Defense lifts the Chiefs to 8-0

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The Chiefs have gotten a bit of help from the fates recently as they’ve faced several inexperienced and backup quarterbacks in a row, but there are plenty of teams that stumble against such opposition.

Kansas City has still avoided any stumbles, although they made it as tight as could be against the Browns on Sunday. The Chiefs held on for a 23-17 victory over the Browns thanks to a defense that made it a non-factor that the offense didn’t score any points in the second half until an insurance field goal with 22 seconds left to play.

It wasn’t the kind of overwhelming effort we’ve come to expect from the Chiefs this season as they sacked Jason Campbell just once and didn’t force any turnovers. The K.C. special teams did force one, though, recovering a fumble by Davone Bess on a punt in the fourth quarter and then milking another three-plus minutes off the clock before punting the ball back to Cleveland.

Bess had an awful day all around, dropping three passes to go with the fumble. One of those came on fourth down later in the fourth quarter to set up the Josh Succop field goal that accounted for the final margin of victory. Josh Gordon and Jordan Cameron combined for nine catches and 213 yards, which were the majority of the yards the Browns gained all day. Along with their own defensive performance, that’s why the Browns were in the game until the final minutes and it gives the Browns something to build around on offense unless they trade Gordon before Tuesday’s deadline.

The Chiefs offense did what it normally does and rode Jamaal Charles without turning the ball over. They did give up six sacks, however, and they weren’t able to come up with a play that gained more than 28 yards all day. That lack of explosiveness could catch up with them at some point in the future, but, for now, the Chiefs are undefeated with the second half of the season right around the corner.

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  1. The sack that KC did manage was huge though. Campbell had just connected with Cameron for a big pass play, and the Browns were in, or were on the fringes of a tying FG. The sack came on the next play, and the Browns eventually punted. The one sack came at the best time.

    The Browns didn’t look half bad, but what gives with Paul Kruger? I know that the Browns are enamored with the Baltimore Ravens, but they really missed on this one. Kruger is a one trick pony, and his one trick doesn’t even work. Big waste of money. He’s not a centerpiece player the Browns are paying him to be. After the game he was high fiving Chiefs players with a big smile on his face like his team was the one that won.

  2. Congrats to the Chiefs and Andy Reid. Its funny how we forgot how good Andy’s original Eagles teams were and this Chief team is built like them. (McNabb, Westbrook and Def.) vs. (Alex Smith, Charles and Def)

  3. The Chiefs got the turnover they needed to win this game. Until then, the Browns had them on the ropes.

    The Chiefs are a house of cards, going nowhere fast with Alex Smith at QB.

  4. As a Niner fan this was great because it gives the Niners a second round pick, however I can’t imagine KC fans are complaining, Alex is a great teammate and he’s winning. Sometimes you hear a trade is a win-win, but this one actually worked out great for both teams. Congrats Chiefs!

  5. The Chiefs are a house of cards, going nowhere fast with Alex Smith at QB.


    How do you figure that when they’re 8-0? Yeah I know they haven’t really beat anyone, they’ve just beaten everyone on their schedule. Alex Smith may not be a world beater, but with that defense they don’t need him to be. It’s still October and they’re guaranteed to not have a losing record. That’s something.

  6. Browns have the 7th ranks d… and Cambell isn’t exactly a rookie back up.

    Tamba started to own Joe Thomas… gave him fits late in the game.

    The thing about KC is they are a team… one week its the D the next special teams the next alex does a wonderful job controlling the game…

    Im not predicting going 2-14 to the SB with a new GM, head coach, starting QB and 30 out of 52 new players…

    But I like the direction we’re headed…

    Now, cue the smug Enver fans who want to remind us that when cheating Von gets back they will then start holding people under 30 PPG.

  7. Davone Bess handed the game to the Chiefs, great move Browns keeping him in the game. Bess should have got a game ball from KC, but they better hand it to him he can’t catch.

