As Brady’s hand swells, Miami’s lead evaporates

The Patriots were facing a 14-point halftime deficit at home against the Dolphins.  It was so bad that former Patriots receiver Troy Brown suggested on CSN New England at halftime that, if the deficit had grown to 21, quarterback Tom Brady should be replaced by Ryan Mallett.

But since the Dolphins missed a field goal that would have pushed the score to 20-3, the Patriots have scored a pair of touchdowns, knotting the game at 17.

Regardless of how the game plays out, it’s clear that Brady’s throwing hand is, to use a technical term, effed up.  Photos have appeared on Twitter of Brady’s swollen right hand.

The swelling comes a day after Brady was photographed with the ring finger and middle finger from his right hand taped together.  Brady was not listed on the injury report as having a hand or finger injury.

The situation has prompted some amusing observations on Twitter, including that it’s still not too late to slam your hand in a door and go as Tom Brady for Halloween.

20 responses to “As Brady’s hand swells, Miami’s lead evaporates

  1. Tannehill is not the guy

    My fellow Dolphins fans have been saying how great Tanny is but I don’t see it… is he ok to good? yeah…. is he the franchise guy the fish have been looking for? definitely not

  2. Brady with a cast on his throwing hand , is still more effective than that guy everyone loves that the Patriots had in camp this year. (I didn’t say the name!)

  3. Brady’s hand swelling is having an effect on the officials ability to make correct calls as well

  4. Worse call in a long time during this game. Cant go for the ball if you might bat the ball forward!!!

    Terrible call!

  5. Lets review… abandon the run yet again… Sherman breaking out his predictable shotgun shotgun shotgun punt plays… and horrible refs calls in New England YET AGAIN!!!!

    I especially liked the sideline judge calling a pass interferance on jimmy wilson bs call. Unless he had binoculars and was facing the opposite side of the field.

  6. How will the league respond to this apparent violation of injury-report protocols? Not the first time for Belichick.

  7. dolphindubs says:
    Oct 27, 2013 3:39 PM
    Brady’s hand swelling is having an effect on the officials ability to make correct calls as well

    sparty0n says:
    Oct 27, 2013 3:40 PM
    Worse call in a long time during this game. Cant go for the ball if you might bat the ball forward!!!

    Terrible call!


    That’s the Rule!!!’
    What’s the official supposed to do go ask “hey did you try to recover or bat the ball forward”

    Remember last week when everyone was telling Patriot fans “oh well that’s the rule”

  8. beerndrums says:
    Oct 27, 2013 4:01 PM
    Refs 27
    Dolphins 17

    Just so we are all clear, the refs missed the field goal the refs had 6 sacks on the fish in the second half the refs stripped sacked the sorry ass fish QB the refs picked him off on the sideline.

    Gotta love the excuse makers!

  9. I feel bad for the Fins fans. Seems like they might have a good QB for the first time since Marino, but they don’t give him an offensive line worth anything.

    Once the Pats D-line turned up the heat in the 2nd half the Miami Oline was a revolving door. And imagine if the Pats still had Wilfork and Mayo in the lineup. Tannehill would have ended the game looking like a pancake.

    And yeah, the batting the ball call was crap but the Pats still would have won the game even if the got a FG there instead of a TD.

  10. ITS NOT THE RULE. That was one of the worst calls I’ve ever seen. Vernon was falling down and trying to collect the ball, and misses. Thats all. Try to watch the play before you jump to the Pats defense.

  11. After last week’s call against t

    he Pats, the league admitting the jets shoulda been called for the same tbing and Ryans denial, that blocked FG by the Pats was Belichik’s SMD moment.

  12. Another rigged game in foxboro. Nothing new here.

    Those keeping track – pats were handed the saints & dolphins games, and were robbed against the jets.

    Can i make a suggestion that the refs stop interfering with these games?

  13. The refs were boneheads no doubt but the Dolphins again proved that they flatter to deceive once again. I don’t know another team that looks so good for a few plays on both sides and are so inept for others, its infuriating.

  14. Crying about the refs. The last refuge of fans whose teams just aren’t very good.

    How about this – maybe Miami should get an oline to protect Tannehill with. Maybe if he hadn’t been sacked 6 times in one half by the badly depleted Pats D they could have scored more points. Maybe, just maybe, that might have had something to do with it.

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