Jerry Jones: I’m more worried about Reggie Bush than Megatron

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As Dallas prepares to head to Detroit, Cowboys owner and General Manager Jerry Jones says Calvin Johnson is not the Lion who worries him most.

Asked on KRLD-FM whether he’s more concerned about his defense facing Johnson or Lions running back Reggie Bush, Jones answered that the Cowboys’ greatest problem on defense will be keeping Bush in check.

Well, I think Bush,” Jones said, via the Dallas Morning News. “When I look at where we seem to have some vulnerability using the passes out of the backfield, I look at what San Diego did, I look at times what Philadelphia did, if they were able to do anything at all, coming out of that backfield. That seems defensively to be a rough area for us. We’ve worked on it a lot this week.”

The last time the Lions faced the Cowboys, Johnson scored two fourth-quarter touchdowns to lead Detroit to a comeback win. So Jones knows Johnson is a threat. He just thinks Bush is a greater threat.

“Now, Johnson, he wins most every match when they compete for the ball, if the ball is up there and he’s got a chance to get it, he wins it,” Jones said. “He’s got the size and got the skill to make it, and again, that’s my point. They got a guy who can really, really deliver the ball, so having said that, I think Bush would be the one to leave home if we could get him left home.”

Unfortunately for the Cowboys, both Bush and Megatron will be on the field on Sunday.

51 responses to “Jerry Jones: I’m more worried about Reggie Bush than Megatron

  1. As a life-long Cowboys fan,I think Jerry should be worried about the entire Lions team. They have had the Cowboys number for years. Anyone remember Eric Hipple?

  2. Go ahead and focus on Reggie there JJ and you will be on your way to watching Megatron have one of those 200+ yard receiving games with multiple TD.

    Reggie is a threat, but he’s not the threat that Calvin is. End of story.

  3. Hey, Jerry! I’m more worried about your insane ability to ruin a franchise than your comedic attempts at breaking down an opposing offense.

    – A cowboy fan

  4. Come on Jerrah?? You sound like the HC talking to the media. Just shut up, fire yourself and that son of yours and hire a real GM. Any GM in the world would have been fired long before the team has gotten to where it is now….but I think we might squeeze this one out this week. Tip of the hat goes to who wins the battle in the trenches

  5. As much as I can’t stand Skeletor, he’s right.

    With teams having to focus on Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush has exploded. Teams often double or triple team Johnson and Bush exploits mismatches so well!

    Combined with a franchise QB in Matthew Stafford, the Lions offense is dangerous!

  6. are u kidding me? defense pretty much shut down McCoy last week and all of a sudden Reggie Bush worries u. lol as a Dallas fan that one gets under my skin. I don’t think he’s gonna be a problem just make sure defense treats him like McCoy and they’ll b fine!! GI COWBOYS!!!

  7. The Bengals beat the Lions by 3 points in a game where Calvin Johnson RAN WILD (155 yards – 2 td) and Reggie Bush was held to 94 TOTAL YARDS (rush/pass).

    If Reggie Bush/Detroit rush for more than 77 yards and Bush catches a couple more passes…. Detroit wins.

  8. In every game that Reggie Bush totals more than 100 total yards…. Detroit wins.

    Calvin Johnson 37 yards in Win #1
    Calvin Johnson 44 yards in Win #2
    Calvin Johnson 25 yards in Win #3

  9. Things that really make ya go: “Hmmmmmmm…”

    (While there is some merit to what Jones said, the bottom line remains that Johnson is a very serious, dangerous threat, regardless of what Jones says or thinks.)

  10. First to touch on the comment that the lions have had out number since 03 Dallas is 5-2 against Detroit. Not sure what number they have but romomaniac needs to learn history not what happened the last time we played. Second Jerry is right this is a much different team with bush because he can do so much where as all Calvin can do is catch balls. Either way dallas wins this one going away it’ll be at least a ten point dallas win

  11. It’ll be nice to watch the Cowboys exit the first round of the playoffs this year followed by Jerry’s proclamation of “progress being made”.

    I used to feel bad for Cowboy fans….now I just feel outright sorry for them…………which is inconceivable to me considering I’m a 49ers fan.

  12. “I’m more worried about Reggie Bush than Megatron”

    Nice of you to make up a complete sentence for him that he didn’t say. Got to love the media.

  13. well traditionally the cover 2 sacrifices the underneath passes in order to stop the big play so their struggles make a lot of sense. It also makes sense why Jones is more worried about Bush. Megatron has usually had off games against the Bears with Lovie’s cover 2 so I would imagine more of the same here.

