Joe Montana criticizes San Francisco for losing the 49ers


The San Francisco 49ers will move 39 miles away from San Francisco next season when they begin playing in their new stadium in Santa Clara, putting them farther from the city that bears their name than any team in American sports. That doesn’t sit well with the player who may be the greatest ever to wear a 49ers uniform.

Joe Montana, the Hall of Fame former 49ers quarterback, is doing some promotional work for the NFL in London this week. And in a session across the pond, he said he thinks the leadership of San Francisco deserves a lot of criticism for letting the 49ers get away.

“I don’t think there was enough of an effort by people in power at the time to try to keep them there. To me, they made a terrible effort to try to keep them in San Francisco,” Montana said, via

The 49ers’ last regular-season game at Candlestick Park in San Francisco, where Montana played his 49ers home games, takes place on December 23.

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  1. Joe Montana did not start all his home games as a Niner at Candlestick. He started one or two at Stanford Stadium after the 1988 earthquake. The Jeff Fuller game for sure.

  2. Joe Cool looks as though he has taken care of himself and has continued working out. It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that he is STILL more skilled than ten or twelve of current starters, to mention nothing concerning BACKUPS!!

  3. Welcome to the club 49ers!


    The Arlington Cowboys
    The Landover Redskins
    The East Rutherford Jets
    The East Rutherford Giants
    The Foxborough, Patriots

  4. Funny how Joe wasn’t saying anything when him and Eddie DeBartolo were making the plans for their new “49er” hotel that they are putting across from the new stadium and about to make them millions…. As a 49ers fan I think those two are both great men but I’m just saying.

  5. I’ve never attended a regular season game at Ford Field in Detroit. But I went to almost every home game with my dad when the Lions played in Pontiac. It was a further drive from my house too, but I used to love the painfully long car ride and annoying long walk to finally get seated because it was worth it and a heck of an experience to be there.

    They moved to Detroit and built a pretty park with a boring football atmosphere and now neither of us will go. It’ll never happen until they build a new park now, or build a championship team.

  6. While the 49 miles may be the greatest “as the crow flies” distance, it will probably take less time to drive for fans than it takes fans to reach the East Rutherford home of the [putative] New York City teams. Game day traffic crossing the bridges in NYC is brutal.

  7. How about a little criticism to the Yorks for grabbing extra last cent from any city that offered it during a period when many of them were struggling, and putting the almighty dollar ahead of their own loyalty to San Francisco. Teams expect to get a “home-town discount” from players all the time, but they have no intention of doing the same when it comes to filling their own pocket at the public’s expense.

  8. The peninsula (area where they are going) is the wealthiest part of an area that is among the richest in the country, so the draw of being down there was probably too big to overcome. The seats will be really expensive. And the crowd that goes to the games in the new stadium probably won’t be stabbing or shooting anyone, which is an improvement. Hopefully they will still make some noise.

  9. Candlestick is the worlds biggest piss pot. It should be nuked off the face of the Earth just to make a point. I support the new stadium. Maybe I won’t get shot or stabbed there when I fly down to watch my Seahawks beat down the zero-niners.

  10. Doesn’t matter how you feel about Joe as a QB, but he’s right. Former mayor Gavin Newsom made promises he couldn’t keep and let his ego get in the way. Niners wanted to stay, but city politics got in the way. If Willie Brown were still mayor he would’ve got it done. He’s the only reason we got the downtown ballpark for the SF Giants, which has been a windfall for the SF economy. Newsom dropped the ball big time. The chances of a stadium being built always comes down to who the mayor is.

  11. By Joe’s logic, the Buccaneers, Rays, and Lightning should be playing underwater (Atlantis Stadium? Aqua Arena?), because “Tampa Bay” is certainly not any form of dry land.

  12. Should have moved the stadium near the Giants ballpark in downtown SF and get out of the freezing wind/fog tunnel at Candlestick.

