Harvin progressing well, but won’t play Monday


The Seahawks are still optimistic about the return of Percy Harvin from hip surgery, in a general sense.

But as it pertains to this week, it’s still too soon.

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll said Saturday that Harvin would not play Monday night against the Rams, and his status is still day-to-day.

While he’s back to practice, Carroll still wants his team’s big-ticket acquisition to prove himself completely recovered before putting him out there. They’ve gotten along pretty well without him, though it’s obvious they could use the explosiveness he could provide to their offense.

22 responses to “Harvin progressing well, but won’t play Monday

  1. Glad they are being conservative with him and all other player’s that are injured…….Long term thinking…….

  2. 1billsnation says:
    Oct 26, 2013 4:25 PM
    The Seahawks will make the playoffs with or without him, but to have him healthy in those playoffs would be a HUGE plus for them. Smart money right here.
    It will also give him more time to get in synch with RW.

    As much as I am looking forward to seeing him play, this is all good

  3. Good call by the Seahawks. Heading into this schedule stretch of winnable games, its much more important to be thinking longer term in fully healing and testing out his hip and doing important work in practices on how to maximize his role on the offense. Excited to see what Bevell has up his sleeve!

    Pretty sure Percy’s going to be gunning to play at home in front of the 12th Man against the Vikings next month. Bet he’s glad every day he fought his way out of that awful situation.

  4. wow such Good money spent, let pay the guy Millions. So that he can play just a few games all year. plus it puts the future of team in trouble cause they have Sherman,Browner,Thomas,Okung & Wilson to just name a few. That Seattle now has to try and sign with Harvin huge contract, so seattle enjoy your as you guys call it dynasty years. cause sherman is gone and so is either browner or thomas. check number cant pay a QB 20mil a year and a top left tackle 14mil year. Sherman will want evis money which is 16mil and thomas will want weddle money which is 14mil plus you have to pay, guys like irvin as well. they way teams will do it is your QB than your pass rusher irvin, than your tackle to protect your high priced QB with Okung, than you will be able to pay either Sherman who will be highest priced CB and let browner and thomas go or other way around Maybe but word is out how good Browner is and he might get high priced to so hope your i will play 6 games a year Harvin is worth it. Most Smart teams dont pay WR unless the WR is like a calvin level or larry ect. and Harvin is not a top 5 WR in league yet you paid him like he is so you have this season seattle after that big time players will be gone. i am not making it up check the cap you cant pay everyone. Example I already know we will lose crabs after next year cause we have willis,bowman,A.Davis,V.Davis,Stayley working on Iupati than we have A.Smith,Keap @ Crabs up for contracts so the players i said our the core guys with exception of like J.Smith,Boone,Gore the guys I mentioned before our elite at postion and still on the young side so I know Crabs is gone. But by doing that it means maybe we can extend like Boone for example who is great but not elite thats how it works and you hawk fans just continue to think harvin was a good pick up and wont hurt your future stars it has and now since you chose to pay elite WR money well now you lose guys. so have fun with your 50 million dollar man. who plays 6 games every season.

  5. To the ‘true9nerfan’ above:

    You need to educate yourself on the salary cap and how it works. The Percy deal was expensive, and we will be forced to cut ties with some players after this season, but in no way, shape or form are Seattle in a bad position to resign the core guys. (Okung, Wilson, Sherman, Thomas).

    Go watch some more crappy Schwartzeneggar movies, light up a spliff and pretend it’s still the Bill Walsh era.

  6. “trueninerfan”,

    so, what your saying is that in a salary capped legue, when you have to s of young talent on their rookie contracts, that you are probably going to lose a few? Dayum! and here I was thinking Whiner fans were clueless buffoons living off their teams from 2 decades ago.

  7. Really have enjoyed watching Harvin play throughout his career. Should be great for the Seahawks IF he stays on the field. Coming from a 49er fan, I’m just happy to see the NFC West have a solid fun rivalry to watch these days.

  8. Since pot is legal in Washington, and you can get a prescription for it, could a player that likes to smoke pot get a prescription, and get around the league drug testing for it?

  9. Any one else think its weird that Seattle took another Viking WR, who then needed hip surgery?

    Ever notice Seattle always gets the short end of trying to get over the Vikes after the poison pill?

    Thumbs up if Vikes get better of all deals or Thumbs down of Seattle gets better…

  10. Even if we got Harvin for 1/2 of each year, so long as its the second half that works. My mind starts to be boggled over the possibilities in the read option and Harvin in the backfield one side, and Lynch on the other.

  11. swaggyy says: Oct 26, 2013 5:35 PM

    But Niner fans, he will play when we dominate you guys…again.

    Be scared

    No, I think it’s obvious that Seattle will hold him out until we play a good team.

    Why waste him on the 40 whiners?

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