  8. Last time I checked the offense moved the ball down the field for 2 field goals and 2 passing td’s. Defense was horrid this game namely #27 smith. Keeps allowing wide outs to burn him week after week. If offense didnt do it job this week we wouldnt be 8 and 0. Give the offense the win and credit

  9. Campbell looked rusty and out of sync with his receivers early in the game, but by the end had settled into a really nice groove. If he can build off of this performance (and wake Bess up from whatever stupor he was in today) he may salvage this season for the Browns yet.

  10. Hey Joe Toronto. Suck it. Our chiefs are 8-0. Every week you call the chiefs a house of cards and they keep on winning. Wrong every week. Great prediction pal. Go chiefs!

  11. The NFL nation votes this Chiefs offense as down right pathetic! Seriously they sqweek by a crappy Browns team at home. Seriously? I’ll bet anyone $50 they lose next week in Buffalo. It’s no wonder why no one talks about this team..smith\offense= suck!

  12. What Browns player hurt the Chiefs the most today?..Josh Gordon..Who are the Browns looking to trade? Josh Gordon..What does this Chiefs offense need?…Josh Gordon!

    Make it happen Dorsey!

  13. Congrats to the 8-0 Chiefs. What a huge turn around from last year. Maybe there is hope in Cleveland. It was an entertaining game to watch.

  14. I’ll take a ‘W’ anytime but this one was a lot closer than it needed to be. Credit to the Browns, they identified and exploited weaknesses very well.

    The O line was getting schooled the entire second half, especially Eric Fisher. He needs to get a lot better. Giving up 6 sacks is unacceptable guys.

    The Browns targeted Sean Smith all day and he got smoked a number of times. Expect to see future opponents follow suit unless the Chiefs get him help or get him out of there. If there is a weak link on defense, he’s it.

    Second half of the season is going to be tough. Now’s the time to get these things addressed.

    Go Chiefs!

  15. I’ve been a Chiefs fan since 1993. I love what this team is doing. They are tough & don’t beat themselves.

    However, If Alex SMith continues to miss easy TD’s it WILL come back to bite KC.

    The Fasano wide open TD & the haden blitz that left Avery wide open. Those 2 plays completely change the game. 80% of NFL Qb’s hit both those passes.

    Don’t get me wrong I’m pumped at what Chiefs have done. If Matt Cassel is our QB we are 4-4 right now. But with that said eventually the offense has to put a full game together & not keep leaving points on the field.

    Anyway, happy to be 8-0. Hopefully KC is ready to play in Buffalo. The Bills are better than their record & KC has never had success there.

  16. “The Chiefs are a house of cards, going nowhere fast with Alex Smith at QB.”

    Your right Trollonto, 8-0 is going nowhere fast. This “house of cards” has beaten every team it faced this this year including yours. SMDH.

  17. It’s understandable that Chiefs fans would be excited by an 8-0 record. However, they haven’t beaten a single team with a winning record, so nobody really knows much about this team yet, except that they are capable of going undefeated against bad teams.

  18. Nice distortion of the truth Frank. The Cowboys were 1-0 when the Chiefs beat them and the Titans were 3-1 when the Chiefs beat them. Why is it the Chiefs fault that those teams have tanked since they had winning records? By your standard the Broncos have only faced one team with a winning record as well, except they lost.

  19. No, It’s actually true, not a distortion of the truth. A distortion of the truth would be using a team with a 1-0 record that is now.500 and calling them a team with a winning record.

    Who cares what those teams records were 7 and 4 games ago. After half a season, we have a better idea of where these teams stand.

    As far as the Broncos go, they have also only beaten teams with losing records, but we know that Peyton Manning has a history as a great QB (with problems in the playoffs), and has a staggering offense, and was 13-3 last year, while the Chiefs are virtually unknown and have an OK quarterback at the most important position on the field, and were horrible last year. I would bank on the Broncos being legitimate far before I would consider the Chiefs as much more than a flash in the pan. But I guess we’ll see how good the Chiefs are when they play the Broncos in a couple of weeks. My guess is that it won’t be pretty for the Chiefs.

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