Brady may have hand injury, too


Eyebrows were raised this week when Patriots quarterback Tom Brady landed on the injury report with the same right shoulder injury that once consistently rendered him “probable” to play, week in and week out.

It could be that disclosing the shoulder injury was aimed at concealing another injury.  Via, Brady appeared at a charitable event on Saturday with the middle and ring fingers of his throwing hand taped together.

Unless it’s a fashion statement (and with Brady you never can be completely sure it isn’t), Brady has a hand injury.  A hand injury that hasn’t been listed on the injury report.

Via, Brady appeared to be dealing with discomfort in his hand during last Sunday’s loss to the Jets.  Moments ago, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network downplayed the notion that the situation could affect Brady on Sunday against the Dolphins.

On one hand, it’s hard to dismiss that a quarterback with two fingers taped together on the hand with which he throws the ball will be perfectly fine throwing the ball.  On the other hand, if it were an issue Brady would have removed the tape or worn a glove or mittens or something to conceal the tape.