  13. the fans at the stick have changed for the worse. possible the cost of tickets at the new one will keep the rif raf out. All you seattle fans joking about violence at the stick are clueless.
    Were any of you fans when your team lost to the steelers in the Super Bowl? Do you know your safety got beaten to half to death by going to a local bar that apparently is in such a bad area your team is not allowed to go there?

  14. The Rams, Jags, Bucs, and Vikes might want to see if Joe is ready for a comeback. He looks like he still has game.

  15. qwerty007qwerty007 says:
    Oct 26, 2013 9:02 PM
    Welcome to the club 49ers!



    The Glendale Cardinals
    The Orchard Park Bills

    Now you are just being dumb. I live in Orchard Park; it is a township of Buffalo.

    When I address letters, I write Buffalo. The Bills are in Buffalo. We actually love our team.

  16. granadafan says: Oct 26, 2013 9:27 PM

    Should have moved the stadium near the Giants ballpark in downtown SF and get out of the freezing wind/fog tunnel at Candlestick.

    Candlestick is the warmest place in the bay area during football season, the ocean breeze off Candlestick point is warmer than the air over land. It’s colder there in the summer when the Giants played.

  17. Joe should be surprised SF didn’t go all out to keep the team local? The government there is more concerned with being a sanctuary city, allowing public nudity, and prohibiting gold fish from being sold in pet stores than in things like maintaining a sports franchise.

  18. SF wears it’s progressive attitude as if it is a badge of moral superiority. The powers to be there see the NFL shield as a glaring symbol of Western Culture, Capitalism and Male Chauvinism. To have had a new NFL stadium built inside the city limits would have been antithetical to their nihilist utopian dream.

  19. gb4…above…,spot on
    wait until goodell get the jags moved to London…that will be the day I will give up my 4 season seats on the 25… 6 rows from the field…someone else can have them
    I don’t think half the players like playing in the NFL with what has happened to this once proud league.

  20. You say Santa Clara is 39 miles away?

    I just filed a copyright on the name San Francisco 39’ers

  21. How is it fair by the Niners to ask the fans the thousands of fans that can’t drive who live in San Francisco to take some two hours to get to Santa Clara?

  22. Green Bay had to redraw city lines around Lambeau Field, because Lombardi Avenue is the city line. Otherwise they would technically be the Ashwaubenon Packers.

  23. Maybe joe should break the bank and decide where it gets built at. Its all fun and games til the taxpayers have to spend bmillions for billionaires’ teams every 15-25 years.

  24. I was all in favor of Eddie D’s original plan to build a new
    Stadium at Candlestick point. It never happened. Now the Niners
    are going to be playing in SC. Owners did what was right for the team,
    got the new stadium and kept them in the Bay Area. SF has no one to
    blame but themselves, they dropped the ball, they didn’t get it
    done. Quit crying about it! Joe was right!

  25. Bottom line: The 49ers went where they could get a stadium deal that was in THEIR best interests. The 49ers are not the first team in sports to move out their city’s limits and they most certainly won’t be the last.

    Montana is certainly entitled to his opinion and I personally would rather see teams stay within their city limits. Having said that, let’s not pretend for one second that both business and politics were not equal factors in this. Sometimes their interests mix, most of the time they don’t.

  26. Most of these comments don’t reflect reality. Where was anyone going to build a stadium in San Francisco? They are having enough trouble getting a basketball arena built, an arena the city of San Francisco desperately needs (they don’t have a modern arena for concerts).

    There’s just more land in the South Bay, and it’s cheaper too. Candlestick wasn’t in downtown San Francisco to begin with, it was barely in what people think of San Francisco, and wasn’t all that accessible via public transportation. There’s light rail which will stop directly at the new stadium.

    The Bay Area is one giant city from San Francisco to San Jose. This is not a huge issue.

  27. PFT neglected to print out the best quote by Joe during the session.

    ” Candlestick is just very, very outdated. Not only that for the home team, for the teams coming in, it’s just not very fun. Once the stadium is up, everyone will be happy and won’t care where it’s located. Still, it’s not like they went to Oakland.””

    “… Still, it’s not like they went to Oakland!” – Joe Montana

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