Weather could be a major issue for London game

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As the NFL prepares to stage its second regular-season game of the season in London, an irregular weather event could impact the game.

Via BBC News, a storm system due to hit England on Sunday night and Monday carries with it a risk of heavy rain, falling trees, building damage, and wind gusts of up to 80 miles per hour.

England’s Met Office has issued yellow (lowest level of three) and amber (second level) warnings throughout Southern England for Sunday.

The 49ers and Jaguars will play at Wembley Stadium in London at 5:00 p.m. local time. 

Regardless of the potential impact of the storm on the game, it could delay the efforts of the teams and league personnel to leave London.

60 responses to “Weather could be a major issue for London game

  1. Wow. I hope there aren’t any trees planted at the 50 yard line inside Wembly Stadium…That could cause a problem.

    It rains every day in London.

  2. Imagine gusts of wind making throws impossible. If this costs the niners the game, the public will be outraged.

    Sorry Goodell, but this playing games abroad idea stinks

  3. Just another reason why putting a franchise there is a bad idea…If the bus breaks down or bad weather happens for say I don’t know, the Giants, on there way back from Baltimore, big deal, you might lose a day of practice. If bad weather delays a flight from London, its like losing at least two days because of the distance needed to travel and jet lag and so on. Having your bye week after coming back 300 or 1000 miles is not the same as 3000. Oh yea and the weather in the late fall/early winter is so awesome in England…said no-one ever.

  4. Overstated issue. The hyperbole over this storm has all but disappeared in the past two days. Yeh; it might rain a little but that’s not a problem. Wembley is a huge enclosed stadium, wind gusts won’t have anywhere near they affect they’d have in Seattle or Pittsburgh.

  5. Josh Freeman’s throws would have been 30 feet over or 30 feet wide of the target! Ridiculous! Spielman has to be held accountable along with Leslie.

  6. Imagine gusts of wind making throws impossible. If this costs the niners the game, the public will be outraged.
    Only the 9 er’s fans will be outraged. The rest of us are big Jags fans this weekend.

  7. Up untill the last couple of year when the whole world turned into a bunch of wimps, weather was of no concern for football. Already this year we have had delays that would not have happened in the past. Classic games like the Ice Bowl would never be played these days. Shame. I hope the weather is horrible for this game in London, if nothing more than to make them rethink these novelty games over there.

  8. Wow its not like, you know, they never have bad weather at any of the open air US stadiums or anything. Imagine that other parts of the world sometimes have bad weather too, what a concept.

    And the change in time zones and travel is a lot easier to deal with when you’re flying first class in a private jet. The flight to Europe is no big deal anyway. I’ve done it quite a few times over the years.

  9. This weather event will be a great bargaining chip, down the road, for when the NFL wants to strong-arm London into building a new stadium with a dome. So there’s that.

  10. If you were ever going to try and make a killing by betting on the Jags to cover the spread 80 mph wind could be good enough reason to try it this week.

  11. seatownballers says: Oct 26, 2013 3:33 PM

    Imagine gusts of wind making throws impossible. If this costs the niners the game, the public will be outraged.

    Sorry Goodell, but this playing games abroad idea stinks


    No less outraged than “the public” was after the Fail Mary. C’mon man.

  12. So a London team would have to travel 8 times a season to play somewhere in the U.S…

    Yeah that makes sense! Players would be toast by mid season.

    Leave my NFL all alone Goodall!!

  13. History shows empires faulter when they greedily overreach themselves….

    Just for fun – It would be cool though if because of London somehow 49ers were upset by Jags….

  14. they would have a hell of a time convincing free agents to go there. same tax issues as canada. if he wants a global NFL then prop up the world league again.

  15. For a team that plays in a windy, swirling stadium for half their games, hardly an excuse for San Fran.

  16. “kd75 says:
    Oct 26, 2013 4:22 PM
    Bad weather, Bad food, Worse teeth.

    Its like the whole country thinks Fish & Chips is toothpaste.”

    Wow funny, your ridiculous trolling comments.

    Wembley is state of the art and hosts international events without issue. I’m sure it can handle weather that will certainly be better than you will see in places like Detroit, Chicago, Seattle or New York.

  17. In comparison to where some of your teams play outdoors it will be easy.

    I would worry more about the SuperBowl. Now that could get some weather.

    Two high octane passing teams struggling in the cold.

  18. Let’s get this straight. They’re worried about some rain and wind in London, (where it rains all the time), for a regular season game, but they scheduled their biggest game of the year in NYC in February, where there is a chance of a blizzard or ice storm.
    Got it.

  19. Why is The NFL (The Commish) so hot on London… If they want more teams, there are plenty of places in the States (LA) and there are cities up there in our neighbors in the north that would make more sense… At least a team in Toronto would be easier for US fans to get to than a flight to London

  20. Awesome, awesome, awesome. Not that I’m going to spend any time watching this game anyway but anything that can screw it up is fun for me.

  21. I live in the Bay Area, 80 degrees and sunny. A perfect 10, but, the Niners are half way around the world. London is a disaster. Stop it already or send the Bucs, Vikings, Browns, Bills or any other East Coast team no one cares about.

  22. “Weather could be a major issue”? roger goodell (he doesn’t deserve to have his name capitalized) continues to ruin the game I used to know and love. No more bad weather games. It’s only a matter of time before he has Madames Brady and Brees playing at neutral domed stadiums with no defenders on the field.

  23. Europe liked Basketball….OMG, they started their own leagues w/out us putting a team there. They liked Hockey…again, own leagues, no team. In a reverse, some Americans like the other futbol. Did they send a team? No, we started our own league. It makes no sense to base a team 7 time zones away!!

  24. Was it 2 years ago that the city of London was shut down for about a week after a snowstorm?

    I had a friend there, and he couldn’t get out until after New Years. Imagine the mess if an NFL team got stormstayed for a week.

  25. Here’s hoping for the mother of all storms in both London and in NJ for the Super Bowl just to stick it to the greedy and deluded Emperor Goodell. I hope the fan experience for both game is an epic disaster and Goodell is fired so we can back to normal football.

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