident. He went live on the air and gave false hope to the victim’s family, based on a false claim by one of his “good sources”.

    Steve take pride in stirring the pot, and trying to scoop everyone in the area with all of his “inside sources”, but as you can see, he’s basically just a blowhard.(DUI pun intended)

  32. censoredagain says: “I hope this was in jest. Otherwise, pass that thing over here…”


    Schaub stats > Flacco’s stats

    Flacco = “ELITE”

    So… that makes Schaub “ELITE”.

  33. I agree with GMC….show some class folks! It’s clear that coach Schiano’s time with this team is drawing to an end, but he has a family and feelings like the rest of us. The only difference is we don’t have 60,000 people leaning over our shoulder watching us when we work, hoping we’ll screw up and shouting for us to be fired! We are going to have a hard enough time next year attracting talent to this team (MRSA, lousy record, new coaching staff…maybe even a rookie QB…Teddy Bridgewater? Johnny Football?) let’s not add a bunch of jerks in the stands to the equation! I know people are frustrated and angry, but this just makes Bucs fans look mean and petty!

  34. Clean up the 0 for and you guys won’t have to worry about it. Players telling fans to calm down s the last thing you want to hear. You guys get paid to play for US.
    Shut up and do it.

  35. Fans can take things too far, but Schiano has no business on an NFL sideline. He needs to pack up and go back to college where his style of coaching and antics actually work. The sooner they fire he and the GM in Tampa the better off that organization will be. I bet they miss Raheim Moore now. 😉

  36. I don’t see why Tampa fans are being singled out. NFL fans in all cities act this way! That’s why I haven’t gone to an Nfl game in 8 years. I’ll never forget my last game I went to was by the family section and was by where the wife and kids of a player were. The player had a bad game and a bunch of drunks cursed out and threw beer at them. From that point on I swore off games. I would feel bad if Schiano’s family was getting bad mouthed but Greg is getting paid millions to do nothing but lose. He’s a big boy he can take it and doesn’t need McCoy to defend him. McCoy should worry about himself and preparing for the next head coach!

  37. Who do the fans and even team mates always look beyond the obvious when losing involved? Please.
    Put Peyton in as your QB and this is a winning team or at least close games.
    Lets be honest the defense isn’t exactly stellar either.
    Thus, it ain’t all on the coaching staff. They lack players.
    Basically they are withoug a QB that knows anything about playing QB and people to throw to.

    No coach is going to turn this around until they have several drafts under their belt, clean out some deadwood, acculumate some free agents and get it going.

    Put another way, a new coach tomorrow has to start with the above scenario regardless.

    I do blame a Schiano for bringing his gung ho militaty style to the NFL. Its never worked well on adult males who are pro’s. He started out bad and if he doesn’t get it, time to say adios sucker.

  38. football players make ridiculous money to play a game 4-5 months out of the year, and yet they want to be considered normal regular people. The average American family makes $30 to $40k a year and they put athletes on a pedestal, and yet the athlete doesn’t understand? Perfect example, the nfl has fined Sue a total upwards of $350k I heard recently – try to explain that to a single father of 3 kids scrapping the bucket every night for dinner. This world is so screwed up…. Bottom line: athletes make your money, play football and and keep your mouth shut b/c u have no clue what the real world is about. I don’t care if they come from hardship before hand either – all the more reason to keep your mouth shut and b thank full

  39. Just because you pay for a ticket doesn’t give you the right to be disrespectful. That’s nothing more than soccer hooligan mentality from Europe. It’s crept into our sports and it’s ridiculous. Fans need to have a word with themselves.

  40. Schiano steps over the line when he tells his players to deliver head shots, hit the ones during victory formations, tells Super Bowl MVPs and grade school children to leave the facility, spills medical records, tells players who have MRSA to suit up and alter captain votes. His character and personality is what the glazers were looking for. In humane, self centered, conceided, non personal, spoiled, bully, selfish. I think the glazers have their guy!

  41. “Spending $1200 for season tickets and you don’t win a game?
    Fans should be upset.”

    Hey KD75, did you bother to read the article? The man SAID they should be upset, but not disrespect the person or take it outside of football.

  42. McCoy is right…

    To many fans need to get a life, keep the commentary to football & stop projecting all their life disappointments onto the coaches & players.

    That said my perception is he is out of his league in the NFl. Go back to college ball…

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