Aaron Rodgers rolling, but Vikings hanging around

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The Vikings can’t match quarterbacks with the Packers, but they’re still within a score by using what they have.

A late touchdown by Adrian Peterson cut the Packers lead to 24-17 at halftime, after a wild first 30 minutes.

The Packers matched Vikings return man Cordarrelle Patterson’s game-opening 109-yard kickoff return, with Micah Hyde going 93 yards with a punt return which gave the Packers a 24-10 lead.

But the Vikings responded, with Peterson scoring an 8-yard touchdown just before the half, keeping the Vikings within a touchdown. Running in that situation was a bold call, but it’s easier when you have a back like Peterson to hand it to.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was nearly perfect in the first half, completing 13-of-16 passes for 169 yards and two touchdowns to Jordy Nelson.

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  1. The Vikings are the luckiest team I’ve ever seen. Every game they get bogus call after bogus call in their favor . The league tries to keep them in the game so the fans don ‘t abandon them and screw up the stadium deal.

  2. I’m still laughing at the “brilliant call by bill musgrave.” they had to run the ball from the 10 yard line because Ponder would have tossed a pick or taken a sack. Just happened to get lucky and get a TD out of it. But, it was textbook “hope for a field goal” musgrave play calling.

  3. Yeah the Vikes are using what they have by getting a horrible PI call going their way and setting up that TD. That was one of the worst PI calls I have seen in quite some time.

    Sad that in this league you can’t even play tight coverage without being flagged. I’m sure I’m not the only football fan who after an incompletion because of solid coverage looks for a flag to be throne and gets shocked when one isn’t. That is how conditioned I have become to this crap.

  4. vfan76:

    I admitted it before the Vikings admitted it when they were able to snatch him so low in the draft!

    Plus I’m rooting for him extra tonight since I live in Detroit.

    Give the ball to THE Beast!

  5. I don’t think I have ever seen a defense this bad in the PROs. How do the Vikings fill those holes…yes Harrison is out…..That’s about it (Sanford is not good anyway, Does not count)

    As a Vikings fan (Yeah we have been competitive a lot) I do not see how they are going to fix this Defense in the next three years. Poor Peterson……..

  6. So nice to get an extra bye for a lot of our guys before the Bears matchup. Not only did we get to sit everybody who was banged up and still get an easy win, our punter and defensive players get a mini-rest since they hardly had to step on the field.

    I can’t wait to watch us mow down this easy 2nd half schedule.

  7. How about that ground game of the packers viking fans??? The vikings and their 3 first round draft picks are gettin takin to the wood shed by a butch of greenbay backups….

  8. lawrenceofalabia says:
    Oct 27, 2013 10:56 PM
    Peterson must have ditched the HGH. He’s not much of a ‘beast’ this year.

    If you are going to troll the viking fans you should get your facts straight. He’s on pace for more yards than he had last year.

  9. Viking Fan – don’t pin your hopes on drafting high this year.

    Ponder was a #12 pick.

    You drafted 3 times in the first this year.

    What, exactly, makes you think you’ll do anything with a high draft pick next year? The history just isn’t there.

  10. remember when vikings fans were talking all that garbage before the season started??? How they were the up in coming team in the NFC bc of their draft picks and Mvp…Where is that now vikings fan??? oh wait…#your team will always suck

  11. The Packers totally dominated. The Vikings were spotted two TD’s, and still couldn’t hang with the big dogs. Now, wait for the personal insults to come from Viking “fans,” instead of football-related insights. Once again…..that’s all they have to fight with. As always.

  12. Vikings score to make it 41-24. Viking laughing and smiling on side lines. Really!!!! 1-6. Baby!!!!

  13. Hanging around? Are you serious? Have you seen the 2nd half? The whole coaching staff needs to be fired!!! The Packers are playing their pre-season (2nd half) team and we are still getting whacked!!!

  14. Been following the Vikings for the past 38 years, and tonight was one of the lowest moments in our sorry history. The Vikings need an enema, and a thorough cleansing. If Ziggy is too blind to see that, then we need a new owner also.

    Fire Frazier, we need a regime change.

    On offense, other than the obvious need for a quarterback, the Vikes need two new guards. Our interior O-line stinks, and no matter who the running back is, if there is no hole, the running game is grounded.

    On defense, we need a stud d-tackle and middle linebacker to shore up the middle. The d-line gets no push. Trade Allen for a first rounder if you can get one, and pick a DT. Also need another corner, Cook does not impress. Henderson stinks, and Williams is past his prime. Can them both at the end of the year.

  15. I haven’t missed a Viking game since opening day in 1991. However, I don’t know how much more of this I can take this season — I’ve never seen them look this absolutely terrible and non-competitive. Ponder doesn’t have terrible numbers, surprisingly (although it’s sad what I consider non-terrible numbers to begin with…) but watching him run around hanging on to the ball for seemingly 55 seconds and taking terrible sacks is making me want to rip my hair out. The defense is completely inept. There’s no consistency in any phase really — all of the coaches need to go. No interim coach, no promotions from within — they all need to go. Goodbye.

  16. fatsolio –

    Dude – It’s thrown, not throne. You have to know this. For the children man, for the children.

  17. That was hilarious when Gerhart ran over Jennings at the goal line on his way to a TD. I laughed so hard.

    Also hilarious was when Cris Collinsworth used the words “Musgrave” and “brilliant” in the same sentence. I’d like to get some of whatever it is he’s smoking.

  18. The best part of the game was the Packers just shaming the Vikes by going for it on 4th down twice without hesitation and getting the 1st down. The final score doesn’t tell the true story of this game.

    AP will end up pulling a Barry Sanders request a trade, the vikes will say no and he will just retire.

  19. vfan76 says:Oct 27, 2013 10:06 PM

    AP is a beast. Admit it.

    OK, I’ll admit it. AP is indeed a beast. If by that you mean he’s Eddie Lacy’s b!tch.

  20. As for the reffing on that PI call and reffing in general, I can accept when something happens and they miss it, I don’t have to like it but I can accept it. What I can’t stand is seeing something that ISN’T there. The speed of the game is so fast I can understand missing something that happens and not call it. but to make something up out of your own mind that DIDN’T happen and throw a flag is not acceptable. That pretty much has to be the standard the NFL uses when they cut out the bottom part of the reffing crew. You can’t determine the outcome of games by seeing ghosts.

  21. dollabanks says:
    Oct 28, 2013 3:40 AM

    AP will end up pulling a Barry Sanders request a trade, the vikes will say no and he will just retire………


    …….to spend more time with his kids.

  22. allday2k says:
    Oct 28, 2013 1:05 AM
    That was hilarious when Gerhart ran over Jennings at the goal line on his way to a TD. I laughed so hard.

    Also hilarious was when Cris Collinsworth used the words “Musgrave” and “brilliant” in the same sentence. I’d like to get some of whatever it is he’s smoking.

    ————————————————————————————————————————————————— i laughed at the td catch’s that were caught right over viking defenders head’s. also as lacy and starks ran into the endzone, really i laughed most of the game. i actually feel bad for most viking fans.

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