  14. This site is worse than TMZ now on how people comment. Jerry is right in this regard, bashing him just to bash is stupid. Reggie is more of a threat than Calvin as he can be doubled or tripled, you can’t do that with Reggie. In fact doubling & tripling Calvin opens things up more for Reggie.

    He has 700+ yards in runs & receptions combined. His assessment is correct.

  15. In this case, I agree with Jones. Along with Woodhead out of the backfield for the Chargers, Peyton had success throwing to Moreno out of the backfield to keep drives alive.

    All that success throwing to RBs, sets up the passes down the field to WRs like Megatron.

    Bush isn’t the only concern by any means, but if they let him run free, Megaton will have a big day.

  16. The game will come down to defense. The only reason my Lions had that comeback victor was because Romo kept throwing wild interception and Detroit turned them into touchdowns. Romo and Stafford both try fitting the ball into tight spaces and are often successful. If the fans in Detroit can get loud enough and Suh and Fairley get that push in the middle they can put the secondary in position to make some big plays. If Ware doesn’t suit up for the Cowboys it can be a huge blow to that defense who will need every piece to stop what is an improving offense. I also see Dez having a huge game but I see the Lions D making a game changing play. Cannot wait to watch this game, go Lions!!!

  17. Reggie Bush is a one trick pony. He runs outside, and up the middle where there’s a hole big enough for Timmy Smith to do a line and then rush through it.

    Megatron is unbelievable since coming to the league. Bush, just underperforming of a #2 overall pick.

  18. ziggystheansah I understand u completely. Foles also did a better job against Dallas last year. but if our defense comes and puts n the effort that they did last week they too can be a problem for the lions offense. don’t get me wrong Reggie is damn good I don’t take him lightly on any team but he can be stopped but Brandon Carr is just gonna have to b on his A game and keep CJ n check which will not be an easy task overall I think this is going to be a great game between both teams

  19. That seems defensively to be a rough area for us. We’ve worked on it a lot this week.”

    So you just told the Lions what your defense was working on all week. Smart. Bet the coaches love that.

  20. paulsmith107, romomaniac is more correct than you think. The Cowboys dominated everyone in the 70s, going to 5 Super Bowls and winning 6 in a row from the Lions during that stretch. But since then the Lions lead the series 10 to 7, including 3 of 4 in the 80s and 3 of 4 in the 90s. And even as bad as the Lions have been since 2000, they still have played the Cowboys tough, with 6 of 9 of the games being won by single digits. I think romomaniac was confusing Eric Hipple with Erik Kramer in the 91 NFC Division playoff where Jerry Jones’ team were so focused on stopping Barry Sanders and the Detroit running game that Erik Kramer threw for 341 yards and 3 touchdowns and the Lions thrashed Dallas 38-6. So much for the strategy of stopping the running game.

  21. “We’ve worked on it a lot this week.”

    Makes no sense to tell the other team your strategy. Even if the lions could pick this up on game film review, why broadcast what your intentions are.

  22. Please,Please,Please never sell this team and for gosh sakes never give up the G.M. job. Oh if your up to it maybe you can do a little coaching. and make sure Steven has learned everything possible from you about the proper way to run a franchise

  23. jr4real says:
    Oct 26, 2013 1:44 PM
    “We’ve worked on it a lot this week.”

    Makes no sense to tell the other team your strategy. Even if the lions could pick this up on game film review, why broadcast what your intentions are.

    Yes, of course, because if Jones hadn’t said that, the Lions never would have figured out that the Cowboys were working on stopping Reggie Bush coming out of the backfield.

  24. Last time we played Dallas, Ryan said Megatron would be the third best WR on their team. Maybe, by now, he’d be #1, right? I don’t think they respect Mr Calvin much.

    Lions will be 1-2 plays away from either winning it or losing it this week. We’ll either beat Dallas or give them too many opportunities to win.

  25. As a lifelong Cowboy fan, my greatest concern is Jerra, has been since Jimma left. And knowing
    Stephen is heir apparent only confirms my concern as LIFELONG.

  26. Jerry Jones wants to be the smartest guy in the room so these pronouncements are to let everyone “know” that he knows football and where the real threat is for the game.

    But, fool that he is, he doesn’t realize that he has just served up a heapin’ helpin’ of motivation to Megatron. Way to go, Jerry, keep talking.

  27. That’s prob one of the smartest things he has said in years. Ever since Reggie was on the saints he has torched the cowboys and I guess that left a bad taste in his mouth. Well unfortunately there is also megaton and the defensive line. Sorry there jerry but your in for a world of hurt especially from a lions teams that is treating this game as a must win

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